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  1. I haven't seen any. Changing threat and health can be done easily, so I think you should start with the abilities and the dice. Those are the most interesting part of an unit. Then you can add static bonuses and give/remove dice. For example the assasin ability (BT-1) limits your maximum damage a bit by trading a die for focus. A yellow die without strong surges can be damage increase or nothing at all, good if you want an less reliable attack. If you give it an estimated threat level and health early it will be easy to compare to other units and change things based on that.
  2. NagyLaci

    88-Z Rules

    Half of the heroes can kill him in first activation (without adjacent figures). Not going to play this deck.
  3. NagyLaci

    88-Z Rules

    Can 88-Z be target of cleave and Drokatta shrapnels?
  4. NagyLaci

    House Rules

    What do you think about having cover when the attacker doesn't see three of your corners? This is avoidable in close ranges by moving but still useful aganist snipers and makes protecting friends easier even if the attacker has 1-2 movement points.
  5. You are right, I will try to find a replacement for artillery. At least for first half.
  6. NagyLaci

    New Character Ideas

    Cleave as action is like normal cleave just without the attack. Meant to let you cut trough multiple enemies while running like in clone wars. Maybe aganist rules but you can use 3 cleave 1 as cleave 3 (for cruel strikes).
  7. NagyLaci

    Which Expansion to purchase?

    I'm especially interested about campaign structures. I don't understand heart of the empire's reward cards and choosing next story mission. Can someone please post how those work?
  8. NagyLaci

    Which Expansion to purchase?

    How do those expansions' campaigns work? Which is more balanced? I would like to buy one and I can't decide based on the units and heroes.