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  1. Frank Republic While another friendly ship defends or performs an attack, you may spend 1 (force) to modify 1 of its dice as though that ship had spent 1 (force). [+1 Force, regenerates] Tooweak Republic While another friendly ship defends or performs an attack, you may spend 1 (force) to modify 1 of its dice as though that ship had spent 1 (force). [+1 Force, regenerates] And of course, The Senate Republic While another friendly ship defends or performs an attack, you may spend 1 (force) to modify 1 of its dice as though that ship had spent 1 (force). [+1 Force, regenerates]
  2. There is an argument to be had about the necessity of even 1 death star. NEED is not a word Imperials know. We WANT huge guns. The best guns, folks. Tremendous guns.
  3. I'm not too sure about them. I need to fly them a bit more. Their price seems pretty steep, and Sis cant really use other Force abilities.
  4. I just really wish if the Ghost were cheaper and had 3 attack dice, while the Deci would have 4. Then the ghost can be a tricksy tool box, with the Deci being a fearsome tank.
  5. Jendon likes ordnance, Krennic doesn't. I just don't see any build where Krennic is "good"... He is acceptable in some situations, but he is far from the best option, even then. I guess you could do an Advanced swarm with a Unique Advanced pilot getting the prototype... But for some reason I just don't see that happening. Could be somewhat related to the fact that the ship was yet again balanced around Vader.
  6. Krennic isn't just bad when compared to his 1.0 iteration. Krennic costs the same as Lando, Chewbacca, Nien Numb, Ketsu, and costs more than: Hera, Sabine, Jyn, Chopper, Zeb, Vizago, Qira, Beckett, Unkar, 0-0-0, Boba, Cad Bane, Chewbacca (Scum), IG-88D and L3. With imperial crew carriers are still somewhat lacking, the real estate costs of a crew slot really grew. Especially now that we have worthwhile crew to use. Giving a lock action isn't really great. It removes the ability of the ship to use a native action it probably wants to use (coordinate, reinforce, jam), while taking an expensive crew slot. Then, after all this, you get the marginal benefit of spending any paint result you have to do something pretty nifty...IF - It's a different ship... Making Krennic divorced from his own effect this way significantly nerfs any lists he is in, because now you need a support craft and a combat craft... I'd love to have used beefed up combat Lambdas and Phantoms. - You have the ship locked with Krennic, making this ability IN dependent, on the carrier of all ships too.. So if you want it useful, you have to go expensive on the carriers, and Imps don't even have IN6 carriers like the other factions. - You fire from your front arc (So you really can't make a combat lambda) - You fire from your primary weapons (So no Gunboats, Bombers, Punishers, Aggressors...) So You pay 5 points in addition to a 2 ship combo, in order to get a: - Initiative dependent - Action dependent - Front arc only - Primary only way to spend results that would normally do things anyway. Also, you may or may not be able to use the Lock Krennic gave, since you need it to trigger prototype, depending on your IN values. Now, let's imagine a card. Modification: *Optimized Targeting Computer Gives Lock: When attacking a ship you have locked, you may spend 1 hit/crit/focus result. If you do, choose 1: The defender loses 1 shield or the defender flips 1 damage card This is the same as 2.0 Krennic, except all the restrictions. Now THAT's a fair card for 5 points, when compared with the other cards. It wouldn't break any ship. It could be unique even... The 2.0 Krennic just has too many drawbacks, for not that great of a benefit. When comparing with Lando, for example, it really makes you wonder... That's a more powerful effect, and it is way easier to use, for the same cost. It's not that the effect is too weak, or that I want it to give an extra shield, or any other broken stuff from 1.0... It just has way too many limitations, which is not seen in other cards in his costrange.
  7. When Palp was nerfed, I repainted my lambda to be rusty and damaged. (I wanted to practice rust effects) But I think the time has come to repaint it into a glorious light grey, with a nice windowjob, and some fancy highlighting. Might even buy a second one.
  8. I love this. I agree with pretty much everything on here. I'd love if the B-Wing was a Defender like ship, except less mobile. And the Y-wing being a truly tanky ship, like a less mobile Punisher. I am always down for a more lore friendly version of the game. Y-Wing 2/1/6/4 Focus Lock Roll Reload Reinforce Turret, Torp, Torp, Astromech, Gunner, Device, (No modification, since Rebels use a scrapped version) Dial could remain the same. Anyway. I just love this idea.
