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  1. Try it with Imperials for a challenge.
  2. Chewie and that Han, and they never die Edit: Also hard counters Kylo... I'm not sure that's flavourful Maybe make it facedown?
  3. Which means he has no ability at all.
  4. It shoots first. And then it shoots again. The ability as you worded does nothing against lower PS pilots. Which, at PS 9, is really, most of them. I know we have a lot of PS10-11 pilots now, but hopefully the high PS meta won't last forever. And then we have Scum players crying that their Solo is not very good.
  5. How bout this: In the beginning of the combat phase, you may receive a stress token to perform an attack against an enemy in your firing arc. That's the Solo I'm going to enjoy shooting to pieces.
  6. What battle? no sir, that one does not count.
  7. They are real fun with TIE shuttles and 3 TIE-s
  8. My problem is not speed, it's communication, or the lack thereof. I don't care how many new ships they publish (I want regular ace packs for the oler ships), but I want communication. Articles, interviews, behind the scenes design stuff, their plans for the future... I don't like being kept in the dark, and what they are doing goes WAAAY beyond what is necessitated by their contracts and workflow. FFG Needs to hire more people. Maybe make contracts with content creators. Do interviews with the design team. Publish design insights from past projects (to avoid spoilers).... anything... Address the concerns of the community.
  9. It's been a long time... and it's been even longer before that! We seem to be made to suffer.
  10. Also. The reason why Imperials couldn't get in, is because they had NOTHING that was worth playing. They were outclassed in most metrics. Scum on the other hand, suffers because the rebels are broken. It's not that Scum doesn't have VERY STRONG options. It has many. Far better than Imps had back then. As we can see, Jumpmasters are still a force to be reckoned with. The Shadowcaster is really good. Nym and the Scurrg is still ludicrously efficient, even if the insta-win combo doesn't work anymore. What I have personally experienced, is Scum players switching to Rebels en masse. This is why you don't trust hired guns. Their loyalties lie with the all-time winners.
  11. Hmm.. Something that triggers off every friendly bomb dropped? So its okay that we don't have crew slots on our bombers, and it fits her character. She sits comfortably on a Decimator (which also has a bomb slot, yay) or a Reaper, and the Punishers punish! By the gods, I think we are onto something!
  12. I think the reign of terror that was Nym and the Jumpmaster before that hasn't completely left everybody's system. #toosoon.
  13. My fellow Kommander is on point. The Striker is misrepresented, (though, probably it's not FFG's fault) and should be corrected. Although, I'm not sure what would we get from the Striker and any 1 bomb, even if it had a crew slot to go along with it (Unless we get a Imperial Bomb Crew á la Sabine). And it definitely shouldn't have two bombs. I can't live in a world where the Striker is a better bomber than... well the Bomber.
  14. I think the addition of fuel would be nice, but I'm betting my sweet tooshie on that we won't hear anything about fuel in another feature movie ever again.
  15. Commander Kaine


    5 straights, if I can. Usually I can. It really throws people off
  16. One would think that with your username, you'd be kinda blasé about this, or abandon those pesky snot colored caltrops altogether.
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