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  1. Looks like it has some tools. Give it a go and post your results!
  2. I also found Clone Wars to be bad. I was miserably powering through it until I found a guide that recommended skipping certain episodes. Then it became quite tolerable. The final arc was absolutely incredible.
  3. I’m excited to try it out. I expect the calculus of what is good is different in a lower ship count, 120 point meta.
  4. Vassal all the way. You can show up and find a game pretty much anytime.
  5. In this case it sounds like your idea would be a net positive for all parties. The store owner makes a sale, moving inventory he’s been stuck with for ages. You make a buck yourself. Whoever buys the gunboats from you is happy to acquire a hard to find item he didn’t have before. Plus, by adding some gunboats to the market you are adding supply and, in theory, fractionally reducing the price of other gunboats. In the other hand, I feel like the devil on your shoulder telling you to do something you feel is wrong, so probably best to disregard!
  6. Old Sarge


    Has anyone tried vonreg with regen?
  7. Of course you did! Congratulations!
  8. I think I mostly agree, but point changes can fix a whole lot of meta issues. Taking the points up up up fixes problems caused by a lot of broken stuff. 7B Anakin is a type of ship you are complaining about (initiative 6, double reposition, double offensive mods, regen, still has mods after a bump) and it’s meta presence significantly decreased after the last points adjustment. As another example, people have largely abandoned supernatural reflexes on high initiative ships due to points. The issue, as has been discussed, is that it is good for a Star Wars game for the popular characters to be commonly played. Hence the suggestion to make those pilots less good - where they are sufficiently weak to be priced for common use. After several years following X-Wing forums, there is a near-constant anxiety about the direction of the game. This is, I suppose, the price we pay to enjoy the benefits of a living game. Changes keep it fresh, but changes also threaten to kill that which we enjoy.
  9. Just wanted to say this is a great thread. Thanks, Bio!
  10. Darth: I appreciate the sense of humor you bring to the forums. Your interest in casual play, resonates with lots of readers.
  11. Darth: You complained nonstop for months about the creation of Second Edition and everything wrong with it even though you had never played the game. Now you are complaining about tournament prize support but you don’t go to tournaments...
  12. Hard disagree here. But, since Paul is rightfully considered to be one of the most respected voices in X-Wing and always has a reasonable take, I think it’s ok to just disagree on this little thing.
  13. Great question. 1.0 suffered from power creep such that a number of ships could no longer be competitively viable. For instance, the number of ships that could defend with 3 green dice, focus and evade, and other mods meant that 2-die ships (or a 1-die ship-remember that one?) would literally never do damage. Also, FFG has had the benefit of a couple rounds of points revisions already. I read that almost every ship in the game appeared in the cut. The difference between the strongest builds and the average builds is narrow enough for people to succeed with different things.
  14. Terrible take by the OP. Just awful.
  15. Yeah. I wonder where all our biggest posters are tonight. Where are they? It’s like the X-Wing community as a whole is distracted right now!
  16. I discovered X-Wing online in a fall day a few years ago. So I did what any self respecting dad would have done: I bought a starter set and “gave it to my sons” for Christmas. One son played a bit and lost interest. The other begs me to take him to every tournament within 500 miles. My experience is different from Vontoothskie’s. My son will sit with the list builder app for hours if I let him.
  17. My 12 yr old won a 10-person tournament... #dadbrag
  18. Not saying it’s the best or anything, but if you’re looking for a cheaper (for a StarFortress at least) gunship build, you could try Cobalt Sq Bomber 56 Chewbacca 5 Finn 10 Passive sensors 3 Total: 74 Use passive sensors to lock your target. Finn adds a die and Chewbacca gives a crit mod on a focus result for a mini double mod on offense. Jam him into the enemy formation and either soak up a bunch of shots or live long enough to take up space and roll some big hits.
  19. Do you like scummy tricks? If so, try this out. (49) 4-LOM [G-1A Starfighter] (2) Mist Hunter (10) Advanced Sensors Points: 61 (30) Captain Seevor [Modified TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 (32) Jakku Gunrunner [Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug] (5) Proton Bombs Points: 37 (68) Fenn Rau [Fang Fighter]Points: 68 Total points: 196 4-LOM stresses them, Seevor jams them, the Quadjumper tractors and bombs them, and Fenn Rau kills them. Seevor has 2 wingmen with equal or lower initiative, so he can jam to soften up the enemy before his wingmen shoot. Fenn is your closer, obviously. 3/4 if those pilots are outside the top 100 on metawing (Fenn is #50), so it’s a super off-meta list. Its feels fun and scummy. It’s not a great list to use against a newer player though, because of the control elements.
  20. Yeah, I agree with you. Adjusting points can fix it. By the way, I saw you on Saturday at the Little Rock Hyperspace Trial. I was the tall guy flying the TIE swarm poorly. My 12 year old made his first cut though, so I’ll call it a success. When I saw you flying Boba Guri I assumed someone was netlisting the Boba Guri build you made famous. If I had realized it was the OG Boba Guri man I would have stopped by to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. 👍🏻
  21. Braylen can get double mods on offense and rerolls on defense even when he bumps, so there’s that..
  22. It’s cool I guess, but if we want to make Episode IV look like the prequels then there needs to be more backflips. And more Jar Jar. And more debates on tax policy.
  23. This. I never hear new players complaining about it. The new players I know are in a great spot. They all bought conversion kits then picked up models on the secondary market for a fraction of the price. Complaining on behalf of imaginary marginalized groups is unhelpful.
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