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  1. Was sorry to hear Peter MAyhew passed today. Chewie was awesome.
  2. Like what you want. Wear it like armor, just dont bang it like a gong.
  3. Might work. Just limit him to being a pilot and not a commander like you said. Give his rear gunner some bonus stats maybe.
  4. Shame they are going for so much but if people want it bad enough they will pay for it and that's ok. I almost had one though! Friend at work was going to the convention with her hubby and couldn't make eit at the last minute. Maybe there will be some at Gen-Con that wont be too outrageous.
  5. The trailer was awesome! I cant wait for the movie. People need to release their hatred and frustration and enjoy having Star Wars flow around us.
  6. Nice! These will go well with my Tatoonie themed troopers! Well done FFG!
  7. I wasnt pleased with the Rebels getting a "jump pack" character so soon after the release of Boba, I was fearing a *** for tat,or, need to balance releases. I do like the model and think shes a neat addition though. As far as Rebels being added, why not? Clone Wars and Rebels have helped propel and maintain the series. Just like Marvel Comics and Starlog Magazine did when the original movies came out. Heck, I wouldn't mind a miniature of The Hunter from the comics.
  8. So proud of this group. Not one joke about Leia riding Jabba. (My bad deed for the month)
  9. Depends.. Gamer: a few of each. General: A Legion. A FFG shareholder: ALL OF THEM!
  10. Its whats on the inside that counts.
  11. Really liking the models. I can see them being used in a Hoth themed army or with alternate paint jobs to suit other climates. Thats the key cadets, have fun and enjoy the game. Good work FFG.
  12. No. I get it ,but I can see the models being deployed as special condition troops.
  13. A high salt diet would be a danger for sure. The reference was for something to go off of. In the end we cant have deep sea troopers for those people who want to fight Mon Calamari on the floor of an ocean. I would say in the end, if they dont suit someones fancy, dont use them. Maybe proxy some other models.
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