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    escutcheon got a reaction from kris40k in Escutcheon's Painting Thread   
    Hi everyone,
    I've been lurking on the forum for some time but in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I've decided to share my (green) Waiqar! Here is my test miniature.
    C&C welcome.

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    escutcheon got a reaction from Watercolour Dragon in Escutcheon's Painting Thread   
    Sharing my first Carrion Lancer, who is affectionately known as Dylan. Please excuse Dylan's poor dental hygiene.
    I hope to post some archers and completed Reanimates next.

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    escutcheon got a reaction from Watercolour Dragon in Escutcheon's Painting Thread   
    Hi everyone,
    I've been lurking on the forum for some time but in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I've decided to share my (green) Waiqar! Here is my test miniature.
    C&C welcome.

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    escutcheon got a reaction from Jukey in Join us in the Madlands! (First Midwest League Tournament)   
    I will do my best to be there
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    escutcheon got a reaction from sarumanthewhite in Join us in the Madlands! (First Midwest League Tournament)   
    I will do my best to be there
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    escutcheon reacted to Jukey in Tales from the Madlands: What is Dead may never Die   
    Today we bring you something special, the long awaited return of me finally putting waiqar back on the table.  This is my first game using lord V (let that speak for the longevity and depth of the game).
    My list:
    'From the Grave'
    Lord Vorunthul [40] 1x1
    Fortunas Dice [6]
    Thirst of Bilehall [5]
    Total Unit Cost: 51

    Reanimates [50] 3x3
    Executioner [6]
    Profane Banner Bearer [5]
    Aggressive Drummer [5]
    Lingering Dead [3]
    Total Unit Cost: 69

    Reanimate Archers [45] 3x2
    Tempered Steel [3]
    Raven-Standard Bearer [3]
    Close Quarters Targeting [3]
    Total Unit Cost: 54

    Wraiths [24] 3x1
    Metered March [2]
    Total Unit Cost: 26
    My list was largely focused on trying lord V, and wraiths, as well as seeing if the 3x2 reanimate archer block still works.
    Church's list:
    'Maro has the Moves'
    Ankaur Maro [40] 1x1
    Fortunas Dice [6]
    Violent Forces [6]
    Total Unit Cost: 52
    Reanimates [64] 4x3
    Necromancer [3]
    Vorunthul the Cursed [8]
    Triumphant Cry [3]
    Lingering Dead [3]
    Total Unit Cost: 81
    Death Knights [55] 2x3
    Shield of Margath [6]
    Bloodied Tatters [2]
    Column Tactics [4]
    Total Unit Cost: 67
    Church mostly focused his list on utilizing Maro.
    Objective and deployment:

    We drew Overextended with encircling maneuvers, one of my favorite combos in the game.  I held my archers out, church set aside maro.

    We both deploy conservatively.  There is no need to rush things with waiqar, and with the cursed woods in the middle, the battlefield is treacherous.
    Turn 1:
    Missed a picture right from the start.  More or less, our forces trundle towards eachother.
    At the end of the round, my archers deploy behind the woods, and maro comes running in from behind his army.
    Turn 2:
    Church plays it slow, trying to let me make the first overstep.  I keep lord V back, not wanting to get wrecked by deathknights.  

    My wraiths stay inside the protective bubble of profane banner bearer, maro can wipe them out in one good shot, and when he's got Fdice, that's a risk I wont take.
    My archers reform/rally, lining up to support the reanimates.
    Turn 3:  Church backs the deathknights off, but not before I land 3 wounds with my archers.  I expected him to push in, so my reanimates botch a charge.

    The wraiths inch forward, still avoiding maro.
    Church brings his army into a solid line, prepping for a three point attack.
    Turn 4:
    My archers find no shot, getting blocked by terrain and my reanimates.  My reanimates reform/Armor up, and just in time,  maro rolls 8 damage on them, resulting in a tray cleared out, but lingering dead and regen keep the tray on.

    Church pushes his reanimates up.
    Turn 5:
    I get a trifecta of damage on church's reanimates, but not before they armor up.  Between lord V warp jumping a flank, the reanimate charge, and a wraith flank, I take 3 trays.

