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  1. Don't prockets require a focus? How would that work?
  2. Well, these are my thoughts on the ship as well. I'm hoping the Defender is going to be in one of the early waves for Empire, getting Marek Steele, Vult Skerris and the Elite configuration. AT LEAST. If they throw in Vader, (they won't), I'd too happy to describe.
  3. Oooohhh... Why do you tease me so? Now I can't live without Vader on a Defender. I'll pay 120 points for it, gladly. Pre movement boost + barrel roll, free evade, then a regular action, and you still have a force point left. Slap FCS on him, use your free action to Lock, and then you have fully modded attack and defense, perfect positioning... On 7 health and 3 agility. Yes... That's how Vader should feel like. Make it happen, FFG, and I'll shut up about rebel bias forever... deal?
  4. I like the idea that vader pretends to be someone else, just to take out the ole advanced for a spin or two. Or three.
  5. So R.B. only requires you to hit to expose damage cards, not deal damage, so tractor beams look a bit nicer. You can literally tractor beam a ship to shreds. How frikkin awesome is that?
  6. I don't understand why the first order can't field silencers as their main fighters. Because flavor. The ARC represents that the rebellion will use scraps, and also that they uphold the ideas of the republic. Its not their flavor to use generics as a squad.
  7. But the named pilots are really cheap. I see no point in fielding generics, but Kestal looks yummy.
  8. But its the same cloaking for every stealth ship. Phantoms do the same thing... Also, I demand this for Terex and Tarkin.
  9. I like things. I don't like cards. I gladly pay for things. I hate paying for paper. Its one of the most worthless materials, and I almost never use them in a game, and it costs a lot. Also because errata would change everything on paper. Its easier for most people to use the app. That's how the world works. The needs of the many...
  10. Id be happier if there were no cards at all. Let's save the trees!
  11. Well, you can write the point costs on sleeves. Slip a piece of paper in, with a number and the slots on it.
  12. So the TIE Aggressor has a Barrel Roll > Evade linked action. Debris Gambit says this: "While you perform a red [Evade] action, if there is an obstacle at range 0–1, treat the action as white instead." Does this mean that an Aggressor can take two actions and not get stressed near obstacles? That would be kinda amazing.
  13. So you mentioning Vermeil made me build this × Unnamed Squadron (200) Major Vermeil — TIE Reaper 49 Lone Wolf 4 0-0-0 3 Darth Vader 14 Stealth Device * Ship Total: 74 "Redline" — TIE Punisher 44 Fire-Control System 3 Proton Torpedoes 9 Barrage Rockets 6 BT-1 2 Proton Bombs 5 Conner Nets 6 Ship Total: 75 Lieutenant Kestal — TIE Aggressor 36 Composure 2 Ion Cannon Turret 6 Hotshot Gunner 7 Ship Total: 51
  14. Eh. Dude. You guys keep talking about me as if I had a secret agenda. I don't. But fine... I'm just troll then. What about everyone else trying to have a proper discussion going on? If you personally don't like the post, you don't have to be here, but some folks are actually discussing things. Surely if others can find a purpose, then it's all cool. Or are we too deep in for backtracking? Why is any criticism necessarily considered trolling? I didn't bash the game, I talked about the positives as well.
  15. "Whisper" — TIE Phantom52 Outmaneuver6 Collision Detector5 Grand Inquisitor16 Stealth Device* Ship Total: 85 Rear Admiral Chiraneau — VT-49 Decimator88 Trick Shot1 Director Krennic5 Minister Tua7 Agile Gunner10 Hull Upgrade* Ship Total: 113 The "Oh now you've really pissed them off" list, featuring the experimental weapons division.
  16. Yup. Also the ghost is still pretty mean from the front, so you might want to go for her butt.
  17. Y wings with reinforce? More hull? I guess a slightly better dial, but i'm honestly not sure anymore why the rebels took the armor off. In nucanon the ships were partially dismantled. Should be interesting regardless.
  18. The Lambda is amazing. Too bad it can take Tarkin, because that would be NASTY. I hope we get the sentinel, a meaner lambda (possibly 4 dice attack? please?) A 4/3 front rear arc with a tanky reinforced ship, with the current empire crew selection would be amazing, even if it moves like a truck. But really, the Lambda is stupendously good. All the named pilots are cool, the title is useful, and the rear arc is amazing. And it comes cheap. I'm looking forward to fly this: Captain Kagi — Lambda-Class Shuttle48 Fire-Control System3 Ciena Ree10 Director Krennic5 Ship Total: 66 Soontir Fel — TIE Interceptor52 Outmaneuver6 Stealth Device* Ship Total: 66 Alpha Squadron Pilot — TIE Interceptor34 Ship Total: 34 Alpha Squadron Pilot — TIE Interceptor34 Ship Total: 34
  19. Why all the cool colors for the good guys. CIS is totally blue
  20. Gotta start both of these factions don't I?
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