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  1. I have tried the 2x2 worms a fair bit and am consistently impressed. It puts out good damage, doesn't get stuck in terrain like a 3-wide unit, and is tough. Your opponent will ignore it at their peril and it's not an outrageous points sink. Pairs well with Lord V. I used to play defensively with Waiqar, but no more!
  2. One thing I learned about taking pictures of miniatures is that you need two light sources to avoid casting shadows. I also use a very large sheet of white paper and lay it over my couch, so the background is smooth.
  3. Cheers! Eyes are a dot of white (after the wash/dark tone fills in the eye sockets) followed by watered down Jungle Green or Scorpion Green just around the edges of the sockets. Use the tiniest brush you have.
  4. Thank you. The base is regular sand you'll find on a beach or construction site. I use PVA glue to stick to the bases and trays before basecoating. I also sandpaper the trays beforehand to help the sand adhere. If you can find tiny roots or twigs, that adds different textures too. The colors are (from the Army Painter): Oak Brown; Strong Tone (quite a lot because I want it to look muddy); drybrush Oak Brown; very light drybrush Desert Yellow. Then Army Painter swamp tufts to finish.
  5. Finished my Death Knights! They are ready to trample the foes of Waiqar. It took a few iterations to settle on the color scheme, since I wanted them to both stand out from the basic warriors but also share a similar theme, hence the dark granite armor (to match the Reanimate shields), green cloth, and overall muted look. Ankaur Maro is next (he's 80% done, it's just... a lot of bone to highlight).
  6. I don't think you count any symbols other than hits when resolving Fire Rune
  7. How about Maro in cavalry champion form doesn't cause any wounds at all when using the skill? Having to dial the skill modifier on Death Knights is payment enough.
  8. Thanks @Jukey for putting the time into this report. I enjoyed reading it.
  9. As a tremendously slow painter, I will be collecting and painting Waiqar and Daqan for years to come. And playing, too, as long as I can find an opponent!
  10. To me it looks like a giant skull, chained to the ground, with cloth/appendages coming out of the eyes. But I was never great at interpretating art...
  11. I made a Daqan one: 196/200 Lord Hawthorne [34] 1x1 Heartseeker [10] Sweeping Strikes [5] Total Unit Cost: 49 Kari Wraithstalker [32] 1x1 The Dawnblade [10] Latari Training [6] Total Unit Cost: 48 Deepwood Archers [30] 2x2 Wind Rune [6] Terrifying Heraldry [5] Triumphant Cry [3] Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 48 Rune Golems [17] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 17 Rune Golems [17] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 17 Rune Golems [17] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 17 Naturally the Deepwood Archers are reformed to a 1x4. With Rank Discipline, that's 5 re-rolls! Very powerful. Better than Fortuna's Dice, even.
  12. What is the worst list you can possibly make? It has to be as close as possible to 200 points. Here's mine: Ankaur Maro [40] 1x1 Obcasiums Gauntlet [5] Regenerative Magic [5] Total Unit Cost: 50 Rune Golems [74] 3x2 Fire Rune [7] Cursed Signets [2] Total Unit Cost: 83 Ardus IxErebus [37] 1x1 Heartseeker [10] Total Unit Cost: 47 Reanimates [16] 2x1 Tactical Drummer [2] Cursed Signets [2] Total Unit Cost: 20 Maro brings in the much-maligned Golems, who can fire rune on initiative 3! Cursed signets turns every two blight/panic/etc. into a pile of rocks. Ardus brings a very powerful artefact to the table--if only he had a shooting weapon to use it. The Reanimates could be raised by Maro in their formidable threat 2 formation! Fear this unit! Fear it! Let's see your best worst lists.
  13. I agree on the vast majority of your points. For Waiqar, I think Reanimates should be cheaper. It feels thematic that the undead should outnumber their opponents. It also helps balance out other parts of your list. Reanimate Archers deserve Regeneration. Because... they're Reanimates... with bows... I'm OK with Maro being squishy and high skill to play. But I agree that his Resurrection ability is lackluster. Ardus has been beaten to (un)death but he needs a later move, a later attack, and/or a skill that causes a friendly unit to activate immediately. My two cents.
  14. My list: 197/200 Lord Vorunthul [40] 1x1 Fortunas Dice [6] Thirst of Bilehall [5] Total Unit Cost: 51 Reanimates [64] 4x3 Cursed Signets [2] Marching Drummer [2] Lingering Dead [3] Total Unit Cost: 71 Carrion Lancers [27] 2x1 Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 31 Reanimate Archers [18] 2x1 Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 22 Reanimate Archers [18] 2x1 Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 22
  15. Disclaimer: I have never played against Lord V. But I would suggest: - 3x2 Spearmen with metered march, dialling in the long march at 8 - Any source of stun, as mentioned - Setting a trap. Easier said than done but having a cavalry unit to counter charge may disuade him from engaging - Ravos... - Shield of Margath, since it interacts weirdly with Protected
  16. Speaking of objectives, where can I find the current season's setups? I found this but it doesn't list them all: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/20/defend-the-pass/
  17. Trying out Imgur. Reanimates: Reanimate Archers: Carrion Lancer:
  18. The question is: in what scenarios would you choose a blue die while flanking with Lord V, immediately after transforming into Cursed? For example, you may want to go for a surge to unlock Brutal 3, and then depend on the white die for a hit for 4-5 damage. Alternatively, you could take Fortuna's to guarantee a hit-surge, or Reaping Blade since you lack Precise. Bearing in mind he is Lethal [stable], which I completely missed before. Thoughts?
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