    Maro obliterates 2 trays of wraiths.  Lord V is in a very exposed position to the death knights now.
    Turn 6:
    The death knights charge and flank lord V, dealing 3 wounds.  That hurt.  The archers take 2 more trays of deathknights.
    The reanimate brawl gets ugly, with both sides suffering heavy losses.  Maro finishes the wraiths off.

    Lord V gets a wound back from thirst of bilehall.
    Turn 7:
    Lord V warps out of the danger zone, lining up to end the death knights.  Church gets a weak swing with the reanimates, but gets a flee in terror panic test, and puts me in an odd position.

    The archers drop another tray of death knights.  Maro reforms to have options on the last turn.
    Turn 8:
    My reanimates hea wrecked by flanking death knights, and I goof up with lord V, letting him warp onto the death knights. He kills them, but gets caught in range of Maro, who ends lord V on the last activation of the game.

    6/5 Waiqar wins (Church's Waiqar)
    When played right, and with good runes, Maro is a serious beast.  He did more damage than any other unit in this game.  He is susceptible to fast units who can charge him quickly, but when faced with slow trundling formations, he really can swing up.
    Lord V is super fun (of course), I need to get better at using him.
    Profane banner bearer is great, it's a shame that protector wasnt used on a few more units in the game, since it really makes for interesting gameplay.  Allows fragile units to advance on archers, but watch the sight lines.
    Undead archers are so good, especially when geared to attack faster than any other archer(except kari and meagan).
    All around, I really enjoyed bringing waiqar back out.  It's cool that theres a lot in their faction i haven't even looked into yet.  Plenty of uncharted territory in runewars yet.
    Thanks for Reading!
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    escutcheon reacted to Jukey in Battle Report: Chicago - It's Better To Be Lucky Than Good   
    Great batrep!  I like the text on the pictures making things more clear,  I might need to do that.
    Funny how Maro has been seemingly making a comeback (maybe he never really left, but it's been a long time since I've seen him).
    Curious, how often have you gotten executioner to go off? I always try that figure, and almost never get the wounds when I need them, or he gets sniped out.
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    escutcheon got a reaction from Hepitude in Escutcheon's Painting Thread   
    Finished my Death Knights! They are ready to trample the foes of Waiqar.
    It took a few iterations to settle on the color scheme, since I wanted them to both stand out from the basic warriors but also share a similar theme, hence the dark granite armor (to match the Reanimate shields), green cloth, and overall muted look. 
    Ankaur Maro is next (he's 80% done, it's just... a lot of bone to highlight).


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    escutcheon got a reaction from Kookanoodles in New to Runewars - Here are my first 3 minis!   
    Awesome work. 
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    escutcheon reacted to Kookanoodles in New to Runewars - Here are my first 3 minis!   
    Update, some better pictures and the first two horses.
    Next will be the riders, Spearmen, and Kari.
    What do you think?

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    escutcheon got a reaction from Jukey in Escutcheon's Painting Thread   
    Finished my Death Knights! They are ready to trample the foes of Waiqar.
    It took a few iterations to settle on the color scheme, since I wanted them to both stand out from the basic warriors but also share a similar theme, hence the dark granite armor (to match the Reanimate shields), green cloth, and overall muted look. 
    Ankaur Maro is next (he's 80% done, it's just... a lot of bone to highlight).


