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    Old Sarge reacted to Schanez in Finding friends for the Rebel YT1300   
    Been flying this recently...
    Leia Organa: Kanan Jarrus, Nien Nunb, Millenium Falcon Braylen Stram Ten Numb: B-Foils Each vessel can double mod itself without much effort. Leia works wonders with Braylen, really opening up his Dial, when he is stressed. Which was one of my main griefs about him. It is Hyperspace legal of course. But after a few games on Fly Casual and just on the table, I have a few changes in mind.
    Yeet Nien Nunb out. He is not needed there. Yeet Millenium Falcon out. If they go after Leia, they are stupid. B-Wings will absolutely murder them. With 9 points spare, I am torn between Engine Upgrade and Agile Gunner. I found myself wanting to Rotate Arc a lot, but also Boosting a few times. I will go for Agile Gunner, because this version of Leia can get quality time with Kanan to let go of some built up Stress.
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    Old Sarge reacted to theBitterFig in Jengo vs R4   
    Let's investigate.  I was already doing the math because I was curious:
    Attack 4 Red: Focused = 3.0, Unfocused = 2.0, vs Jango = 2.3164.  69% of the focus lost 3 Red: Focused = 2.25, Unfocused = 1.5, vs Jango = 1.671875.  77% of focus lost Being down a bit more than half a hit is probably more than a single reroll would add to Boba's defense 2 Red: Focused = 1.5, Unfocused = 1.0, vs Jango = 1.0625.  88% of focus lost Roughly the defense of a no-tokens 2-red ship with Heroic Defense 3 Greens: Focused = 1.875, Unfocused = 1.125, vs Jango = 1.296875.  77% of the focus lost You're down about half-an-evade.  Half a damage is about what a single reroll adds to Boba's attack 2 Greens: Focused = 1.25, Unfocused = 0.75, vs Jango = 0.8125.  88% of the focus lost Roughly the defense of a no-tokens 2-green ship with Heroic 1 Greens: Focused = 0.625, Unfocused = 0.375, vs Jango = 0.375.  100% of the focus lost LOL spending focus on 1 green die... I don't know if I'd call that a slight reduction in focus.  It's nearly the whole action.  Take a Lock to damage Jango, and you've denied yourself focus mods for defense--essentially giving Jango's ability on offense to the entire enemy squad.  If it's 1-on-1, it's not too bad, but you've stripped the mods against any other ships that might attack you.
    It'll be really hard to compare directly to Boba without getting into joint distributions, but when Jango is active, it's pretty impactful, and probably fairly close to Boba.  Heroic is an easy compare for 2-dice scenarios, and Jango is a hair worse on offense but a hair better on defense.
    It's not that there's nothing you can do.  There is counter play.  It just looks like it'll be annoying and unfun and dumb counterplay.
    I just don't know that the "low damage" aspect really holds up.  Jango basically gets to attack no-mods ships.  Focus is mostly gone, and if you've gotten folks to take Locks instead, they have no mods on defense.  That's going to add up.
    This too.  Init 6 Firespray with no text is probably going to suck anyhow, and I'm honestly surprised to see folks who usually call for ace nerfs go to bat for Jango.
    Like Ensnare Sun Fac, he's not an anti-ace ship.  He's an ace who's good against other aces, but still great against non-ace stuff.  To be sure, he won't be as broken as Ensnare Sun Fac.  However like them, Jango isn't the solution to a problem, but an extension of it.
    Heck, he might easily be more disruptive against non-force pilots than against force ones.  A force pilot can take a lock against Jango without giving up their defenses against the rest of the squad, and Lock+Force is going to lose very little on offense (folks should probably be rerolling their eye results more often anyhow).  This supposedly Anti-Jedi fighter probably won't even be great against Jedi, but just hose generics.

    I don't really see that as a defense of Jango, but the condemnation.  Switching a whole squad away from Focus is something that I don't want a pilot to be able to do (and if you just don't focus, you've basically just turned on his ability for everyone else!).  It's just not fun.  I'd much rather have to try to range control and keep my distance, being able to employ any of my actions and moves to accomplish that.
