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  1. Yeah... happened to me too. I missed that on my first game and I was really shocked. It really seems like it needs a final quest line, what I man is something like when you hit the target influence you trigger a new quest {ex. add cards 200 to 205 complete these to trigger the end and do a final influence tally to complete the game.} I'm not sure exactly what the quest would be but this would give all players time to wrap up their personal goals and maybe give an outside chance at a co-victory. Just some ramblings of a board game newbie....
  2. There is also one to kill the lone Bounty Hunter in the Human stack. So I also believe it means that specific one.
  3. I'd need to look up the card numbers again... but during the wife and I's last game two quests were staged. the text on one was Do some action and bring out a human and fight it. The second quest card had a option to kill a human. so killing the human for the first quest also triggered the second quest. I'll look these up in a bit and add the card numbers. First card is 57 (Use an action at a ruins - Draw and fight a human) - 3xp - stage 59 and 101 - trash Second card was 67 (Kill any Human) - agenda card - stage 68 - trash
  4. I also liked the review... It reflects my thoughts after 3 games.
  5. I'm new to Board Games (disclaimer) - I just picked up Fallout the Board Game a week or so ago for the wife and I to play. We've played 3 games and after reading the above part of your post I'm curious if you'd be willing to expand on why you believe hunting enemies to level is harmful to game play?
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