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    escutcheon reacted to Jukey in Cow-like Beasts and How to Use Them   
    I feel I'm starting to get a pretty good feel for Ventala.  Here are my musings on the best uses for them.
    2x1:  This is an expendable support/striker unit.  The only upgrade it should have is rank discipline, allowing it deadly 2 threat precise attacks.  A case could be made for durable hedged 2x1s, but it's not going to deliver the desired damage output.  These units should be run in pairs to triplets,  4 seems like overkill though.
    3x1:  This formation is the one I've tried the least.  It's just bad...  In order to capitalize on the 3 threat, you have to bring flank fire, making the unit 29 points.  It has no reroll, and swings between 0-9 damage potential (usually 3-6).  In almost every circumstance a 2x2 with TS is going to drastically outperform the 3x1 for 4 points more.
    2x2:  The very best Ventala unit size.  This unit is a true swiss army knife.  Best results when running tempered steel and hedge shroud.  This unit can consistently put out 4-8 damage if it has 1 or 2 inspiration.  Meagan also embeds very nicely into this unit.  The unit stands right between annoyingly durable, while being squirrelly enough to mess with the opponent and make the best of most situations.  Tempered steel seems like the best equipment due to ventala having no surge effects and a tendancy to roll surges.  Hedge can also be replaced with rank, LotL, or even CQT, but each is a bit more niche.  2 of these units perform great in tandem.
    3x2:  This unit is a powerhouse, but can get pinned fairly easily due to its size nullifying the agility of the Ventala.  Flank fire is almost a must have, same with embedded Meagan (lethal 1-3 is great).  Tempered steel really brings the power up, with 3 threat capability.  
    Rune Ventala:  If you have a fortress build, Ventala can make a nice rune thrower, with an i8 ranged attack and white skill.  Fire rune does well on them (especially with Meagan). Corruption rune could do considerable work.  Wind rune can make them almost uncatchable.  However, the skill is harder to dial in than you would expect.  Ventala generally want to move and shoot,  sitting stationary and double tapping is only really viable in the first 3 turns in most games.  It does give them early initiative options, as they normally can do nothing attack-wise until i5 or later.
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    escutcheon reacted to Jukey in Tales from the Madlands: KariThorn   
    Here's a game I've been meaning to report for a while now.
    This game is against @picotheguyyo, our Daqan player.  I bring my usual elves, with a few new changes to my list from last time. 
    This battle is unique in that it is my first (long awaited) matchup against a KariThorn.  Never seen one before.
    My list
    Ventala Skirmishers [30] 2x2
    Maegan Cyndewin [10]
    Tempered Steel [3]
    Metered March [2]
    Hedge Shroud [2]
    Total Unit Cost: 47
    Deepwood Archers [42] 3x2
    Verdant Sorceress [3]
    Tempered Steel [3]
    Frontline Aymhelin Scion [6]
    Close Quarters Targeting [3]
    Total Unit Cost: 57
    Prince Faolan [36] 1x1
    The Spirit Sword [6]
    Etharyon of the Ailatar [5]
    Total Unit Cost: 47
    Leonx Riders [18] 2x1
    Rank Discipline [4]
    Total Unit Cost: 22
    Aymhelin Scions [25] 2x1
    Bolo Nets [2]
    Total Unit Cost: 27
    Picotheguyyos list
    'KariThorn Hybrid'
    Oathsworn Cavalry [46] 2x3
    Forged In Battle [4]
    Tempered Steel [3]
    Raven Tabards [2]
    Moment of Inspiration [5]
    Total Unit Cost: 60
    Rune Golems [17] 1x1
    Total Unit Cost: 17
    Kari Wraithstalker [32] 1x1
    Fortunas Dice [6]
    Wraith Step [1]
    Total Unit Cost: 39
    Lord Hawthorne [34] 1x1
    Shield of Margath [6]
    Might of Daqan [4]
    Total Unit Cost: 44
    Deepwood Archers [30] 2x2
    Tempered Steel [3]
    Metered March [2]
    Rank Discipline [4]
    Total Unit Cost: 39
    Objective and Deployment:
    Battle of Champions is a fun one, makes for straightforward brawling with a twist.  Overextended pairs nicely with it.

    Terrain got me squeezed pretty hard on deployment.  The fissure became problematic to get clear of in 1 turn, even with EoA on Faolan.

    The Daqan prepare for a cav flank under a hail of arrows.

    Round 1:
    The Daqan hold back while the Oathsworn move into position.  Hawthorn and the Golem move forward to protect the Deepwood line.

    Faolan does half the work of unpacking, moving the Ventala into terrain so they can shoot later.
    The Scions swing around to intercept the Oathsworn.  The Deepwoods double shift to support the Ventala.