    It's less that he's necessarily too strong (although the math on an Active Jango is pretty good), but more that he just cheeses me off.  I can't imagine ever enjoying a game against Jango Fett.
    Just look at the approach for a second.  Active Jango at Range 3--before an opponent is close enough to get locks--is going to be a TANK.  So early game can pretty much only just be dawdle in with blues.  The option to rush forward with a 4 or 5 straight as a surprise quick move vs a slow approach is gone.  I think that'll just be deathly dull. 
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    Old Sarge reacted to Flurpy in My thoughts on the points update.   
    To argue in favor of the community, there are definitely two types of people which get a reaction from the "hardcore" part of the community. 
    Personally I have never seen a negative reaction to a new player coming in with questions and personal thoughts and opinions. Those generally are welcomed with enthusiasm. 
    On the other hand there is definitely a type of person that gets an negative response from the community, either justified or unjustified depending on how you look at it. 
    The people who get a negative reaction from the community are the ones who conflate their opinions with statements or present their opinions as being "correct" while not really backing those opinions up with much, either in the way of tournament results or analytical data. 
    The best example I can give is I remember a guy that was dead set on convincing people Pattern Analyzer was good on a Resistance A Wing while maintaining a superior tone of discourse about it and disregarding any and all arguments against him. 
    Now I am not saying OP is one of those people but every time a thread like this pops up it kinda always devolves into a similar argument, so I just wanted to point out that it's not really fair to point the blame on the reaction of the community while not acknowledging the differences that provoke that response. 
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    Old Sarge reacted to Dasharr in My thoughts on the points update.   
    Tone is a matter of interpretation to a certain extent, but those quotes from the OP are definitely rants.
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    Old Sarge reacted to Dasharr in My thoughts on the points update.   
    In fairness the OP's opinions weren't just "offbeat", they had hyperbolic all-caps-boldface-shouting ranting so it was sort of asking for a blunt response in return.
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    Old Sarge reacted to Stay OT Leader in My thoughts on the points update.   
    Wow that wall of text is so badly wrong in almost everything it says.
    Im sorry you wasted all that time.
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    Old Sarge reacted to DR4CO in My thoughts on the points update.   
    I am once again very glad that the average forum goer has no actual input in the points updates, because there's so much madness being suggested here I honestly don't even know where to start...
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    Old Sarge reacted to theBitterFig in InFlight Report News! New Ships!   
    I mean, it's possible Jango will just be this:

  9. Haha
    Old Sarge reacted to Hawkstrike in InFlight Report News! New Ships!   
    Man, this fall will be expensive.
    Needs more Separatist & Scum ships, because those are the two factions I don't buy!
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    Old Sarge reacted to Schanez in Falcon plus 2 x wing   
    Leia Organa + K-2S0, Luke Skywalker, Thane Kyrell + R4 Astromech. Hyperspace legal, all I5, able to double mod each attack.
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    Old Sarge reacted to alien earth in NEW POINTS! FFG Article: Adjusted Squad Specs   
    i'm bit scared of the continuos downing in points. Every 6 months few (or lots) ships goes down. The average ship count rises and the average game turns go down.... it's rare finish a game in time.
    edit: still no Tail Gun on Kallus VCX?
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    Old Sarge reacted to theBitterFig in NEW POINTS! FFG Article: Adjusted Squad Specs   
    Only problem is it isn't 4 Silencers.
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    Old Sarge reacted to Roller of blanks in Confirmed Future Expansions   
    Super pumped for this.
    A wings are my favorite 
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    Old Sarge reacted to theBitterFig in How Can We Get The Shuttles Docked?   
    How about we allow a ship to make a bonus turret attack at the end of the turn?

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    Old Sarge reacted to GreenDragoon in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Here's a hot take on the upcoming points upgrade:
    Remember how the Summer before 2.0 had no relevance at all anymore? From May to September 2018, there were basically no events. That is important because the continuity, the habit of playing X-Wing was broken for many people. Then the new edition launch. The combination of a broken habit and a big event is often the spark that lights some change.
