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  1. For some reason I just assumed it was an ally only thing. Thanks for the help
  2. Do cards like leather coat, something worth fighting for and true grit activate his ability?
  3. If Mark uses the ability on Sophie “take 1 direct damage and receive +2 to the skill value for that test” does that trigger the ability on his character card? Yours sincerely, Not a guardian player (mostly mystic)
  4. I’m spending a month in LA this summer with my boyfriend. However he will be working a lot while we are out there and I was wondering if there is anyone local who’d want to meet up and play Arkham?
  5. Do the vengeance points gained in the Forgotten Age cycle carry over from scenario to scenario? I cant actually find anything about it being in each scenario anywhere in the rule book.
  6. Purely out of interest let’s say any
  7. I’m looking into building a Skids deck which is heavy with cards that get you extra actions. The obvious being Leo De Luca. The reason I’m using Skids is because his investigator ability allows you to do just that by spending resources. What other cards can gain you extra actions?
  8. So what is the benefit of this? Just a stepping to stone to getting spells in your deck?
  9. Can anyone give me an idiots guide to how these bonded cards work?
  10. With FFG being pretty quiet at the moment and with TSN not released in the UK yet I find myself getting very bored. So I decided to start a new thread... I would like to know what is your favourite investigator from each class, and why?
  12. It says in your write up that Diana can take custome ammo but I don’t believe she can? She can take guardian cards level 0 - 2. Custom ammo is guardian level 3?
  13. With the release of The Secret Name not long away I just wanted to start a discussion on the card “Enchanted Blade”. We can only see a glimpse of it in a picture with other dual class cards but I’m so pumped for it! What is everyone’s speculation of what the card does?
  14. So what would the order of play be here? Which happens first? Discarding the statue? Or activating Diana’s ability?
  15. This is brilliant - thank you! I didn’t think that Dark Prophecy would count. And in regards to grotesque statue, I’d assume you wait until you’ve used up your last charge before you activate Diana’s ability?
  16. When performing a skill test on a card that says something like “add intellect to this evasion attempt” can I use skill cards that have both intellect and agility pips on them for this test?
  17. I solo played Ursula through the forgotten age with absolute ease. Partly I think because she is almost designed for the campaign. The free investigate ability after you move works so well with the explore action that is featured throughout every scenario.
  18. Any idea where I can buy player stands for Arkham horror the card game? The ones that fantasy flight sell hold thicker card board cards but not the thinner LCG ones. Please help!
  19. What are the rules on her card effect? If the card just contains the word cancel or ignore it counts. Is there an official list anywhere of what cards are legal for this effect?
  20. Could someone design a Diana Stanley. I’ve has a go but I’m hopeless at it
  21. Got my copy of The Circle Undone today - it’s phenomenal
  22. Could you explain to me how Well Prepared works? I don’t think I’ve ever used it
  23. So Diana’s deck building requirements are mystic level 0 - 5, guardian level 0 - 2, and neutral level 0 - 5
  24. So let’s say I’m activating the fight ability on shrivelling and draw a skull and then I play this card. The effect of the skull is cancelled, but does the shrivelling still hit? Assuming that the numbers add up after the modify
  25. What can I do to get rid of one then? Play another one that automatically replaces it?
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