    The Leonx do not clear the Fissure, and land in a bad spot for the next round.
    The ventala score 1 wound on the golem.
    Round 2:
    Red runes are cast, and the the Golem charges.  He rolls well enough, but the Ventala hedge shroud the damage to 1 wound.
    The Ventala hit the golem back, destroying him. 

    The Deepwoods shift from Faolan triggering them with EoA but they find no target to shoot.
    Hawthorne moves in aggressively to threaten the Ventala.

    The Leonx make an unsuccessful march and are decimated by the Daqan Deepwoods.
    Round 3:
    Hawthorn charges the Ventala, he takes a full tray off the unit.
    The Ventala Shift/shoot, leaving the terrain and putting a wound on Hawthorn.

    Faolan tries to correct the Deepwoods poor placement, but continues to not get them a shot.

    The Oathsworn stare down the scions from across the board.
    Kari cautiously leads the Deepwood line forward.
    Round 4:
    Hawthorne dials in a melee, expecting charging cows, they wait for an i8 ranged attack instead, getting a wound on Hawthorne.

    The scions drop a wound on Kari.
    The Oathsworn quick March into the scions, accepting the panic and immobillize to pin the scions in place.
    Faolan closes on the terrain while pushing the deepwoods into a better position.

    The deepwood line is finally in range!
    Round 5:
    Faolan shifts himself and shifts the Ventala back, letting Hawthorne charge empty terrain.

    The Ventala score another wound on Hawthorne.
    The scions get splintered by a heavy Oathsworn attack.  The Oathsworn then lose 6 figures from the deepwoods attack. 

    Faolan takes a wound from Kari.
    Round 6:
    Faolan charges Hawthorne, kills him and avoids Magarth damage.  Then, the Oathsworn charge and kill Faolan.

    My Deepwoods and Ventala plink another tray off the Oathsworn.

    Kari and the Deepwood line keep closing.
    Round 7:
    The Oathsworn jump into the terrain.
    The Oathsworn fall to my Ventala

    The Daqan deepwoods drop a tray off the Ventala.

    Kari marches into the terrain.
    Round 8:
    Kari and the Deepwoods drop the Ventala.

