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  1. 2 minutes ago, SOTL said:


    But as the 27-2 score proves there is no 'discussion' happening here, there is just a lecture.  A one-way monologue of opinion masquerading as facts with no information permitted to flow back the other way.


    In what universe does "discussion" mean "agreement"?

    There are opposing point of views. We talk about them. Also, nobody claims facts. This is a discussion about theory, design and preferances... not facts.

    So you kinda don't make sense.

  2. 2 minutes ago, SOTL said:


    Hmm.. Sure buddy.

    1 minute ago, GreenDragoon said:

    Eh, he still is one of the xwing-"famous" content providers whose opinion is widely recognized and respected. He has a lot of undermining to do.


    Don't you think that makes this whole ordeal a bit sadder? Like a LOT sadder?


    And you know. If I was trying to troll people, I wouldn't engage people like you in actual discussion, like we have done in this thread. I think that proves that my "trolling" is at best just a trapping, and not the actual message.

    My opinion may not be popular (it isn't), but I do genuinely believe it... That's why I am arguing for it. And the point is not to get reactions on my posts. It's not the best tactic for that.

    And I kinda can't take the criticism of making the forum a worse place seriously, when people like him, do the things they do. Continually posting here, with no substance at all. That is trolling. I'm just making a point. He is a bully. I'm an ***. And he is X-Wing famous. I'm suddenly not sure that I am literally everything that is wrong with this hobby.


    So all this kinda falls apart. I am not out for outrage, I am not out for reactions, I'm out for actual discussion, which this thread provides btw.

  3. 1 minute ago, Bad Idea Comics said:

    I never said "better" - I said "interesting" solution.  There will be a 2.0 Falcon coming out, and other ships that have gunners.  It's an option and one that hasn't been discussed.  I don't think errata for a card like Luke is a bad idea either, but having the option of a new card with the errata or even a new ability on it isn't a bad proposition for new players.  I know we already have Falcon models coming out of our ears and we're used to seeing errata, but new players may gain a lot of benefit from a new card.

    I think it was mentioned several times in the thread.

  4. 1 hour ago, Bad Idea Comics said:

    There's actually one more method for adjusting the game: FFG can actually limit or even ban cards for tournament play.  I doubt they would do this for Luke gunner, at least at first, as it can be the training wheels option for some new players (as has been discussed ad nauseum), but it could happen in the future for balancing issues.  They may then introduce a new Luke gunner for gameplay down the road.  This would be an interesting way to side-step the errata issue and still provide a permanent solution.

    How is you paying for a whole new card (coming in a no doubt pricey box, that you might not even need or want) is better than having the old card errataed by 1 word, a better solution in your mind?

    I'm honestly curious

  5. 1 hour ago, ficklegreendice said:

    the punisher is amazing, having a semi-functional K-wing wouldn't take away from that

    Deathrain can bomb, focus, 4k, and still fire barrage

    Deathrain can go so many places and get three actions

    What would a K-wing with trajectory simulator do? SLAM and not shoot? Fire it's crappy 2-die turret?

    1st edition is gone, time to move on

    Faction identity. The K has a trick the Punisher doesn't have and vice versa.


    Plus, the Punisher cannot protect it's rear when bombing, something the K can do with its turret.

    So the Punisher gets trajectory simulator, so it can actually attack when Bombing. The K doesn't have to do that, because it already can.


  6. 1 hour ago, ficklegreendice said:

    If rebs can only play synergy, they're poorly designed

    Esp since Howlrunner or Jonus outsynergy their entire roster, not even counting all the cool supports empire can add (Iden, del, any Lambda, inquistor coordinate, palp etc etc etc)

    ****, I can make better blobs in scum using Seri and a moldy crow 



    There's a good reason Xwings have servomotors, probably so they don't need to blob all the time

    They can play a lot of other things.

    The jonus list is really not that difficult to beat. They are a bunch of bricks flying in formation, without shields. Jendon also flies with the elegance of a falling cow. I really have trouble seeing why rebels couldn't outfly that list. Or snipe Jonus before they attack.

