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  1. In terms of the Clone Wars release schedule, i hear a lot of existing people with comments that are focusing on themselves. "Gives me time to catch up on painting", "gives my wallet a break" and so on. So what about the new player? What about the people that are specifically joining Legion and growing our game BECAUSE of Clone Wars? Think about this...That person has been excited now for months waiting to get into the game, experienced table top guy or not. You were told in a past interview that your faction would have an aggressive schedule to catch up to the existing two. You pick up a Core set now, or a month from now (since beginning of September seems to be the new word). Then you come to realize that you wont be seeing ANY new things for your new hobby for FOUR to FIVE MONTHS. That person isn't gonna be pissed? That person isn't gonna feel deflated cause they have nothing to look forward to for almost half a year? Hopefully they weren't thinking about tournament or competitive play, ( I mean its possible but it sure as **** would be a all uphill battle) . Not for nothing but if I were starting a new game and I was told I would only have 3 units to play with for 4 or 5 months, 1) I'd be pissed, 2) I'd wait to buy anything until I actually had options.
  2. Need some suggestions from the community in regards to how to store/organize a massive paint pot collection. Its steadily been growing over the past 2 years and no real end in sight, especially now after the latest GW line. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 paints, with about 150 in some sort of rack/holder. Ive now run out of horizontal desk space and am wonder if people have either shelves or vertical racks do the job better. Primarily using GW paints but also have some Vallejo. I have about 2 ft from bottom of desk to top of the cabinets you will see in the pic below. So yeah, primarily looking for shelving solutions first that have worked for people, but also am willing to consider replacing one or two of the existing racks if it does the job better. https://imgur.com/eKTyJbg Thanks.
  3. Which means that the status should change on the 16th to Now Shipping if true. Guess we'll know for sure then.
  4. Couldnt help but notice that the difficulty of the contacts had pips 1,2,3 with absolutely room for 4, red color. Expansions for sure are coming.
  5. This whole thread is hilarious now...😂
  6. So someone heard me somewhere, cause the Fifth Trooper advertised today their new mats they will be producing. And they confirmed for me, a Scarif theme is in the works. https://thefifthtrooper.com/shop/
  7. Many Thanks, wurms. I appreciate it. Do you have a web address place holder or something up and available now?
  8. No, I hear ya, its all good. Cause I do agree, him learning on his own is really the only way to get where I'm trying to go with this. Which is why now Ive now thought of just lending him the binders to keep at home for a while to look at when he can.
  9. Thank you for the reply. Yeah i was hoping for more "inlet" style of water than the "Normandy Beach" type theme. Colors look great but the design not quite there.
  10. So i guess both? I started buying when it was still first ed. Bought the conversions for Imp and Reb. The quick build cards HAVE indeed been a godsend. But again, for my friend, he basically knows nothing about the upgrades listed on the cards, which leaded to referencing the binders i've made to house the cards, which leaded to understanding what they were getting at, yada yada, haha. So so far its been, "What ships do you want to fly? Ok, put together 8 levels worth of that. Couldn't tell you if they will have any synergy or tactics to them or not, but have at it." I remember the first time he flew a B-wing was a disaster because (pre-2nd ed) he (we) didnt know what to equip it with to make it good.
  11. So I got into X-wing really to collect the ships first and to play second. I'm a newer player, and honestly, I found X-wing AFTER finding out about Legion. I have a buddy who's into SW, but really didnt know anything about miniature gaming until i came along. He likes to play, but he won't start purchasing the ships on his own (time and money). Between the two of us, with his 8 month old and now my 2 month old kids, time is also not on our side. I have been purchasing and collecting the ships, and we play maybe about once every other month in between Legion games. The issue with that is, since he really doesn't know the ships and upgrades and all that like i SORT of do, it takes him a longer time trying to drum up a squadron he wants to play. This can take anywhere between 15-45 mintutes with setup, which really cuts into the 3-4 hours of playing time we get for this (MAYBE) once a month event. So my bottom line is: I'm looking for a resource or site where I can find pre-made squadron lists that (ideally) also have some sort of cliff notes or summary as to how they play. Such as "2x Tie Bomber, 2x Punisher - With this list, the idea is to run your Punishers blah blah blah". Or "4 Y-wings - The TORPEDO ASSAULT list". Something I can print out so when he glances over it he can say, "Yeah that sounds cool, let me try that." Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks
  12. So I've been really excited about the Rogue One content coming, so much so that I plan to doing my bases differently to match the beach planet itself. I'm wondering if anyone has seen or knows of game mats (neoprene or otherwise) available for purchase to match? The boards I see people creating are truly fantastic, however, I barely have time to paint as it is so creating one from scratch is out of the question for me. Ive seen that Deepcut has a regular beach one, and one other site, (i forget the name but they also make custom items) was SORT of close, but they only do 3x3 or 4x4s. So not quite what i'm looking for. Anyone out there spy anything? (((Or FFG, heres your chance to redeem yourself in the game mat territory! For God's sake, no more 3x3s for a game you CREATED to be played at 6x3! I'm not spending $80 to have 2 mats with duplicate print!)))
  13. I got a typical bullsh!t response when i asked CS the same thing. "You can find the status of of products on our upcoming page. I do not have any further information beyond that." Yeah, no *****....
  14. Since historically, the announcements have been early in the month and we already got our December one, the wait till early Jan is gonna be a long one (for me). It is truly where I'm not sure where or what they will go with from here. Shoretroopers are the only ones left that I can guess, because Saws Partisans? as Rebels? Possibly. Or do they "break from the year long mold" as talked about here and start going off doing random releases? In any case, I'm excited BECAUSE of the uncertainty.
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