    The Deepwoods score 2 wounds, but dont have tempered steel refreshed for the 4th.
    Daqan wins!
    Whereas Church tends to play aggressively, usually breaking a weak flank and rolling my army, Picotheguyyo plays in a very defensive manner.  It suits Daqan very well.
    He kept his forces in good positions most of the game, letting me play into worse positions by playing more aggressively.
    Biggest issue I had was getting my deepwoods into position (though he did too).
    Hawthorne running the Might of Magarth build is pretty great.  His army buff and inspiration casting basically pay for themselves by round 2, so then sending him off to be a deadly nuisance worked great.  He is a pain to kill, and if you do it via melee, he'll give back more than he takes.
    I want to see more Kari/Latari builds, they add some new elements I have not gotten to look into in the game yet.
    I am enjoying the Deepwood hammer formations again.  Faolan pushing them with EoA is very helpful, as getting stuck in melee isn't so easy anymore.
    The Deepwood KariThorn line is impressive.  I'll enjoy seeing this more often, and eventually maybe some Darnati.
    Thanks for reading!
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    escutcheon got a reaction from flightmaster101 in The Runecasters Episode 34: Walk on With Hope and You'll Walk With The Runecasters!   
    Glad my Death Knights got a mention😅
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    escutcheon reacted to Darth Matthew in Warden of Horn and Branch   
    Add in 4 corruption runes, and you've got something to worry about.
    I gave it a go (proxies of course, who's got 20 trays of Ventala?), and it was surprising.
    I sent 1 two tray units, and 2 four-tray units up each flank.
    The corruption and warden is a powerful 1 - 2 punch.  
    Started off with move on 8's and shoots on the smaller units, and move on 8's and skills on the big units; which was after my opponents entire army.
    This let me get Ventala units within range 3 on turn 1, and then let me throw out 4 corruption runes and 6 blue dice worth of wardens.
    On turn 2, everybody went on 3 (which was ahead of almost all of my opponents units, this time throwing out 4 more corruption runes and 8 dice worth of surgy death).
    Combined, in this alpha style strike, immobilized a few units and that turned out to be deadly.  By spamming corruption into larger units to slow them, and shooting and wardening the smaller units, it let me murder and halt my opponent.
    On turn 3, I started really moving again, this time using the free turns that Ventala do to bank both flanks toward the center.  
    I was taking some losses, but being able to Corrupt into combat, and being able to Warden into combat without panicking my own units was pretty nice.
    I'd never build this army... well, unless I get a good deal as online retailers clearance out this stock.  
    It was a pretty fun, and very tactical game.  Position and units working together was critical; which is really how I see Elf type lists working.  Not a single deathstar, but rather several units working in concert.
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    escutcheon reacted to Vergilius in Competitive Latari Play and Builds   
    You will want to take advantage of their mobility.  In this game, there's only so much space to move around to begin with, so their movement tends to be by fine degrees at shades that delay a clash, hopefully to the point where you whittle down the enemy to nothing, rather than stop it completely.
    I can offer you a few thoughts with a caveat.  I have by no means exhausted the Latari.  So the builds here aren't the only thing you can do.   I also tend to think of the game from the competitive stand-point, which is that all of my builds are looking at ways that I can push 6s and 7s into 8s/9s/10s.  Some of the problem will be that you need to adapt your builds to the meta in your area.  I am the only other player with Uthuk, so I know I'm not going to see Uthuk across the table.  I have two other Waiqar and Daqan players, and I won't face a mirror with Latari.  And within those factions, there are a lot of different builds that you can take, all of which play differently and pose different challenges to the Latari.
    Here is the last major Latari list that I built:
    Ventala Skirmishers [30] 2x2
    Tempered Steel [3]
    Hedge Shroud [2]
    Total Unit Cost: 35

    Deepwood Archers [30] 2x2
    Tempered Steel [3]
    Greenwatch Herald [3]
    Rallying Starling [4]
    Hunters Guile [4]
    Total Unit Cost: 44

    Prince Faolan [36] 1x1
    Malcornes Bequest [6]
    Etharyon of the Ailatar [5]
    Total Unit Cost: 47

    Aymhelin Scions [42] 2x2
    Pathwalkers Amulet [3]
    Fertile Soil [5]
    Total Unit Cost: 50