  7. 4 minutes ago, ficklegreendice said:


    A.) Ks can do something useful

    B) rebs fight swarms/jousters

    C) rebs can play something other than blobs 

    K-s can get away after bombing like no one else and they still have infinite regen miranda, and Sabine.

    Rebs have great jousters themselves, and swarms can be outflown by stuff. Even by X-wings.

    I don't see how trajectory simulator would make anything less blob-y


    Not every faction can do everything. Maybe rebels had their stuff removed on purpose?


    I mean, Imps now have the best bombers, rebels still have more turrets and fire arcs than anyone else.

    HWK, Y-Wing, Falcon, Ghost, K-wing, Shuttle 2, Autzituck, Outrider

    Compared to the Aggressor, Lambda and Deci on the imps.


    Besides, if large bases get a cost reduction (likely), the Falcon and Outrider will be ample counters to swarms. Kiting and moving away, outflying them and using obstacles to beat the swarm players.



    Let the punisher be great. Let it be something that they can do best. Is that too much to ask?

  8. 2 hours ago, ficklegreendice said:

    You don't need turrets to dodge swarms, you'll just want boost and good asteroid placement

    This basically leaves the Xwing and HWK

    E would qualify if it weren't hilariously overcosted (mother loving KNAVE costs almost as much as LUKE)

    A has it but has a piddly primary. Still, worth considering

    K has SLAM and...jack **** else. Need trajectories 


    Only other pilot I know of is Sabine. Ion shuttle could be very decent with its mobility, action cheating (linked evade), and coverage with turret 

    Yup. X-Wings.


    People keep saying that S-foils closed is bad, but it isn't. You have to use it. 2 red dice against 2 green still favors you, plus you have superior mobility and more favorable distribution of hull/shields.

    A-wings can do missile attacks as well. (and the dice still rolls in their favor even with their primary)


    Don't joust bombers.

  9. 35 minutes ago, HealOverTime said:

    I see Scum as becoming the "jack of all trades, master of none" faction. I've heard it argued that the faction focus will be on flexibility over efficiency.

    Another thing to remember is that Scum will likely never ever get generic (or even low priced unique) force users as many other factions do or will.

    Difficult to see. Always in motion, the future is.


    You never know when there will be a new force user in canon with scum affiliations. I wouldn't have guessed a Mandalorian for Rebels either, but there ya go. 2 of them are in the game now.

  10. 9 hours ago, -Istaril said:

    IF this luke proves to be a points-unbalancable problem, then I favour pricing him out of competitive play and printing other Lukes and/or other cards that fulfil the game design function he was intended to.


    That is your right and preference.

    In my eyes, that is not a solution. I explained why.

  11. I once played a Deci-Punisher list against a Scurrg-Slave I list


    Both of the lists were extremely casual, as sort of a break from practicing for a tournament.


    What followed was the most intense 2 hours of dogfighting ever... Beautiful play where flying mattered a LOT. It felt good, because at the time, I played PS11 Imp alpha, while my partner played some cancer with Dengar or sth.

    Whenever I won with my harpoon strike, I felt dirty. The game wasn't fun. And whenever I lost, I felt like I couldn't compete with the efficiency of some lists (khm, JUmpmaster)


    So yeah. Best game I played, it was with a Punisher.

  12. On 8/28/2018 at 10:11 PM, Jeff Wilder said:

    I reject the premise.

    First, I think it's highly unlikely an effect can be overpowered no matter the cost.  It simply doesn't make sense.  If Luke is OP at 30 points, but not worth playing at 45 points, there will be a point cost between 30 and 45 points at which Luke is cost-effective.

    Second, even in the event it happens (e.g., 1.0 pre-nerf cloak), FFG has not precluded errata.  All FFG has done is make balance more easily (and more quickly) adjustable without issuing errata.

    Depends on what makes something overpowered.

    The problem with this, is to find Balance between the strength of the card, and the cost, and sometimes that is not possible, due strength depending on multiple factors, such as list composition on both sides.

    Luke Gunner is overpriced against certain lists, because the benefits it provides are fairly limited in certain matchups. 1 free action (either through the Force or the ability) is not overbearingly powerful, and should cost around 20 points. (Agile Gunner + Force, both priced around 20 points). Luke is still better than AG, but AG is slightly overpriced.

