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  1. None of your pictures are showing
  2. If a time limit had to be imposed, then I would think you would just end the game early with the current round being finished before actually ending the game. I just don't see a problem stemming from this really. I'm not sure a clock would work because as @Drasnighta said there is two much back and forth with dodge tokens and defending, you'd end up battering the poor clock when ever the control passed between players.
  3. No, but they can make a speed-1 move, even if they were engaged, which would equate to the same thing (a speed-1 move out of engaged melee).
  4. You are right it states a speed-1 move, not standard move, so I'll give you withdraw (since it does state even if engaged), but climb, clamber and pivot do not involve a speed, you cannot perform a speed-1 climb or pivot. And again yes cohesion is part of move so at the movement it would be up to the "pushing" player. At least they have to be placed on the battlefield, they wouldn't be in cohesion if they were off the battlefield. I would still like to see a sub-section on forced movement, to affirm such rules as death by double force push (one per each commander, which I assume would be an option in the future).
  5. Force push allows you to force a speed-1 move on a unit (leader), as a standard move, this disallowed climb, clamber, withdraw and pivot as these are are not standard movements. I would surmise that cohesion for the rest of the unit after the leader has been pushed would fall to the player who owns the unit in the same way that displaced troopers are replaced on the battlefield. As for being defeated from being pushed off the battlefield, I would hope that it wouldn't be a valid tactic, but we'll have to wait and see, a subsection in movement regarding forced movement wouldn't go a miss.
  6. Yes, the surge to hit is for the unit, the DLT-19 upgrade adds that extra trooper with a heavy weapon to the unit.
  7. Melee is an attack type, when two units have miniatures who are in base contact with each other, any unit that has a melee weapon can enter melee (base to base contact). RRG P. 32 - Melee. Engaged, is a state the a unit is placed in when both units involved in the melee are trooper units. RRG P. 26 - Engaged. in the OPs example the two units are in melee (base to base contact), however because the AT-RT is not a trooper, they are not engaged. Therefore both are free to move, be displaced or be designated targets of ranged attacks.
  8. In agreement with @NeonWolf here, but very curious as to why you thought an Airspeeder couldn’t take a Dodge action?
  9. Alathazal


    You would have to declare the deflect before rolling the block dice, the dodge token removes one hit, you roll 3 dice, get 2 Defense surges leaving one wound for Vader and 2 wounds back on the attacker. The Dodge token cancels a hit, they don’t let you Re-roll dice. If in doubt check out p. 24 of the RRG.
  10. Alathazal


    You form an attack pool, for each nominated target/defender, not each weapon and only one pool per target. The grenades and z-6 would both contribute to the one pool against the target and their keywords contribute to the entire attack pool of dice you roll. RRG p. 14: ”Choose Weapons: The attacker can choose one weapon from each eligible mini to contribute to the attack pool.” and p. 15: ”During an attack, the attacker can create multiple attack pools to attack multiple defenders. However, only one attack pool can be assigned to each defender.“
  11. It doesn’t matter Armour or not. Deflect does not send a hit back to the attacker, it deals a wound for each deflected hit, no armour, no defence, just damage.
  12. Alathazal

    Son of Skywalker

    Sorry wasn’t questioning that you can only have one attack action of any kind. Just that after the move/charge/melee (free attack action)/melee (SoS extra attack) he would still have one action, because the charge melee is a free attack action. He couldn’t attack, but he could still take a dodge or something else.
  13. Alathazal

    Son of Skywalker

    It’s worth noting that Son of Skywalker triggers after his first attack, not attack action, so it could be used as a second attack as part of the melee from charge. Interesting idea, but when withdrawing, a unit cannot take any other actions during their activation. So no I’m afraid he can’t do it.
  14. Alathazal

    Son of Skywalker

    You can only perform one attack action, but you can perform more than one attack during that action. RRG p. 14: “During a unit’s activation, it is possible for a unit to perform more than one attack through the use of card abilities or other game effects; however, that unit can only perform one attack action during a single activation, regardless of whether it is an attack action or a free attack action.”
  15. That’s a bit harsh isn’t it? It is just a hobby, it’s something we do in our spare time for the fun of it. Painting can be a part of the hobby, but it’s not an essential. The playing of the game ultimately is why most of us are here regardless. You 100% refuse! Wow, that has to be one of the most sportsman like things I’ve read on these forums thus far. The kid that had to saved for 6 months to just get a copy of Legion, just so he can turned up for an OP event? The player that suffers from tremors who physically can’t hold a mini that still for that long? These are the two cases we have in our gaming group and you wouldn’t play these people? I don’t think you’d say you wouldn’t play them (or at least I would hope you wouldn’t), as a community we’re far better than that. Painting is just one part of this truly fantastic hobby and while I paint everything and I love to see whole lovely painted armies trenching across the battlefield, I would be disparaged to hear people being turned away from anything official just because they don’t have the time, money or physical ability to do so.
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