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  1. Old Sarge

    Action EfficienT-70 - Blog on T-70s

    You write well. Keep it up!
  2. These are strong opinions. Are they based on your projections, or did you finally decide to try playing a game of X-Wing second edition?
  3. Old Sarge

    Vassal League season 7 signups open 'til Feb 8th

    If anyone is interested in the Vassal tournament I’d highly recommend it. There are typically tons of players, and the whole thing is run very well. If you haven’t figured out Vassal yet, now’s the time!
  4. Old Sarge

    Casual X-Wing is Dead/Casual Player Bemoans Changes

    You likely feel this way because you are unaware of the context. The OP has started countless threads complaining about the game (which he doesn’t play as he hasn’t bought into 2.0). That’s likely why people are responding the way they are. Once I got frustrated with OP and asked him why he was still posting here if he hated the game so much. My question was uncharitable and I regret asking it. It’s best to ignore him, but it’s challenging with all the salt he pours on this forum.
  5. Old Sarge

    The Millennium Falcon

    Calculate is never a waste! Try it. I promise you’ll use those calculates.
  6. Old Sarge

    Upsilon on sale

  7. Old Sarge

    Upsilon on sale

    Upsilons have been low for several weeks. They dipped below $15 for a bit. TIE bombers have been about $7 for a while. Quadjumper just went down in price. I picked one up—just in time for the points increase I’m sure.
  8. Old Sarge

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    This premise is wrong for elite competition in any arena. Your frame of reference is great for a casual event, but an event that aspires to be a premiere competition needs to enforce the rules.
  9. Old Sarge

    Vassal Team Tournament!!!

    Ok that helps!
  10. Old Sarge

    Vassal Team Tournament!!!

    So First Order and Resistance are basically out? The new factions don’t have a lot of competitive options to fill three lists without duplicating uniques. That seems like an unusual call. Why did you decide to do it that way?
  11. Old Sarge

    Mynock Squadron 152 Feedback

    I know it’s off topic, but I’m super interested in this side conversation between biophysical and SOTL about whether Boba/Fenn is good in Hyperspace. When two of the best posters around strongly disagree, there is bound to be some interesting dialogue to be had.
  12. Old Sarge

    Mynock Squadron 152 Feedback

    That’s not sad. That’s the definition of a competitive scene. If that’s not your thing, fine, but it sounds like you are complaining that folks in the competitive scene are being competitive.
  13. Old Sarge

    Game length

    A ton of games go to time now. That’s why generics shouldn’t get cheaper. We’d only see more ships and game times increase.
  14. Old Sarge

    Pick the date: Points Release ???

    No one wants to live in a world where Luke gunner is undercosted. That said, no one is using him, so it’s cost could go down a touch.
  15. Old Sarge

    Baby Blues, Too (2.0)

    Oh, I didn’t see that interaction with Jess. I withdraw my objection!