    Leonx Riders [18] 2x1
    Rank Discipline [4]
    Total Unit Cost: 22
    It is built with all factions in mind, and it is built to maximize the different units.  You can look through the games thread and find some games that Church and Jukey played, where Jukey took it on.  It also breaks the mold on a couple of key points.  And how you play it matters greatly whether you experience a middling result as in the Jukey/Church game, or my Daqan opponents throwing their arms up in the air and claiming "I don't really know what I'd do against that.
    First, three major units can attack down range with rerolls.  If you don't come up at this list, then it is just going to pelt you to death, and depending upon positioning and movement, the opening fire still might cause enough disruption that the opposing list just folds.
    Second key, this involves a comprehensive reroll to green and blue strategy.  You have the option of making the second roll toward green or blue depending upon circumstances and the runes.
    Blue benefits:  Faolan die, Scion armor
    Green benefits:  Get a touch more flexibility out of Pathwalkers, trigger Fertile Soil much more reliably, give more range to overgrown terrain, give more armor to Hedge Shroud.
    If you face a fellow Latari who is rerolling to red for Fire Rune, that's just the life of the game, but even then, you're really back to an even game on runes, some of which will depend upon how both players manage the runes.  I've got a local Daqan player who has been working with fire rune and the Daqan manipulation, for which the Latari rune manipulation is slightly better in that you can roll the first rune, see the result, and then decide what to do from there.  Waiqar has no rune manipulation (though you are giving reanimates more regen) and Uthuk only throws a single rune.  The runes are the real wildcard in this game, but everyone plays with the same rules there and learning to live with them is part of the game.
    Beyond that, you generally want to deploy:  Leonx, Prince Faolan, and then think carefully based on what the opponent has left and what you can see.  probably the Archers since they have flexibility on where the overgrown goes, and you want your final two units ideally placed to block for them.  From there, if you can get them, you want Scions and Ventala on units with which they match up favorably.
    The core of the list: Ventala/Scions is strong enough that the opponent cannot choose to ignore them.  And if they aren't deploying a unit each against them, one of them has a good chance of achieving a flank.  The Leonx are an easy throw-away deployment, but you cannot afford to lose them.  They hit extremely hard.  What you want are concessions:  You either force the opponent to devote more than 21 points of units or more time trying to chase down the Leonx, or they give you a flank against whatever is now held up by the main line.  Faolan hangs back and tries to improve positioning.  He's more utility, and I usually just have him engage last and late.
    You won't see a lot of advocates for Fertile Soil, but I don't think I've seen anyone other than me put together Fertile Soil and Pathwalkers.  You can almost always burn Pathwalkers to save a Scion wound, even if you only see one Green.  You want to time it on a turn where it saves a figure, and then you heal back a wound at the end of the turn with Fertile Soil.  If you can get it to trigger twice, it is point effective.  Some of that is a matter of having two or more Green runes on a critical turn, but with rerolls to Green, you're much more likely to have the runes when you need it.
    One thing to note about this list:  The basic health value (wounds x armor) is 82.  That is before you've taken into account any benefit that Fertile Soil, Pathwalkers, or Hedge Shroud might do.  I think one thing that people do not think sufficiently through is the overall health of their lists that they bring to the table.  Certain kinds of really cagey Latari lists might come in at the 60s, but it doesn't matter how cagey they are, Uthuk are very likely to corner them, and then they fold really quickly.
    Combos:  I think many of the combos are really well known.  Archers have always been good with Fire Rune.  Maegan was good with archers and Fire Rune, and now people are doing Ventala much more.   I think one of the keys is learning what units tend to go better with what other units.  Here are a few thoughts:
    Aliana/Leonx:  I'd take two good units that can redeploy.  Resist the temptation to insist on it being a 2x3 or even two 2x2s.  Those get expensive fast, and suddenly the opponent's eyes are drawn to them, which will leave them with options against them.  A couple of 2x1s with Rank Discipline can be just as effective.  Or perhaps a 2x1, 2x2, and then whatever you want in the list.  Avoid being all archers and all Leonx.  Both are squishy.  You need something to block for the archers.  I might go with a 3x2 CQT, or I might go with just one or two 2x1 Archers.  The rest of the list, you can think out on your own.   I also always try to look for ways to make sure all the units can be effective.  I don't want a unit that will just be free points because it was the point filler at the end.  And even a 2x1 naked Darnati is a threat.
    Maegan:  Ranged take Fortuna's dice.  You'll probably want 2x1 Scions to hide behind.  She's extremely squishy in this build, so she's got have blockers.  She also basically takes the place of another archer unit you might be fielding.  Fortuna's then fixes for maximum damage, depending upon runes.  For melee, I'd just go Reaping Blade/Martial Magic/Dispatch Runner.  Suddenly, she can tank things she should not ordinarily be able to tank, and the extra dice help her immensely in being able to spread damage around to other units.  I've had her push through a 2x2 Carrion Lancer group before, because I weakened it by a figure with ranged fire on approach, and then Maegan delivered 2-3 wounds per strike.  Sadly, I've not found a build I like that really uses her army-building ability.
