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  1. originterminus

    Switch from L5R to GOT?

    That’s a good point as there have been dozens more releases for GOT thus far. Given that I would be getting into it casually, I would consider only purchasing some House decks and perhaps the core, at least to begin.
  2. originterminus

    Switch from L5R to GOT?

    I am a casual L5R player feeling less than excited to continue playing. As a fan of LCGs and the novels of A Song of Ice and Fire, I have an increasing interest in selling out of the former and slowly buying into A Game of Thrones, perhaps with the new House decks. Any thoughts on this potential switch? Anyone who plays or has played both is welcome to share their comparisons. Please understand that I want to be cost neutral which is why I would sell out of one for the other.
  3. originterminus

    Forgotten Age minicards for supplies

    Very nicely made.
  4. originterminus

    Congrats to Frank and Peter on the Guest Article!

    I haven’t listened to the cast, but your guest article is is fantastic. As a new player, I found it to be a perfect primer on Seekers, and it’s made me want all the more to try out Norman Withers in a campaign. Thanks!
  5. originterminus

    Suggestions for Organized Play

    I can see use of superlatives being a fantastic way to encourage different styles of play as well as all levels of experience. Not only would that tact lend itself to establishing an inclusive environment, but could be used in conjunction with one or more “acheivement” based rewards.
  6. Hello fine folks! I am attempting to get a playgroup or event organized at my LGS, and I’m hoping to solicit some ideas from the forum for organized play structure/rewards. FFG releases an OP kit for invocation in the fall, but I’m looking to run one-off summertime events and/or campaigns with prize support of some kind. Obviously a co-op game doesn’t generally lend itself to rewards for competitive play, so does anyone have any suggestions for how to incentivize such an event? Some initial ideas to get the ball rolling: - Points associated with certain Resolution objectives - Points for highest Total victory points - Participation prize Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. You can obtain a print over at Inprnt.
  8. originterminus

    X-Files LCG

    Yes, please.
  9. originterminus

    Skip Straight to Forgotten Age

    This is a scenario that I can easily see playing out. I’m not yet done playing through the core (I’m sure I’ll give it five or six playthroughs before I’m ready to move on), but when I am it’s very likely I’ll need a fix quickly, even if Forgotten Age isn’t ready. I appreciate all all of these responses, though. Thank you all so much for your insights!
  10. I'm a new player and recently completed my first two-handed solo campaign through the core set. Already I can tell I love this game. Starting a few years in gives me lots of options in terms of content, from the stand alone adventures to Dunwich, etc. But what if I started my expansion journey with the Forgotten Age? Does anyone have any thoughts on beginning with this cycle? If I understand the premise of Arkham Horror LCG correctly, then beginning with the new release should be natural, but would I miss out on mechanics or experiences that could prove useful by skipping those that came before? Obviously, I could always go back and play those expansions, but I'm considering following new content in the hopes of meeting up with a playgroup.
  11. originterminus

    New Player Assest Activation Question

    This is good to know. Noted.
  12. originterminus

    New Player Assest Activation Question

    Thanks Assussani!
  13. Hello all! Sat down and played my first game of Arkham Horror LCG last night (solo) and had a frightfully good time! I was left with lingering uncertainty, though about something. After taking an action to activate the supply on Flashlight, does the triggered Investigate count as a free action, or does it take up one of my action slots? The Rules Reference has me leaning toward the former, but I can’t shake the uncertainty.
  14. This. The game designers have used the neutral cards, however overpowered they may or may not be, to establish both a gameplay and motif baseline. They are in the core to represent the cultural, military, and political tactics used to gain power by all clans in Rokugan.