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  1. Enjoyed the movie greatly! Was it perfect, no. Haven't seen a perfect film in any series along time. That aside it was exciting, provocative, and dramatic! Droids, aliens, laser swords 🧐 and starships! I was seven again and escaped to a world I forget about from time to time. It was credits well spent and I will go see it again. SPOLIER: I hope to see an Billy D LAndo movie! It would be awesome!
  2. A generic Jedi/Commander/Operative would be ideal. Nothing game changing, appropriate stats , basic point cost with three slots for cards open maybe.
  3. Some of you moof-milkers are sad. Many companies can hardly put out a handful of models a year let alone a month not to mention side support items like terrain and paint-sets. Its gimme, gimme, gimme yesterday! Be thankful FFG can handle all its products the way it does.
  4. Cool but blaster cannons and launchers would seem way more practical. That is unless you want to give Chewie such a pinch!
  5. I havnt had the model in a game yet but as far as being an iconic unit and some neat upgrades I suggest getting one or two.
  6. My standpoint is I have another movie, will I agree with it 100% (who knows). There have been others I have not seen eye-to-eye with how they were made. The main thing is I have another movie, a NEW Star Wars movie. When I go into the theater and sit down I'm going to be , for a couple hours, that guy who can feel the alien worlds, the pitch and roll of ships dodging blasts, the triumph of defeating an evil Empire, and the tingling of the force in my fingertips. I hope everyone finds something they will take home with them and make it theirs. If its going back to being a kid once more, obtaining that inspiration to paint those models, or enter a larger world for the first time and say "Chewie, were home." May the Force be with You.
  7. I like the look of the trooper for the movie, the models would look sharp on the table. I'm having trouble seeing enough difference outside of gear options and character units to have them stand enough out from the current Empire troops. (Let the beatings begin)
  8. Im betting on a big "yes". With Pathfinders, Commandos and Scouts out there I see no reason why this era shouldn't have them. The army will need some unique units to stay interesting; commandos, Jedi, Gungans.
  9. Mace should be out there as a commander, Anakin and Yoda if nobody else! Maul and Jango should be an agents of sort. Wookie commandos, Gungans!, ARC troops, Separatist Saboteurs/ Commandos. Small tanks and fighters are ideal but go too big and your looking at a new format to the game...going from battles to wars!
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