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  1. I am a bit confused, so dark charm move/attack happens immediate during the start of the turn phase or during on your turn phase? What I agree entirely is that the combo COTR/Dark Charm is OP so I expected , call of the raven is great without this combo so even if it would be valid I would still not use it. But for clearing things up, how can you ask FFG directly?
  2. I know it does not have a trigger condition but is voluntary interrupt. For instance as disciple, would I not be able to move 2 spaces to be adjacent to a hero then use prayer of healing then continue the movement? If this is invalid, will have to say we've been playing disciple wrong for a long time. Prayer of healing is during your turn, has no interrupting effect and no action has to be declared as it is not an action. Similar to this, if I have an overlord card / plot deck that says play on your turn. Would you have to play it between monster activation, rather then during?
  3. I expect it to not work but would it be possible to use Dark Charm for movement, interrupt the movement to maintain the monster status for the hero (I think you can interrupt movement voluntarily while you can not do that with an attack action) and use call of the raven on it? Both cards are used during start of the turn, but would a charm hero even be a valid target for COTR? The card says he can move / attack as one of your monsters but not mentions if it is considered a monster for other effects. COTR: Exhaust this card at the start of your turn and choose 1 monster. Place 1 Raven Flock Servant token in a space adjacent to that monster. Then, that monster suffers 4 Heart. Dark Charm: Play this card on a hero at the start of your turn. The hero tests Willpower. If he passes, draw 1 Overlord Card. If he fails, you may perform a move or attack action with that hero as if he were one of your monsters this turn. You cannot force him to suffer Fatigue or use a Potion, but you may force him to attack himself.