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  1. I'd also love to see an expansion for Heroes of Terrinoth. I and others I know would buy anything you release for that. Any chance we will see more content for it?
  2. He still didn't get back to me about where we will start. But one question I had was what is the reasoning for having my strength so high if I will be focused on ranged weapons?
  3. Thanks again! I assume we will probably use lore from the books but I'll go with this and see what they say. Much appreciated!
  4. OK, my group liked the character design but if you are still up for helping me to really impress them, they now say I need to come up with a good backstory of where I came from and how I came to work for the Inquisition (I guess that's who I'm working for... who knew...) . They say I only need a paragraph or so, but it would be cool if I could use a couple interesting character or location based references properly in it. Any suggestions?
  5. Hey! That is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks sooooo much Jargal! I can see it was a good call to ask for the help because some of those details I just couldn't have known without a lot of study. I may come back with clarifying questions as I try to look into the details of this build, or my group brings up anything, but this looks like a much better start than I could probably have come up with. So thanks again and if anyone else also wants to provide either some feedback on this build or one of their own design, I'd definitely would appreciate any additional input.
  6. Well, "assistance" is probably an understatement . My son has convinced me to try out 2nd edition DH with him and a couple friends but I haven't played a P&P RPG since the days of D&D 2E and Marvel RPG. After looking at the character creation rules, this one really seems different than those old school types in terms of how much character background affects things. I tried playing around with the character creator and reading the rules but I have to be honest that I'm doing this more as a way to spend time with my son and I'm personally not all that interested in learning more of the lore and rules than I need to. My hope is to just work it out as we play. So my ask is more as to whether there is either an archive of pre-built starter characters out there that I could just chose one from, or if there any veteran players that may be willing to help a new player out with giving me a character they've created or that has the know-how to whip one up quickly for me in the character generator. Here's my general requirements in case anyone reading this may be willing to assist... Class: Adeptus Mechanicus Skills: Intelligence focused with some decent ballistics skill and maybe some medic skill. They want me to play the guy that builds and repairs tech gear and fights primarily at range. I'm also supposed to work towards being kind of the cybersecurity/hacker type character. He said we are using the standard point allocation approach and that I had 60 points to spend towards my stats. Other than that, I would be open to any background world, profession, talents, etc that would overall benefit a character like this and would trust your judgement of what is best for those. I definitly appreciate the help or direction to where I could find a character. Or if there are more active forums I could post this in, that would be good to know too. Thanks in advance for the assistance!
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