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  1. I like what I see. Hope to see more of it soon. Thanks fot your work!
  2. Got it! I'll do that so they can familiarize with the magic system in case they want to stick with Genesys. Thank you for everything.
  3. I see @c__beck. Thank you for your helpful advice. I'll just port the setting and see what I can fit with the Genesys mechanics, didn't think about Templar and JotC talents! Now for spells... should I try and make a spell list for my players to choose from or just use the basic Genesys system?
  4. Yeah that's what I was asking, my english isn't very good so sorry for screwing up lmao. I asked about systems too cause those games have some specific mechanics that I wasn't sure how they would work with Genesys like class restricted abilities and talents, spell lists, powerful magic items, Doom (in the Conan game) and things like that. Thanks for your answer!
  5. Well any fantasy setting from Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Earthdawn, Karthun, Conan, The Witcher, etc to settings like Shadowrun, Fragged Empire, Shadowcraft that are maybe more science-fantasy or space opera (that's what my players like: fantasy or space opera or science-fantasy... Maybe some horror and supers too but I'm waiting on those settings till we have some good ways of creating them on Genesys). I am mostly concerned about magic (as those tend to have very defined spells and I'm not sure if my players will get the Genesys magic system cause they are used to a more "spell list" type of magic) and magic items cause I don't know how to make them feel magic without overpowering the player (IDK how strong I can make NPCs either lmao). A lot of work but I'm new to the system and I guess I'll get used to it some day haha. Thanks for your answer @rogue_09
  6. Hey there folks! As the title says, is this system good for adapting other systems settings like say D&D, GURPS, FATE, Savage Worlds, etc...? Cause there are a bunch of great ones out there and I would like to know how you feel about adapting settings with totally different or unique mechanics (because of the game system) to Genesys.
  7. Yisas8619

    Gah! 50 bucks!!

    Well, here in Spain I can't even buy it and I can't even find it in any european retailer that I know of so I guess it could be worse lmao.
  8. Hey thanks for answering. I have been thinking about letting players choose between 5 races only. Jobs will be limited by race, much like in FF Tactics Advanced. That's why I was thinking on making them like specs in SW. Mist and Runestones I'm still figuring out those. Equipment would be available everywhere but I was thinking that upgrades to the weapons and all that would be performed only in specific locations. It isn't all too fleshed out as you say. Thanks for your help @Umbraldragon.
  9. Hi there folks. A friend and I have been talking a while about creating a setting based on FF XII Ivalice and I have a few questions for the wise and experienced community. I have been thinking about making jobs like SW career specializations (including magic spells), is this a good idea or will it ruin the game? The second one is about weapons: Jobs tend to limit the weapon the character can use. Should I limit them too, creating a unique weapon of each type that the characters can upgrade and give them a unique skill for wielding it (like lightsabers in SW) or is this a bad idea? Thank you and sorry for my english.
  10. Yisas8619

    Talent list

    Oh I see, wasn't aware of that @GroggyGolem. Thank you for the info. The setting is a somewhat alternative reality set in the 1930s with some dieselpunk and mystic elements @Swordbreaker. Thanks for your answers!
  11. Yisas8619

    Talent list

    Hey there, hope you are all doing well! Here I am again with another noob question. Now that I have species, careers and skills figured out, it's time to go for the talents. Is there any recommended number of them to put on the list? If not, how many of them do you suggest using? Thanks again folks.
  12. Do you think we will see books expanding on horror, supers, etc...? I would love to see those, not only license settings.
  13. Awesome advice, thank you for your answers!
  14. Yisas8619

    Career options

    Hey there folks! I recently got the Genesys core rulebook and I love what I see. I am creating a setting and I have a question about careers. I know in SW there were 6 careers per book with a bunch of specializations each one of them but now that specs are gone, how many careers would you suggest I put in my game? How many do you have in your settings? Thanks in advance and I hope FFG keeps making content for Genesys cause it's awesome.
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