    This next week will be similar. For up to 5 months, people did not get to play the game in person. Only some few online events, but we all know it is simply not the same. On top of that, the base tension in many parts of the world but especially the generally more vocal US is very high. And now we get new points.
    If the new points have changes as big as they should be without Covid then I expect a lot more frustration than we're used to, and quite a few people throwing the towel on X-wing.
    As consequence, those remaining should add an extra level of empathy to keep the (local) communities together.
    Instead of "Are you crazy, Vader was broken and Boba just abusive!" maybe "I know it sucks to change lists, but maybe try this?"
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    Old Sarge reacted to dezzmont in Another of my Illicit slot ideas (And a discussion of the Illicit slot in general)   
    A general 'slot swap' isn't going to really work, because ships are designed in part for their slots. While some slots are traditionally low value (and their contents need a real rebalancing), astromechs are NOT one of them. While many ships don't have one, the ability to have one has dramatic ramifications on ship design. Illicit is a throw away bonus that mostly gives access to unique toys that can have powerful ramifications on how a ship flies (like contraband cybernetics) but which are never straight upgrades like Astromechs are.
    You either would need to limit this in such a way that makes it not really an astromech slot in a standard sense, or associate a huge downside with it (like with what Angled Deflectors did). I could see this being interesting with some other upgrades (Say... Turrets or munitions, with an upside and downside for a 'pop out' weapon for weird attacks rather than  secondary attack mode), it doesn't seem interesting with an Astromech.
    Also? Thematically this isn't illicit. Its a modification. Not that this should be a modification either mind, it is just that there isn't anything really more contraband-y about having an astromech on your ship than upgrading your engines or shields. Most of the contraband items are illegal  and/or taboo (Contraband Cybernetics), dangerous and not something any sane millitary would make standard issue (Dead Man's Switch),  or are on the ship for an illegal purpose unrelated to space combat which are misused to help the fight (Rigged Cargo Chutes to dump smuggled goods). Astromechs are pretty legit things and modifying a ship to utilize one wouldn't be that weird if it were doable.
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    Old Sarge reacted to QQMoore in Another of my Illicit slot ideas (And a discussion of the Illicit slot in general)   
    I appreciate you sharing this concept, and so this seems like a good time to talk about game design.
    Looks innocent, doesn't it? Consider:
    When a designer designs an astromech card, now they need to be aware that any illicit-slots small ship could take it. When a designer designs an new ship with an illicit slot, now they need to be aware that it could take any existing or future astromech. Maybe you think this doesn't seem too dangerous. In practice, these kinds of designs are what open games up to power creep, because they complicate balancing and have open-ended interactions with future cards. I suspect this is why in 2nd Edition slots are assigned on the PDF, so developers can remove and add them at will for balance. The only 2.0 cards that adjust slots are titles and configs, which by definition are restricted to specific ships (and in the case of titles, only one per squad). That type of constraint keeps the design space much more manageable.
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    Old Sarge reacted to wurms in Loaded Guri looking for friends   
    Ive flown a lot of boba guri and its really good.
    Guri (64)
    Outmaneuver (6)
    Advanced Sensors (10)
    Afterburners (6)
    Boba Fett (85)
    Crack Shot (1)
    Maul (12)
    Seismic Charges (3)
    Contraband Cybernetics (2)
    Slave I (1)
    Total: 190
    Two i5 ships that can change direction before moving. Ive beat Guri Fenn losing the bid, and beat a sinker swarm and some other lists. This plays different than Guri fenn lists, where fenns only role is basically kill the ship that threatens guri, or kill enough ships to let guri endgame the rest. Here, its a true friendship and both just do their thing. No real sacrificial lamb.
    Another recent popular friend with guri is dengar. He fills the same role as fenn, just eliminate a ship or two early and anything else is gravy. Take those 4-5 ship rebel lists down to 3 ships and have a full health guri with 30 minutes left in game and its autowin.
    Guri (64)
    Outmaneuver (6)
    Advanced Sensors (10)
    Afterburners (6)
    Virago (8)
    Shield Upgrade (8)
    Dengar (53)
    Marksmanship (1)
    Proton Torpedoes (13)
    Autoblasters (3)
    L3-37 (4)
    Han Solo (10)
    Contraband Cybernetics (2)
    Hull Upgrade (5)
    Total: 193
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    Old Sarge reacted to svelok in Unpopular Point(s) of View   
    I don't want juke to be good.