    However, that is not all that Luke does. Much like the old X7, aside from the normal benefit (free action in the engagement phase), it also provides unfair advantages...

    Namely, it is not an action, thus immune to stress, blocking and obstacles.


    The official argument for this, is that the Force makes the impossible possible, which would be fine, but Luke Gunner is the only Force card that ignores normal restrictions. (Vader still can't do actions while stressed, Kaanan requires the ships to fully execute maneuvers, etc.) There is nothing the opponent can do, from preventing Luke rotating the arc. So the Force, in most cases, still does not let you do the impossible. Except if you are Luke Skywalker.

    Now, FFG says this is intentional, and with the price tag of Luke, I can see that. It isn't really a competitive card, because the unfair advantages don't matter against most lists. Generic swarms really don't care if you turn your arc on them, while high IN arc dodgers REALLY care about it. I don't think this is good design, because:

    A, Competitive players (I imagine) would still like to play Luke (he is Luke afterall), and his current pricing makes that difficult.

    B, In the rare cases where Luke is useful, he is too good, and provides an unfair advantage. In this case, the price might be justified, but maybe even too low.


    So really, the problem is not that the mechanic is badly priced, the problem is that the mechanic cannot priced well. It's either too cheap, or too expensive.


    Now, if you think the problem will be "solved" by increasing Luke's price, so nobody will play him, sure... There is no reason to use errata.

    But I think Luke Skywalker, one of the most iconic characters in the franchise, shouldn't be a card that promotes unhealthy mechanics, and nobody ever plays it anyway because of the "solution" of increasing prices. That is not solving the problem, that is creating a new one.


    Not to even mention what is the likely outcome of that: Reincarnation of bad mechanics in the form of Powercreep, possibly in different factions and cards, only to sell new boxes, leaving the old card forever forgotten. /RIP Lt. Lorrir/

    Which might be fine in the case of a random guy in a 'ceptor, (its not) but it is definitely not fine with Luke.


  13. 10 hours ago, ficklegreendice said:

    We gotta petition ffg for trajectory simulator Kwings ?

    Why is that when there is a mechanic that is unavailable to the Imps, and if people ask for it it's just whining, but god forbid the rebels don't have access to everything.

    It's fine that rebels aren't the best bombers anymore... K-Wings have their special thing with Slam, and both of their bombers have turrets, and they still have sabine, who is really cool.

    The rebels need trajectory sim, like the imps need regen on their fighters.


    It's not even their flavor to have really great bombers, and the bombers they have do the flavor well. Bombing and slamming away. Classic rebel style.


    The K-Wing (and all turret carriers) just need better turrets. Once we get a worthwile turret for damage, it will be all cool.


  14. Also, it's not the chassis of the Scum Falcon where it gets the power... But they have cool abilities, and a nice title.


    Plus, large base boost can cover similar distances as medium base slam, but you can still attack.


  15. 6 hours ago, Pewpewpew BOOM said:

    I love X-Wing and am a supporter of FFG, but it is uncanny how frequently these articles have fundemental mistakes. I recall when SLAM first entered the game. It was showcased in an article telling you how cool it was to use it in conjunction with bombing...only they broke the rules in the article.  Do they write these articles before development is wrapped?

    When the K-wing appeared, that was legal.

  16. 4 hours ago, Darth Meanie said:

    Yeah, I want this ship back.  I joined these boards mostly to figure out why I couldn't seem to make this ship work in 1.0, only to discover it was Fel or nothing.

    Getting the "meh" feedback on the 2.0 version of this ship is one reason I wouldn't bother going Imperial.  I've been living on TAPs and Silencers since the Squint was always not so hot.

    Seeing it down to 4 pilots in 2.0 is a bummer, too.

    I hope that we only got 4 pilots, because the Squints are likely to be one of the earlier expansions for Imps.


    I'm hoping for a 'Ceptor Defender double whammy for wave 2 imps. Both ships have ample presence in rebels, so I suspect we will get pilots from the show, as well as maybe Cienna Ree for the interceptor.


    Imps also lack an IN6 pilot. #FingersCrossed for Vult Skerris, IN6 Defender Elite pilot.

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