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  1. Could they not align The Mandalorian the same as the Clan Wren Unit Expansion?
  2. Has FFG spoken about making a Scum faction for Legion?
  3. Has there been any talk of a Mandolorian expansion with The Child as a companion?
  4. I am new to Legion - I have played WOTC Star Wars Miniatures for years and I want to upgrade. My wife wants to play the rebels and I want to be the empire. We both are fascinated with the Battle on Hoth and want to recreate it. I know that this may be a hot topic and if it is not allowed or needs to be in a different location then please let me know. But is Fantasy Flight going to be bringing an AT-AT to Legion? If they can bring the Super Star Destroyer to Armada, what is stopping them from bringing the AT-AT to Legion?
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