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  1. QUICK UPDATE. Been playing Villains for the last games we've had, and have been crushing it. 5-0 kind. Thanks for all your feedback guys. I totally get that heroes are more strategy than just attack attack like the villains. My complain that maybe I didn't express correctly was that it kinda sucks not been able to use the characters I like (like Han) because their synergies or abilities are not so "competitive". Thank you for all your support!
  2. Thank you for your advice @Mace Windu!! I'm in a city in Mx, so yeah there really isn't anymore players around, but we are working on that, making some videos in Youtube and we'll start doing some gatherings to show the game to more people. SW Destiny isn't sold here so that doesn't help much either. Anyway thank you again for the kind words!
  3. Hello guys! Just wanted to rant a little bit and see if there's more people who feel kinda the same way around here. I love Destiny, its a great fun game and the Star Wars Theme just makes it awesome BUT for a "light side" player as me it haven't been much fun lately. A little background, in my city we're literally two fellows (including me) who play and know this game, and my friend is more into the villains. So balance in that aspect. But after playing for sometime I can't shake the feeling that heroes characters are way overpriced for their abilities (like Obi Wan Legacies) and doesn't have much on the offense side. Yesterday we played a eHan/ePoe vs eBoba/ePhasma and we ended up 2-1 on the Villains winning. The third and last match I had Poe and Han vs just Phasma, and in a couple of rounds the Phasma took out them both, because she has three natural damage sides (including the special, just like Boba) against Han for example that has only one natural damage side (the other one cost) and Poe only 2 damage sides. To be fair Poe was wounded, but after Poe was defeated Han was just floating in the water. The same thing has happened for me with Obi Legacies, he's way priced for only one natural damage side, and if you want to make him eObi the characters to pair him with just reduces dramatically. I love this game, I really do but man it's tough to be a good guy handler lately, and worst some of my favorite characters are just really difficult to play with. Anyway just needed to vent. Thanks for reading guys! Have a good one!
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