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  1. Arvel doesn't feel a burning need to wander around Mandalore, but does pull up the news on the terminal. There were rumors on Gorse of a survivng Republic general raising the banner and rallying the troops on Mandalore. I wonder if that General was real, or if he just a story we told ourselves...
  2. Jonas pauses for a moment and punches a few buttons on the terminal at the landing pad. "Sick! There's a place one of my brothers used to tell me about around here... The Last Stand. The mutha is still open dec... a long time later. Fab! Let's see if they're still all right."
  3. Done. I'll preemptively roll the same thing as @Tramp Graphics, since I'm doing the same thing (edit: Also added the 2 strain) Drivine: 2eA+1eP+2eB+2eD 2 successes, 3 advantage
  4. Following Lei Mie's lead, Cormil hops on his bike and punches it.
  5. Jonas smiles, "And that last part sista, is the real question! If Korath don't jive with you, you'll get his vision. Though I ain't sure it's mine." Jonas pauses then continues, "You seem to be askin' the right questions. C'mon let's blow this taco stand and head into the city to restock your bar!"
  6. "Aw, shucks," says Jonas. "Sure know how to make a brother feel appreciated. Ain't no problem with relieving the wicked of their ill gotten gains. Back in the day, I had a stash of brandy that a crime lord 'donated' to the Jedi order. Just before I dropped him off at a CorSec detention facility, as it turns out. Man, that was some fine stuff! Jonas continues, "You want to make a difference? Good. But you gotta know who you are, dig? Jedi back in the day thought they were an army. Fought the clone wars. And look what it cost them? Everything. 'Cuz they didn't know who they were. Consider "Know yo'self" your first lesson."
  7. Jonas smiles, "Now that sounds like a plan! To your ship!" After arriving and starting on his first whiskey on the rocks, he asks Aris, "So, why do you want out of this? I mean, Korath has been pickin' up all kinds of brothers and sisters. Wants to build him a new Jedi order. Given some of the folks he's gathering, I ain't sure how it'll all work out. I mean beggars can't be choosers, but still..."
  8. Jonas Shaaf upgraded to 2000 total (not earned) XP with no mentor discount for Basic Force Powers.
  9. Jonas looks over at Korath and says, "Exactly what are we doing here anyway? Not exactly my sort of people, dig? Too much shooting, not enough ****ing." Jonas rasies an eyebrow, "Hang with Jonas? Say what? Respect your elders, youngling! You dig?" Jonas pauses for a moment, "Well unless you got some hooch on board your ship. Korath ain't stocked no bar. In which case, we can 'hang', no doubt."
  10. If you need a roll for Athletics or something, let me know.
  11. Poodoo, Cormil thinks. He starts pushing through the crowd to make it back to his bike as fast as possible.
  12. Cormil sees what's about to start and thinks to himself, This is the best part on this rock and Zara's about to start a furball. Great. Just great.
  13. Cormil thinks, I've got this, I've got... Zara is getting really. He shouts, "Great bantha poodoo! Zara!" as he slams on the breaks to avoid getting rammed by Zara on the ramp.
  14. @Rabobankrider : I totally want an epic spin out if I lose the cool check to Zara Cool Check Reroll: 2eA 2 successes, 1 advantage
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