    I also don't want per pilot or per ship points, for three reasons.
    One, because upgrades being better or worse on some platforms is the point of listbuilding - not a flaw to optimize away. The variation in efficacy is what creates the opportunity to make better or worse lists. I don't want the game to be won or lost in listbuilding, but a degree of advantage or disadvantage keeps things fresher.
    Two, because upgrades are... sort of actively unhealthy for the game. This one is a large box to unpack but generally the more upgrades in lists the less fun the game is, and the fewer upgrades in lists, the more fun the game is. A happy middle is good (fewer upgrades than extended or boba 2 ship, more upgrades than all naked generics) but if you're dramatically increasing the blanket viability of upgrades, it's going to get miserable fast. We killed off 1.0 to escape this. Comparatively speaking, making all upgrades free and upcosting pilots accordingly, would produce an agonizingly terrible game.
    Three, think about what that implies for game balance. There's what, like 70 something ships in the game? Many times that, pilots? So you're increasing the developers workload by that many times each balance update. And adding 70+ times as many combos for playtesters to have to try to identify, 70+ times as many opportunities to miss some major imbalance and get something catastrophically wrong. And the end result probably won't even be worth it, as most of those upgrades aren't taken because they're bad on those ships, so even in making them cheaper the estimated game impact is going to be relatively minimal on an individual basis and lesser used pilots are probably going to end up even less used because the number of clearly superior pilots will skyrocket alongside the degree to which they're superior. Basically you'll get remember the good times points and Whisper will ruin everything somehow.
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    Old Sarge reacted to theBitterFig in [Blog] How to Fix an E-Wing.   
    IMHO, the most absurd uses of literally are the funniest, and thus best.
    It's like how I can't decide whether good puns or bad puns are better, then I remember there are no bad puns.
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    Old Sarge got a reaction from Rmcarrier1 in New Animated Series: The Bad Batch   
    I also found Clone Wars to be bad.  I was miserably powering through it until I found a guide that recommended skipping certain episodes.  Then it became quite tolerable.  The final arc was absolutely incredible.
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    Old Sarge got a reaction from Cpt ObVus in New Animated Series: The Bad Batch   
    I also found Clone Wars to be bad.  I was miserably powering through it until I found a guide that recommended skipping certain episodes.  Then it became quite tolerable.  The final arc was absolutely incredible.
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    Old Sarge reacted to theBitterFig in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Two Fearless Skulls, plus Kath loaded to the gills.  The goal is to do Range 1 rather than Range 0, but Fangs usually wind up bumping in the scrum anyhow.  Alternately, Maul Kath + 2 Zealous Recruits + a Spacer has 9 points for choice of cannon and extra upgrades on Kath.  I feel like the best Kath strategy is to just run good ships with her, and treat her ability almost as a perk.
    Also, even a generic Firespray with Maul is solid.  It's just an extra big RZ-2.

    One of those plus a Jumpmaster (Dengar or Nom Nom), filled out with basically any combination of I1 Scyks and Fangs.  Maul Bounty + 2 Recruit + Nom fits (tight on upgrades tho).  Seems like it'd be a nice little squad.
    Heck, there's even a Maul bounty + Dengar + Fenn list that fits...
    p.s. @Boom Owl said "More GIFs" last page, and I'm not seeing more gifs, people.
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    Old Sarge reacted to Boom Owl in X-Wing Vassal module 8.9.2 (small base fix, 2 maps)   
    Thanks for all the effort you put into this. We appreciate it. 
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    Old Sarge reacted to Mu0n729 in X-Wing Vassal module 8.9.2 (small base fix, 2 maps)   
    Here are the changes: https://xwvassal.wordpress.com/2020/07/04/x-wing-vassal-module-8-9-2-small-base-fix-2-maps/   You may also have noticed a new Vassal client version, 3.3.1 (from 3.2.17). I haven't tested it extensively but so far so good.  
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