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  1. Reviving this post because something interesting was said during the IFR. While discussing the Commander version of the T-Series Tactical Droid, John says “and opens up list building to bring greater numbers to bear like never before” I am tempted to say that this is the new keyword we might’ve discussed before? A chance to bring more corps units than normally allowed assuming this is one of or your only commander.
  2. Maybe we will get fleet and snowtrooper unit upgrade expansions this saturday? I had never thought about it, but having upgrade expansions would be nice to see some more diversity and viability in those corps. But also, having to pay for these unit expansions when they could just merge them into the same box seems a little silly. Either way, like the idea!
  3. I think this is a very strong argument against “Entourage”. That free order token would be worth way more than 30 points and would make B1s even more efficient without taking upgrades or actions that they rely on now to be balanced. If the Tactical droid idea is still the generic commander and is dirt cheap, I think a keyword that just allows you to take an extra Corp unit if you check of “X” requirement could be a good way to do it.
  4. I can understand that sentiment. We never explicitly see B1s act as guards. But as the swarm faction I was more so thinking of an overall concept that would allow us to take more inherently. I do like the idea that someone would get entourage: Magna guards or whatever reverse entourage keyword they may receive. For all we know, entourage may be a keyword specifically for Empire
  5. That’s actually an exceptional idea. Lose the ability to give an order for free but force the unit to take bullets for you.
  6. I think that would be an excellent way to get an extra Corp unit without having it be absolutely bonkers Like with entourage Similarly, if we ever got Poggle the Lesser as an entourage character, geonosians would be an excellent choice.
  7. That’s very interesting. Maybe all of his command cards only target NON Corp units? Say, his one pip is himself, gives him small for a turn, all units with a face up order token gain a dodge token and he must take move actions. Two pip only targets himself and one other support unit (droideka flavor) and gives the support unit guardian for ranged attacks targeting Nute only. Three pip targets himself and any unit besides corps. Not sure what this could be. I think commanders/operatives that kinda go against their role are very interesting. Chewies command hands (though not the best) is super interesting and flavorful due to the reliance on other characters. I think Nute could be a very flavorful, fun commander
  8. Hey guys, have been thinking about some new CIS commanders and things that could make them unique and I came up with something that I’m really not sure if it would be too broken or not. I was thinking if maybe there was a Commander (unique or generic) that could have keyword entourage: B1 Battle Droids or maybe B2, or whatever their third Corps unit ends up being. I’m thinking possibly Nute Gunray or somebody as cowardly as he. Writing this up I realize that entourage B1 would be super busted because you could then coordinate the rest of your army off of a free token, so maybe not entourage. But perhaps a similar keyword that lets you bypass army rank maximums for a Corp unit. Likely would have to be an expensive commander for entourage or maybe a cheaper commander if it was worded so you didn’t get the free command.
  9. oh I'm a clown aren't I EDIT: **** this makes me so sad, I really hate how droidekas are vehicles
  10. I think the suppressive weapons on droidekas make them pretty dope. I use them much like I imagine some people are using wookies. I like using them to drop in on rapid reinforcements and just camp an objective I have control over or just put suppression on units to make my opponent changes focus to them. Having shields and 1/3 chance to block hits isn't terrible (in my experience) and has kept them in the game for at least 2 rounds (in my experience). I'm wrong, they're vehicles. I have been duped by my own inability to read cards.
  11. Hello everybody! I've been pretty big into Legion since release and I've slowly been working on getting my models looking good and improving my paint techniques. I believe I'm at a comfortable skill level and have begun looking at basing techniques. I'm mostly wondering what type of hobby grass, or grass powder, or what I should use to make my bases be Naboo themed? I'm going for a Great Grass Plains theme where the Gungans fought the Trade Federation droids. I think the green grass really pops and makes the tan, sort of dull droids stand out. I'm just asking for your opinions on what basing technique I should use to get the desired result. I haven't seen anybody base their minis this way yet, but I may have just missed the topic. TLDR: Should I use green turf that I sprinkle on the base? Grass mat sheets that I cut out into circles onto my bases? Or should I go with GamersGrass tufts and just grab a ton of the trays to base my whole army? Thanks for the advice and help Rico
  12. the link has died to the powerpoint with all the information sadly, anybody know where to get similarly sized templates and all the fonts? happy homebrewing!
  13. ricoratso


    Why wouldn't you be able to make the 327th in Legion? Can't you just paint the yellow decals on to the clones? Unless you mean the kamas and pauldrons, which I guess wouldn't make them look screen accurate. Though you would be able to add them by using green stuff or maybe real fabric?
  14. Still want them, and will likely see them considering they mentioned Gungans and Geonosians when talking about sub-factions
  15. I need my gungans man, that's all I want now
  16. Would love to see Gungans, a whole bunch of them, personally would love to see enough to get essentially a full army but we’ll see obviously. Still under the republic, just enough that I wouldn’t have to use anybody else. Also would absolutely KILL for Plo Koon. Absolutely my favorite Jedi besides Anakin, but I know for sure we will be seeing him soon.
  17. THAT'S AMAZING! Gungans are pretty much my all time favorite race in Star Wars and I play them in an old rts called Galactic Battlegrounds. They're so much fun
  18. I would like to see Qui-Gon, Maul with legs, and most importantly I want many many many types of Gungans so I can field an entire Gungan army
  19. I will 100% be playing CIS, but I know for a fact I will buy all of the jedi and most likely a bunch of clones (hopefully we get Phase 1) just because I like the way they look WAYYY more than anything in the GCW. so... uhhh... Roger roger!
  20. if we get Tog'Nath models for Benthic and Edrio Two-Tubes I will genuinely cry of joy
  21. Yeah that makes total sense, if it was a video game they could totally do interchangeable parts which would be great, but honestly having some really nice pod models would be a godsend
  22. That would be something I would ABSOLUTELY buy. I want a podracing board game too. I think that would be absolutely incredible. I have no idea how it would be possible, but maybe a ship building process where each pod can be kitted out with different tech to make it a better or a worse pod. Would love to see a Star Wars podracing game either on tabletop or as a video game
  23. I made a rather large post about Gungans being added as an army into Legion a little while back. I have a really strong love for the Gungan race, Naboo in general, and The Phantom Menace (it being my favorite Star Wars film aside from Solo). I don't care about what people think about my favorite Star Wars stuff, I just love the Gungans. Jar Jar was a fun character, Roos Tarpal is an absolute badass that deserved more recongition, and Gungans deserve to be in Legion. This game is a tabletop war game, there's really no reason to exclude a well organized army (that we see ON SCREEN) from the game. People will buy them if they want to, people won't if they don't want to.
  24. Would LOVE to see the B wing model move around and rotate freely as well as give it an actual configuration card that affects it when in certain rotational positions
  25. Okay to be fair, the X-wing has flappy wings, the Fang has rotating wings, the U-Wing has folding rings. So I think those all fall into the same category. I agree the falcon and the escape pod is a specific category of its own. But having multiple ships on a base isn't like something representative of a ship feature? I don't know, to me, models having flappy wings are representative of something that the ship has. Multiple Vulture droids on one base isn't a feature it's just because they're small which like you said seems to be overlooked in plenty of other models
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