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  1. In what universe does "discussion" mean "agreement"? There are opposing point of views. We talk about them. Also, nobody claims facts. This is a discussion about theory, design and preferances... not facts. So you kinda don't make sense.
  2. Hmm.. Sure buddy. Don't you think that makes this whole ordeal a bit sadder? Like a LOT sadder? And you know. If I was trying to troll people, I wouldn't engage people like you in actual discussion, like we have done in this thread. I think that proves that my "trolling" is at best just a trapping, and not the actual message. My opinion may not be popular (it isn't), but I do genuinely believe it... That's why I am arguing for it. And the point is not to get reactions on my posts. It's not the best tactic for that. And I kinda can't take the criticism of making the forum a worse place seriously, when people like him, do the things they do. Continually posting here, with no substance at all. That is trolling. I'm just making a point. He is a bully. I'm an ***. And he is X-Wing famous. I'm suddenly not sure that I am literally everything that is wrong with this hobby. So all this kinda falls apart. I am not out for outrage, I am not out for reactions, I'm out for actual discussion, which this thread provides btw.
  3. I think it was mentioned several times in the thread.
  4. How is you paying for a whole new card (coming in a no doubt pricey box, that you might not even need or want) is better than having the old card errataed by 1 word, a better solution in your mind? I'm honestly curious
  5. You mean the game is called X-wing and the faction that has them is kinda built around them? Exactly like in the movies? Wow
  6. I mean, even if the Quadjumper wasn't a dirty dirty scum ship... How can you not choose the Bomber? It's amazing! (I will use this GIF every chance I get)
  7. Commander Kaine

    Rebel Nym

    Faction identity. The K has a trick the Punisher doesn't have and vice versa. Plus, the Punisher cannot protect it's rear when bombing, something the K can do with its turret. So the Punisher gets trajectory simulator, so it can actually attack when Bombing. The K doesn't have to do that, because it already can.
  8. They can play a lot of other things. The jonus list is really not that difficult to beat. They are a bunch of bricks flying in formation, without shields. Jendon also flies with the elegance of a falling cow. I really have trouble seeing why rebels couldn't outfly that list. Or snipe Jonus before they attack.
  9. Commander Kaine

    Rebel Nym

    K-s can get away after bombing like no one else and they still have infinite regen miranda, and Sabine. Rebs have great jousters themselves, and swarms can be outflown by stuff. Even by X-wings. I don't see how trajectory simulator would make anything less blob-y Not every faction can do everything. Maybe rebels had their stuff removed on purpose? I mean, Imps now have the best bombers, rebels still have more turrets and fire arcs than anyone else. HWK, Y-Wing, Falcon, Ghost, K-wing, Shuttle 2, Autzituck, Outrider Compared to the Aggressor, Lambda and Deci on the imps. Besides, if large bases get a cost reduction (likely), the Falcon and Outrider will be ample counters to swarms. Kiting and moving away, outflying them and using obstacles to beat the swarm players. Let the punisher be great. Let it be something that they can do best. Is that too much to ask?
  10. Commander Kaine

    Rebel Nym

  11. Just a Hilariously expensive IN6 Poe in a Z95 PTL on a Z... Wow. Also, this is very much against the "flavor" of the Resistance. We were told they would be the super mega elite fighters.
  12. Yup. X-Wings. People keep saying that S-foils closed is bad, but it isn't. You have to use it. 2 red dice against 2 green still favors you, plus you have superior mobility and more favorable distribution of hull/shields. A-wings can do missile attacks as well. (and the dice still rolls in their favor even with their primary) Don't joust bombers.
  13. Difficult to see. Always in motion, the future is. You never know when there will be a new force user in canon with scum affiliations. I wouldn't have guessed a Mandalorian for Rebels either, but there ya go. 2 of them are in the game now.
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