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  1. I don't recall the Boeing having heavier armament than an F-35. I could be wrong however.
  2. I've been saying that for a long time. The flavor of the ship is why I'm dissatisfied. It supposed to be really powerful in attack. More than any similar sized ship.
  3. I'd be happy to swap ship abilities with the Config. I'm not unreasonable. I just want more dakka.
  4. Ehm... An action dependent 2+1 is hardly the same as 3 dice native. I think I've said more than enough about this for the Advanced, which is only saved by an Initative 6 force user with 3 force poins, and most people agree that the Advanced generic is overpriced. Like I said it would be. And it was designed around to not give additional synergy for Vader. Like FFG said they wouldn't do. So yeah, I was wrong about the X-wings, but right about other stuff. Compare it to the X-wing, and let's assume they cost the same (with SF gunner included). That still doesn't look flattering for the SF. If something is more difficult to fly (like the SF), it should have greater rewards. There is literally nothing about this ship that justifies the added difficulty of making the Front arc shot work. My assumption is that the dial is going to stay the same (like most newer dials). We will see. But whatever happens, the ship will not be what I want it to be. Nothing about this ship looks "fun". I don't care about the price.
  5. @Mattman7306 shove your reactions down the garbage chute. What objectionable thing could you possibly find with my preference for the TIE/D?
  6. The ship ability makes no sense with the SF gunner, and the SF gunner makes no sense without the ship. I think it is highly unlikely we get any other configuration for this.
  7. It would be also thematic to have 3 green dice. (WHOAH THIS THING REALLY MOVES) But it still makes no sense to have a gunner slot be occupied by the same upgrade all the time.... 2.0 was supposed to be against that sort of thing. Compare it with the T70. The ability of the t70 (config) rewards good play by doing something you couldn't do before, and it was a similarly priced craft, with similar performance. The SF rewards good play with nothing new, and it takes a slot for the ship special ability (The t70 doesn't) Of course, we don't know the price of the ships, and it is likely that the SF gets a cheaper price. I don't care about that... that's a bad trade deal. I don't want more, but worse fighters.
  8. SF Gunner: While you perform a primary (front arc) attack and your (mobile arc) is in your (front arc), you may roll 1 additional attack die. After you perform a primary (front arc) attack, and your (mobile arc) is in your (back arc), you may perform a bonus primary (mobile arc) attack. SF Ability: You can [rotate your arc] indicator only to your [front and rear arc]. You must treat (front arc) [sth] of your (missile) upgrades as (arc indicator). So roughly, you can only shoot front and back, and you can fire secondary weapons from your mobile arc. This does not look great. We can see they only get 2 green dice, and probably 2 red dice too, given the Gunner ability. They get linked white actions, but don't pay attention to that, it is a lie. What the ship can do, effectively, is to choose between shooting 3 dice in the front, or 2 two dice attacks from the rear. So basically the same as before. Only, this time it costs a slot, a ship ability, and an action. The only benefit the SF gets is the ability to shoot missiles from the rear. The gunner slot won't be used, because the extra dice of the ship is still only given by the gunner. So, basically, this slot is useless for anything else. The double tap won't work with the missile, despite it being the ship ability, since the SF gunner only applies to primary attacks. And you won't use any other gunners. You get 4 linked white actions, but not really. Rotating the arc doesn't really get you a benefit... It alleviates your drawback (2 dice attack) I really don't see a point in this ship, unless the dial got a significant upgrade... like TIE interceptor levels of dial quality. I feel like everything the ship can do that makes it special, is more of a drawback than a benefit. Turret? Yeah, but your primary is worthless without. I don't get what's the point of making a Gunner slot either, especially if you create a card that adds the BASE STATS of the ship. You are never going to use anything else. The SF ability wasn't GREAT in first edition. It was finicky to pull off, and the benefits weren't that great. with the loss of the easy mods (good thing) the SF sees a decreased efficiency from the start, but now you can actually ruin your (mediocre) double tap by just making the wrong decision. Also, now you can't fire backwards at all, only if you have the arc indicator in the rear. And finally.... From all the ships, the SF needed LWF the MOST. The ship needs 3 agility. I am extremely dissatisfied with this ship. Beyond words. Everything I expected from 2.0 to do with this ship, they did the opposite. Instead of a more interesting and fun ship, (or at least, the same level as before) we got something that is solely defined by limitations. This special forces ships excels at exactly nothing. Understand that I'm not talking about power... I just don't see a reason to fly a ship with a bad dial (at this point, I don't dare to dream), with a difficult and finicky special ability that deals fairly average damage, and requires an action. It doesn't even have a gunner slot, because it trades it for the same ability it had in 1.0, but worse. But at least it got a (nerfed) evade... Yay?
  9. I was looking at this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WBD6vYa6cXMFsQNdbfSK1kjQdscdsQ_aLfMTbGqRsfY/edit#heading=h.w3fs16pfrw6 So the T-70 has a charge icon on both revealed pilots. Poe makes sense, he has an ability that works of charges. But what the heck is going on with Lt. Bastian? I don't see how his charge works at all, and the T70 ability doesn't seem to imply any fancy charge related abilities. It is also a regenerating charge, which is weird... What could it be possibly used for? I have 3 theories: - The document is wrong. Lt. Bastian simply doesn't have a charge mechanic, and somebody dun goofed. - The charges affect munitions (which would be weird since the forever recharging ability would make the T70 capable of carrying infinite munitions without any drawbacks... but it is not a dedicated ordnance carrier) - The charges affect the Integrated S-Foils card's other side (Unrevealed). Maybe it flips back for a charge? This would be weird too, since Poe has to choose between 2 applications for the same charge token, but I guess it makes sense. What do you think?