  9. I think there is more value in using locks after other actions, rather than double lock.
  10. I got most of what I wanted for Punishers, and more! I favor Redline over any other pilot currently. I like protorps and concussion missiles on him, FCS, fifth bro. I hope we get more interesting ordnance so I can get really creative with it.
  11. Eh. To me, difficulty is not inherently interesting. Pulling off difficult things for great rewards IS. To address the OP, major drawbacks (or flaws) are fine, as long as they are counterbalanced by something awesome. The extremes are more fun, in my opinion. I also like when ship mechanics make sense... What do I mean by that? For example, if you have a ship that relies on Locks heavily, it should be great at acquiring and using Locks. The way to do this right: Punisher 2.0 The way to do this horribly: Punisher 1.0 A ship should have a mechanical flavor, especially if the craft at hand is supposed to be an advanced model filled with high tech gadgets. The times when I get pissed at a ship, it usually has flaws, but very little in terms of synergy and interesting options. To me that's not interesting. Working harder for mediocre results is just boring. It wouldn't be that big of an issue if every ship was like that, but that's not the case. I'm not saying every ship should be a powerhouse, I'm really not. I just think pure efficiency (not that the Advanced is doing great on that front) is boring, and is not enough to balance drawbacks. For example, bullseye mechanics aren't really powerful, because they are tough to pull off, but they FEEL great. Also, it's STILL really hard to accept that the Advanced is designed specifically not to provide any synergy with the guy it was built for... Especially when we COULD price him as high as he needs to be.
  12. It didn't gain a gunner slot, if the slot is occupied by the "title". I don't think other gunners can top +1 dice or double tap. Also, for me it would be a problem if it got appropriately cheaper. I prefer a more expensive ship that is more powerful, as that is the primary flavor of the FO. The SF looks like a slightly better Aggressor, if anything. Has similar actions, similar stats. System and tech instead double missile and (actual) gunner slot. Front and rear instead of turret. I much preferred if it was a slightly better Defender. I understand this is preference. I hope for a vastly improved dial, but not many things surprised me, except maybe the system slot on the TAP. Some powerful Mag Pulse missiles would be nice too.
  13. Outmaneuver is the best imperial talent there is. Fact. Gunboats 'Ceptors Defenders It's a must.
  14. Both ships lost a lot of stuff, the t70 also gained a bunch. The sf only really gained an evade. I get your general positivity vibe, but please don't say the ships will be equally good or even comparable. They are really not.
  15. If the unrevealed upgrades keep to the theme of the revealed ones, we don't have too much to be excited about. For example, the four revealed system slots have 1 option that is worthwhile, and another situational. The game seems to move away from upgrade stacking as a viable strategy to make a ship great. Upgrades no longer make or break a ship.
  16. They don't have specific articles for each ship, just the basic First Order article. The information is gathered in this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WBD6vYa6cXMFsQNdbfSK1kjQdscdsQ_aLfMTbGqRsfY/edit#heading=h.d37uyv8b8rmp (but everything is from that article I believe)
  17. Poe lost unlimited regen, his ability and AT but gained free PTL, 1 per game SLAM without WD and a Configuration card (which is really good) I'm not hating on Poe, but you can't seriously say they got the same treatment.
  18. No. It's not great, because it lost all those things, and didn't get anything else. Compare it with the T70, a very similar ship in performance and cost (same era too, so they pair of naturally well). It got more stuff. Well... BD got worse. and no news on QD. It could be, but I'm not optimistic.
  19. Also... Is there any argument against this: 3/2 2 3 3 Focus Lock Evade Broll Ship ability: may fire <missile> weapons out of rear arc. SF gunner: You may roll 1 fewer dice on your primary attack from (frontarc), if you do so, you may perform a bonus primary attack from (reararc)
  20. Except when you are stressed or used Adv. Sensors.... coincidentally, two of the most interesting states of the SF. The dial is riddled with red moves (and it is likely to stay the same) which now shut down its ability, and Adv. sensors makes impossible to use the rotate arc all together. Sure, it is not as bad as the Advanced Lock requirement, but it is a massive nerf to an already medicore ability. The SF was Great in 1.0 because: Expertise FCS LWF 6 hull/shields Adv. Optics. It had fairly difficult to pull off double tap, mostly for flavor. It lost all of those, except the hull/shield ratio, and the double tap became even worse. I don't see what would make this ship great. At all.
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