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  1. Not saying it’s the best or anything, but if you’re looking for a cheaper (for a StarFortress at least) gunship build, you could try Cobalt Sq Bomber 56 Chewbacca 5 Finn 10 Passive sensors 3 Total: 74 Use passive sensors to lock your target. Finn adds a die and Chewbacca gives a crit mod on a focus result for a mini double mod on offense. Jam him into the enemy formation and either soak up a bunch of shots or live long enough to take up space and roll some big hits.
  2. Do you like scummy tricks? If so, try this out. (49) 4-LOM [G-1A Starfighter] (2) Mist Hunter (10) Advanced Sensors Points: 61 (30) Captain Seevor [Modified TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 (32) Jakku Gunrunner [Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug] (5) Proton Bombs Points: 37 (68) Fenn Rau [Fang Fighter]Points: 68 Total points: 196 4-LOM stresses them, Seevor jams them, the Quadjumper tractors and bombs them, and Fenn Rau kills them. Seevor has 2 wingmen with equal or lower initiative, so he can jam to soften up the enemy before his wingmen shoot. Fenn is your closer, obviously. 3/4 if those pilots are outside the top 100 on metawing (Fenn is #50), so it’s a super off-meta list. Its feels fun and scummy. It’s not a great list to use against a newer player though, because of the control elements.
  3. Yeah, I agree with you. Adjusting points can fix it. By the way, I saw you on Saturday at the Little Rock Hyperspace Trial. I was the tall guy flying the TIE swarm poorly. My 12 year old made his first cut though, so I’ll call it a success. When I saw you flying Boba Guri I assumed someone was netlisting the Boba Guri build you made famous. If I had realized it was the OG Boba Guri man I would have stopped by to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. 👍🏻
  4. Braylen can get double mods on offense and rerolls on defense even when he bumps, so there’s that..
  5. It’s cool I guess, but if we want to make Episode IV look like the prequels then there needs to be more backflips. And more Jar Jar. And more debates on tax policy.
  6. This. I never hear new players complaining about it. The new players I know are in a great spot. They all bought conversion kits then picked up models on the secondary market for a fraction of the price. Complaining on behalf of imaginary marginalized groups is unhelpful.
  7. Crap. I don’t want to watch it and spoil anything, but there’s no way I can hold out that long.
  8. Man, I’d love to make it out there. The Atlanta HWKs are good people. Y’all are going to have an awesome time.
  9. I used to live in Sam’s community. The way the veteran players encouraged newer players was a model for how to grow a community. When a community has enough leaders, it will grow.
  10. Put selflessness on the RSV. Biggs’s damage mitigation is more effective when you can split the damage further.
  11. These are strong opinions. Are they based on your projections, or did you finally decide to try playing a game of X-Wing second edition?
  12. If anyone is interested in the Vassal tournament I’d highly recommend it. There are typically tons of players, and the whole thing is run very well. If you haven’t figured out Vassal yet, now’s the time!
  13. You likely feel this way because you are unaware of the context. The OP has started countless threads complaining about the game (which he doesn’t play as he hasn’t bought into 2.0). That’s likely why people are responding the way they are. Once I got frustrated with OP and asked him why he was still posting here if he hated the game so much. My question was uncharitable and I regret asking it. It’s best to ignore him, but it’s challenging with all the salt he pours on this forum.
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