  10. Every ship could be melted in a single round, especially if we don't look at the upgrades. Also, the ghost can fire multiple times (in multiple directions!). The Defender cannot. My problem with the defender, is that you spend 100 points for a 3 dice attack with 1 mod. Which is not consistent with the lore of the setting or the purpose of the craft.
  11. Been building Bombers and Punishers in various configurations. My fav is now Redline with Rhymer and Jonus wingmen. I also tried a support lambda with Imp crews, but none of the lists really convinced me that I should play them. I miss weapons engineer and other generic support crew. The Unique crew of the empire is great (except Krennic ) but I feel like they should have more generic crew (and gunners) I still don't see a reason to use any cannon builds, except HLC spam against large ships.
  12. The Ghost was also on the top of the Meta, while the Defender wasn't. Not even close.
  13. I don't seem to be able to add any actions, only: Reload, rotate arc, or target lock. :/ Also, there is no way to create Configuration cards.
  14. Ryad is fun and all, but to me offensive power is just more fun than Defensive. Especially in the latter days of 1.0, when even with a focus evade and 3 green dice, you only lasted for 2 rounds of shooting. I flew her with TIE/D as well. I once put an opponent back to the same rock 3 rounds in a row. Good times.
  15. Yeah. I think Brath and Ryad are the pilots we need to take. Brath is due to his relatively low cost, Ryad, because she is bonkers still. Vessery needs a double tap.
  16. I mean. Yeah, they are. But people reacted the same way when I complained about Imps in 1.0. Also. I do admit that imps are in a nice place now. But they were in a nice place after wave 1 of 1.0 as well. The #RealRebelBias was always about how FFG handled the discrepancies, not how they got created. I understand that design is difficult, and there are some innate problems with many things. That's not the issue. The issue was subsequent erratas, which often ignored problematic rebel pieces, as well as design that frankly didn't make sense from the beginning. For example: The Punisher and the K-Wing. I talked about this many times, but on the surface, the layman can argue that on a first glance the two ships are fairly balanced, but you only need to think a little bit more that while in theory, both ships had 1 reposition action (and the Punisher had the boost, one of the best actions in the game!), but due to the ship's reliance on ordnance, it could never use the action, and didn't even have a Talent slot to compensate for this with PTL. The K-Wing on the other hand, had ways to attack without using actions (turrets) and it could chain actions with Adv. Slam. This was a very serious problem with the Punisher. Seemingly the devs just didn't think a lot about this, yet they priced the two crafts similarly. Another is the problematic upgrades and cards on the rebel side. I don't think Palpatine was more of an NPE than Miranda+Sabine, but those were never touched. I understand the problem of re-wording sabine might have been difficult, but Miranda could have been fixed with two words (Primary only). Biggs was also left to fester for years. So I am happy that the imps are better than they were, and I am also happy that the cancer was reigned it. I HOPE that it will continue like this, but I will maintain my skepticism. Also, I don't think that the rebels have it particularly bad. There are a few ships I am disappointed by, but I have a few of those in every faction. I think both the B-Wing and the ARC could use some extra stuff, but I would guess that their upgrade slots provide them with ample benefit, if not now, then a few waves later.
  17. The Defender needs increased firepower to represent what it is. You may betray our beloved Defender, and accept this facsimile we've been given, but my heart is true, and I could never do that.
  18. I mean, sure it looks fine, and I might even play it a little. But I've only ever played two games with X7. I want my doubletap. #NotMyDefender
  19. I don't want a fleet feel, I want a squadron feel... But one cannot field proper squadrons, save for epic.
  20. This is not an argument for needing a sensor slot. The point is not to have the K-wing where it was, but below, because it was cancer. Comperatively, Kaanan (pilot) is priced similarly to other force user pilots. It's not balanced for the ability, it is balanced for the Force Rating of 2... on a large ship. Kaanan (crew) basically turns any maneuver from white to blue once per turn. Even allied ships. Even the ghost. Having 12 blue moves on the Ghost dial I think is worth that much... Especially when if you don't need it, works as a free focus, and you can use it on friendlies. Kaanan is bonkers good. It was disgustingly underpriced in 1.0, but I think the price is fair. Yeah. So what? There are many bad cards in the game. They will probably drop his cost to 12-14... At least you have gunners to choose from. Yeah. Well, Wedge and Soontir shouldn't cost the same either. The rebels didn't get screwed. They just got toned down to the level of the Imps. There are many overpriced cards in the game, from all three factions. The Defender, for example, isn't worth close to a 100 points, just because it has 5 actions on its action bar.... Still can only do 1 + ship ability per turn. And it pays too much for a single 3 dice attack.
  21. No. The K-Wing has turret, crew, gunner, regen and SLAM. It has enough toys. Let the rebels taste a bit of their own medicine before you cry the ship useless. The ARC got shafted somewhat, but the K-wing wasn't mistreated. It got the rightful treatment it deserved. It has absolutely no need for a sensor slot, plus it has Sabine.
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