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  1. THAT'S AMAZING! Gungans are pretty much my all time favorite race in Star Wars and I play them in an old rts called Galactic Battlegrounds. They're so much fun
  2. I would like to see Qui-Gon, Maul with legs, and most importantly I want many many many types of Gungans so I can field an entire Gungan army
  3. I will 100% be playing CIS, but I know for a fact I will buy all of the jedi and most likely a bunch of clones (hopefully we get Phase 1) just because I like the way they look WAYYY more than anything in the GCW. so... uhhh... Roger roger!
  4. if we get Tog'Nath models for Benthic and Edrio Two-Tubes I will genuinely cry of joy
  5. Yeah that makes total sense, if it was a video game they could totally do interchangeable parts which would be great, but honestly having some really nice pod models would be a godsend
  6. That would be something I would ABSOLUTELY buy. I want a podracing board game too. I think that would be absolutely incredible. I have no idea how it would be possible, but maybe a ship building process where each pod can be kitted out with different tech to make it a better or a worse pod. Would love to see a Star Wars podracing game either on tabletop or as a video game
  7. I made a rather large post about Gungans being added as an army into Legion a little while back. I have a really strong love for the Gungan race, Naboo in general, and The Phantom Menace (it being my favorite Star Wars film aside from Solo). I don't care about what people think about my favorite Star Wars stuff, I just love the Gungans. Jar Jar was a fun character, Roos Tarpal is an absolute badass that deserved more recongition, and Gungans deserve to be in Legion. This game is a tabletop war game, there's really no reason to exclude a well organized army (that we see ON SCREEN) from the game. People will buy them if they want to, people won't if they don't want to.
  8. Would LOVE to see the B wing model move around and rotate freely as well as give it an actual configuration card that affects it when in certain rotational positions
  9. Okay to be fair, the X-wing has flappy wings, the Fang has rotating wings, the U-Wing has folding rings. So I think those all fall into the same category. I agree the falcon and the escape pod is a specific category of its own. But having multiple ships on a base isn't like something representative of a ship feature? I don't know, to me, models having flappy wings are representative of something that the ship has. Multiple Vulture droids on one base isn't a feature it's just because they're small which like you said seems to be overlooked in plenty of other models
  10. ricoratso

    U-Wings in 2.0

    this is so sad. Alexa play Edrio's death scene from Rogue One
  11. I'll get right on it, thanks for the heads up. But seriously, in my opinion multiple ships on one base would look super out of place in this game. Solely because no other ships in the game have that at all. I understand that the Vultures are small but I would rather them scale up a little just so they can be on their own bases
  12. ricoratso

    U-Wings in 2.0

    four tubes is the only way to run the tubes brothers. Absolute favorite combo in this game
  13. I would pay any amount of money to NOT have multiple ships per model.
  14. I agree that modification could just be the slot they decide to use. Would definitely allow other ships to take advantage of the concept. I think I agree with you on the no blues, maybe only 1 and 2 straights would be blue. Sadly i feel like you're right, they'll be generic and boring. But hopefully FFg doesn't break my poor heart.
  15. hey man, that's fine by me. Credit goes somewhere as long as I get my Vultures.
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