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  1. Thank both for your replies, I considered that, but as long as you can only take 1 villain to your hand on first missions, I hope to keep at least one villain secret until fight time despite of Clawdites (hunter) and riot troopers (brawler) are 2 traits shared with Maul & Inq. Rebel squad is not fully chosen yet, but I expect some kind of Fenn+Diala team along with 2 more heroes such us Gaarkhan, Drokkatta, or even MDH-19. Those are all powerful heroes, with exceptional splash damage, so that I'll try to bring few elite figures to minimize explosion and cleave. Otherwise my group is not very interested on competitiveness but on have a fun time, so that's not worries me. I'll take an eye on that agendas!
  2. Hi all! that's my first post about IA (try to read that forum as far as I can, but I'm not English native speaker so tend to write few times...). That said, I'm running next campaign (Heart of the Empire) as Imperial, so thought about picking up Nemeses deck with Inquisitor & Maul duo, just for thematic regards, but it seems strong enough to be competitive. I've seen some interesting agenda cards to consider too, like those helping reducing deployment cost points, and even As You Wish from Lord Vader's Command that allows you to take Vader for a mission, giving a chance to place 3 force users villains in a game, sounds crazy fun! I bring a question to you as well: when choosing villains on campaign preparation ¿Do you keep that information on secret, or allow your players to know what are you bringing to the campaign? In my opinion should be funnier if you place an unknown foe on a mission in which rebels don't expect to.
  3. It's all a conspiracy to attract new fans to the game, Boba nerf will come sooner or later. I just hope it be via Han cost.
  4. 3ktop

    2.0 Firespray

    I have been playing all my 2.0 games with Boba (+ 2 skull squad. Fangs). As you said I don't like Han gunner due to selfstressing with such an limited dial, otherwise is a good option for 4 points. Other time I dropped Dengar but only scored a hit on 5 times, but i think it's a good option for a 2 arc ship. About titles, only thing I can say is I feel "dirty" flying a Marauder Boba, so I took Slave-I a couple times but never changed a simple maneuver. Things I found worth it was proximity mines (cover your back after first fight) and 0-0-0/L3-37, let him cheaper as you can and reroll until death. Try to avoid bullseye upgrades such as crack shot, prockets, etc at least if you are as bad as am I. Now I'm looking forward to ilicits like stealth device, any thoughts?
  5. 3ktop

    Asajj in 2.0

    Last 1.0 games I played were with Assaj, she shined giving tractor tokens and moving small base ships on rocks. On 2.0 tractor tokens should be a good strategy for dealing with aces like Luke, Vader, Whisper, etc. The point is that the lancer title sucks and this is a role that a couple of quadjumpers could perform for less points. Let's wait until "dark side" upgrades arrives and hope she can fit them.
  6. I played predator on skull squad fangs on last week games. Since it triggered about 0-2 times per game, usually fangs die pretty fast, and even R1 doesn't mean bullseye. While I was playing I counted the times fearless would have triggered and it were about 1 or 2 more times than predator. My experience is that with non-I6 ships it's better fearless if you have points enough, but with I6 you can give a try to predator especially if you need a good bid on your list.
  7. And Slave I title loses gain stress requirement. Nice.
  8. Ey, greetings all! another T-70 fan here! Happy to see I'm not alone trying to shine 3xT-70 lists. Before FAA astro & adv. optics release, I tried to fit Ello/Nien/Snap at same list, but that seemed to be ineffective as they were not fully loaded due to economic builds on them. But now, I've recently had some great moments with: Red Squadron Veteran — T-70 X-Wing 26 Predator 3 Flight-Assist Astromech 1 Advanced Optics 2 Autothrusters 2 Ship Total: 34 Red Squadron Veteran — T-70 X-Wing 26 Predator 3 Flight-Assist Astromech 1 Advanced Optics 2 Autothrusters 2 Ship Total: 34 "Blue Ace" — T-70 X-Wing 27 Flight-Assist Astromech 1 Advanced Optics 2 Autothrusters 2 Ship Total: 32 Red Vets with predator, adv sensor and FAA really have a powerfull action economy. There has been some times when had to pass action because there were nothing possible to do. And "Blue Ace" is totally proper, treat to exploit hard boost to perform unexpected maneuvers. Even with lack of EPT, is a very fun and effective ship. Despite of be a PS 4-5 list, it has a hard punch and is quite mobile. And with FAA you like to move first and take position to hunt something. My bid is to deploy spread over table the 3 ships, and from round 2 place the 2 RedVets close together thanks to barrel+boost, and "Blue ace" flanking whatever. Hope to bring here some results of my vassal games (as vassal is my experimental yard, I don't own 3 T-70s ships (yet)).
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