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  1. As an imperial player, I have a distinct lack of bombs. I never owned Slave I, and I never bought the K-wing, Ghost or the Resistance Bomber. I have 2 Punishers and 3 Bombers, and I plan to play bombs. Now, there is pretty much no way for me to acquire these normally, since the only way now is to buy 1.0 products I never intend to play. So yeah, the rebels have access to Bombs, but that's it. I don't care, I will cut out some cardboard in the shape of the tokens. I mostly play casual matches with friends, and I can get by on events without conner nets but it is not what was advertised.
  2. I really don't get why isn't that a bigger issue.
  3. They magicked their way into winning. No skill was involved. Fly in a straight line, do some space magic, win. Now if only the deathstar would have gotten more funding earlier, the rebel base would have been destroyed. Support your local superweapon project today, so no religious extremists can take away your peace, freedom, justice and security!
  4. You could do tractor beam on the lambda, and bring debris clouds for extra stress and potential damage.
  5. Just wait until (hopefully) they make the 2.0 defender model the Elite. Even pointier!
  6. Captain... That's not regulation equipment. Report to your local administrator for evaluation.
  7. Yeah, but models are cheating. A model with character will look SOOO MUCH better. It's why I won't start legion... I'm not playing rebels, but I am also not painting a metric buttload of white stormtroopers. :shudders:
  8. God. I haven't read that thread in a few days, and I just got triggered...
  9. We disagree on hard counters (or what hard counters actually mean). I think even the most one sided game should have some wiggle room allowing mistakes. IN 6 turrets are pretty mean against arc dodgers, but they are not immune to counter play. Luke does not have that, but I digress. I don't think his cost is fair. I tend to think he is overpriced, actually, because unless you are playing against a very specific list, his value is nowhere near his cost, but against that very specific list, you can't really price it appropriately. I see the list diversity point however. I'll have to consider this.
  10. They kinda do, baby steps (incrementally introducing elements) is a great way to learn, but beginners can take a hike. Luke, one of the most iconic characters. HE shouldn't be a beginner card.
  11. What do you mean by "attacks"? If they were an action like in 1.0, they wouldbe kinda awesome. Depends on the timing. If it replaces an attack, I don't think it is worth it. If you can shoot it before moving (does the Firespray have a system slot for adv. sens?) it would be amazing
  12. Why? If seismic torps do the same thing as seismic charges, but waste an attack, why is that good? Plus, seismic charges have to be taken, just for flavor on the Firespray.
  13. We can agree on that the point adjustments are a more general tool, and in most cases it will be enough. What I don't want, is trying to fix a card that has a different problem with point adjustments. Case in point, Luke Gunner is hardly competitive, because of the huge cost, yet some people still argue that it needs to be 200 points or more, because of how it destroys high init arc dodgers. Obviously, we have a question of opinion here. I don't think that pricing cards out of playability is desirable, because: - Iconic characters (such as Luke) should be viable cards that can be used frequently. - Useless cards are not really fun for anyone
  14. Like how they reworked ADV SLAM, to work with gunboats,but not Kwings.
  15. Would be strange if I didn't, since I made them. Another one: you are not obligated to participate, yet you do. Strange, that. Especially given your previous comment. Also, I think this one is more reasonable than most, but if you don't like it we can go back a bit, so I whine about the whining about whining. (And you missed that... some of my finest work ? ) Anyway... your point being? Mods are bad, Soontirs ability is kinda meh, the advanced feels wrong and overpriced, wedge should be bullseye only,and I already accepted I was wrong about 5 xwings. I am not even alone thinking these... Oh, I remembered another consistent thing: people who disagree, but have no interest in the discussion just troll them to smithereens instead of leaving them for everyone to forget about. I'm getting mixed signals is what I'm saying. This is how Padme must have felt like. All those semi aggressive talks about democracy and sand, paired with the weird attention...
  16. Because if you do, you might have an actual discussion. The horror. Much better to engage in the thread with petty gifs and images without reading anything. Case in point: Good. I can feel your anger... Take your reaction memes. I am defenseless. Strike me down with all your hatred, and your journey towards the troll side will be complete.
  17. Errata can work around special cases, to enable certain things for a group of ships, while denying them from others. Point adjustments are across the board, applying to every ship that can take the upgrade. (obv, for upgrades only). Not sure if this is a pro or a con for either side. Point adjustments can make certain lists illegal, while errata does not necessarily do that (in the case of upgrade slots, it might) Errata is more cumbersome to play with, and messes with our nice cards.
  18. Situational. You can't make a general statement like that. Case by case. One method should not be preferred over the other. Both have downsides and benefits.
  19. Please tell me you are doing this on purpose... Go back to the op, and read it again. And then read my posts as well. This is literally what I've been saying the whole time.
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