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  1. Good idea, but I don't think you should increase threat cost.
  2. You can also get a non-unique regular ally of your choice in at least one heart of the empire story mission. But you will play only two side missions after the one I played that so you probably won't get any elite ally groups.
  3. Are you sure about those rules? I read somewhere that you can't have two green side missions with the same reward. Rangers have only one mission anyway. The others aren't really good. The second trooper mission comes with gideon and is red so you can have elite troopers. When draving side missions we draw two (for three total), resolve one, discard one and ID sticker one. ID-ed ones can only be resolved or discarded. Especially in shorter campaigns this lets us skip greys we already played and get something nice.
  4. The dianoga is a great idea but for 4 threat 3 figures with reliable stun are very strong. I think it would be better to have a dianoga figure that has stun and bleed but can't move a lot and a tentacle companion it deploys that all tentacles correspond to. The tentacles could maybe weaken and if there are two or three of them next to someone stun that figure then push it on the dianoga which bites them. Tentacles pulling rebels towards a dianoga's mouth would be frightening, but 5 of them stunning everyone and reinforcing for free are just frustrating.
  5. Maybe "hunter cell" could have an ability that makes unique mercenary hunters cost 2 less (if you don't have other kinds of units). That way you could have a hunter army without making 4-LOM and Zuckuss very cheap figures.
  6. Great idea, but it would indeed be better than any other hero. I think it could be two heroes. A Jedi with the lightsaber skills and a Trandoshan? hunter who gains a resource based on the enemies he defeats and can unlock things like combat visors or companions, that improve his attributes. Then one character wouldn't be that much more interesting than the others. And a card can't have a Force ability, a lightsaber ability, an insight ability and quotes from the hero (which are great unless the hero is a wookie).
  7. I think a gray jedi's abilities could be based on how much strain he has suffered, as it pushes him towards the dark side. Maybe he should have abilities that let him recover strain and deal a lot of damage but punish him either by suffering damage, conditions or becoming untargeteble for friendly effects, like ko-tun tokens.
  8. Didn't limit it but as we concentrate on winning the mission and making beautiful grenade kills as soon as possible it hasn't been an issue yet. We play HotE and at half the campaign now we only have a total of 2-3 supply cards. Though we didn't spend much time on getting crates beause most missions were quite close. I will post if it breaks the game but as we are not competitive its basically a free shieldpack and grappler arm now.
  9. Good luck! And dont let him play subversive tactics. I think TS may be stronger in late than MM. Unstoppable gaarkhan could be good aganist hutt mercenaries as to refresh the tokens he would have to give him +2 damage for a mission. A way of helping the rebels our group has found fun is not discarding supply cards beetween missions (unless they are something that explode or heal) There is no sense in throwing a grappling hook away after using it, for example.
  10. I found Imperials stronger if you use only the core box but with heart of the empire fixes the Rebels will get a good chance. With either jawa or a few rebel packs and alliance you can build mercenary armies based on strong units from different factions, which is quite cost-efficent. Core can be fun on its own but not really balanced. Jabba makes it a bit oneshot snipers and the rest is quite obsolete ( except lothal wich i don't know much about) I would recommend heart of the empire, jawa and 1-2 more blisters (preferrably droids), though merc armies will be like a junkyard with some creatures/trandos then.
  11. In the newest version you can set card type near the top left corner.
  12. Thanks for the quick answer. It means that if a hero and lorn are on two different sides of a wall but connected by rubble lorn can be arrested, right?
  13. Spoiler. A heart of empire story mission we took a break in playing. The mission says walls beetween two rubbles don't block movement for figures on one of those. Can those figures shoot or for example, demolish trough the wall? And only to the rubbled space or to any space, as if the wall wasn't there at all? As it is destroyed, it makes sense but then you could shoot trough it from 5 spaces away. Can you? because it technically blocks your movement as you are not on the rubble.
  14. Can somebody please recommend things to stun spectres with? Most units that I know can that stun won't often get a spare surge and still damage them because +1 block and sometimes kanan reroll or block tokens. And with doubt they can debuff your figures that can stun.
  15. And I thought IA walkers were hard to move with. Seems like I'm not going to play Legion.
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