    Faolan:  Mr. Flexible.  You can build him to be a tank with Spirit Blade.  You can build him to be support with either of the other two upgrades.  I think of him as a big Ravos counter, or a Vorunthull stun counter.  He's important to the Latari meta.
    Ventala, I think, are absolutely critical to Latari being effective.  That was a really badly needed release.  The biggest key to understanding them is that they are both a ranged and melee unit.  They come with a hit mod on the modifier dial in melee, and I think that's something you have to look at exploiting in a game.  I'm extremely skeptical about 1x3 Ventala, probably a design bust, trapped in a space where they can only be a ranged unit, but will flake in a big way throughout a standard game.  2x1 with RD are solid.  2x2 are probably where it is at.  Maegan does extremely well as a figure in them, and they are probably the best candidate for Hedge Shroud included in their pack.  The 2x3 are probably deceptively good.  That unit basically wants to keep being a reliable blocker:  Take Honor Markings and suddenly the worst Fear traits in the morale deck do not affect you.  Strength-1 morale tests decline to a 7 in 30 chance, IIRC, and it weakens some of the worst strength three.  If you can put Hedge Shroud on the 2x3 and trigger it, it can very likely hold up anything in the game, which simply leaves you trying to use other units to whittle that down.
    Scions:  I think a poorly understood unit.  Every faction gets more health per point from their siege units, so using them effectively in a list is key.  Again, you need to balance their range and melee capabilities.  It doens't take that many ranged attacks before they start outperforming other seige units at cost.  They just won't stand up as well in a pure melee slugfest.  I3 rally/armor-up is a really big one, but don't forget the green I-3 charge.  It surprises people altogether too often.
    Archers:  Really the core to the Latari, good in almost all tray sizes.  Please note that you get more damage out of the 2x1 per points, and anti-armor damage out of the 3x2, but 2x2 are the utility builds.  In my opinion, too many 2x2 formations is a death sentence for a list, because you'll bog down the points in your list and not get nearly as much return for those points.  With a 2x1, if it gets destroyed, it isn't a huge cost investment, and the opponent often has to take about 3 turns to do it, one to move up, one to charge, and one to reposition and get to the next target.
    Darnati:  the 2x1 is the best naked infantry in the game.  3x2 seems to be the real sweet spot, where you get access to your most important upgrades, pick up threat 3 on a really comparatively cheap platform.  It can really end up anchoring your armor and providing the platform around which you can build.
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    escutcheon got a reaction from Maktorius in BC Balance Package - Playtesting   
    How about Maro in cavalry champion form doesn't cause any wounds at all when using the skill? Having to dial the skill modifier on Death Knights is payment enough.
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    escutcheon got a reaction from Jukey in Tales from the Madlands: Some Barons just want to see the World Burn   
    Thanks @Jukey for putting the time into this report. I enjoyed reading it.
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    escutcheon got a reaction from kaffis in The Land Endures   
    As a tremendously slow painter, I will be collecting and painting Waiqar and Daqan for years to come. And playing, too, as long as I can find an opponent!
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    escutcheon reacted to Jukey in A few thoughts on Balance   
    Not to degenerate into a suggestions thread, but if the thresher got a nerf, I would say simply change the wording to make it spend a panic token to reroll.  This eliminates accurate damage rolls with high morale tests following.  Also stays away from point or hp changes then.
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    escutcheon reacted to Bhelliom in Ardus Ix' Erebus (community errata discussion)   
    For those familiar with Warhammer Fantasy, I always expected waiqar to get something like danse macabre. For reference, it is a spell that lets a unit March straight ahead, and counts as a charge if it impacts. This was the foil to the shambling undead's slow speed. You could argue that it's a better fit for ankaur, but it's also a command that is unique to the game and suits ardus fairly well. Say, a unit gets a speed two march which counts as a charge but doesn't give panic for failing to contact. Initiative two is a very awkward time for that though, so it may not be worth much...
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    As a tremendously slow painter, I will be collecting and painting Waiqar and Daqan for years to come. And playing, too, as long as I can find an opponent!
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    escutcheon got a reaction from Hepitude in The Land Endures   
    As a tremendously slow painter, I will be collecting and painting Waiqar and Daqan for years to come. And playing, too, as long as I can find an opponent!
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    escutcheon got a reaction from Parakitor in The Land Endures   
    As a tremendously slow painter, I will be collecting and painting Waiqar and Daqan for years to come. And playing, too, as long as I can find an opponent!
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    As a tremendously slow painter, I will be collecting and painting Waiqar and Daqan for years to come. And playing, too, as long as I can find an opponent!
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