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  1. So let’s say Daisy equips it - her sanity goes form a max of 9 down to 7. Then over the scenario she ends up taking 7 horror. St Huberts key activates and she discards it, and heals 2 horror. Does the healing horror part mean she goes back to having a sanity cap of 9 with 7 horror on her? Or does she have a cap of 9 with 5 horror on her? I don’t get it.
  2. I like this card - although I actually barely ever use it! Question: if SotSS goes back into the players hand via Dexter Drakes elder sign ability does this count as it leaving play??
  3. My question is: if he does end up being mystic 5 and rogue 2 would he have access to any cards that heal horror from allies. Just thinking of poor Molly
  4. So, any thoughts on him worth sharing? Hows his ability? His asset? What do we think his deck building requirements are? Personally id love it if he was a mystic/rogue!
  5. For some reason I just assumed it was an ally only thing. Thanks for the help
  6. Do cards like leather coat, something worth fighting for and true grit activate his ability?
  7. If Mark uses the ability on Sophie “take 1 direct damage and receive +2 to the skill value for that test” does that trigger the ability on his character card? Yours sincerely, Not a guardian player (mostly mystic)
  8. I’m spending a month in LA this summer with my boyfriend. However he will be working a lot while we are out there and I was wondering if there is anyone local who’d want to meet up and play Arkham?
  9. Do the vengeance points gained in the Forgotten Age cycle carry over from scenario to scenario? I cant actually find anything about it being in each scenario anywhere in the rule book.
  10. Purely out of interest let’s say any
  11. I’m looking into building a Skids deck which is heavy with cards that get you extra actions. The obvious being Leo De Luca. The reason I’m using Skids is because his investigator ability allows you to do just that by spending resources. What other cards can gain you extra actions?
  12. So what is the benefit of this? Just a stepping to stone to getting spells in your deck?
  13. Can anyone give me an idiots guide to how these bonded cards work?
  14. With FFG being pretty quiet at the moment and with TSN not released in the UK yet I find myself getting very bored. So I decided to start a new thread... I would like to know what is your favourite investigator from each class, and why?
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