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  1. NagyLaci

    hero cards template

    In the newest version you can set card type near the top left corner.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer. It means that if a hero and lorn are on two different sides of a wall but connected by rubble lorn can be arrested, right?
  3. Spoiler. A heart of empire story mission we took a break in playing. The mission says walls beetween two rubbles don't block movement for figures on one of those. Can those figures shoot or for example, demolish trough the wall? And only to the rubbled space or to any space, as if the wall wasn't there at all? As it is destroyed, it makes sense but then you could shoot trough it from 5 spaces away. Can you? because it technically blocks your movement as you are not on the rubble.
  4. NagyLaci

    Congratulations FFG!

    Can somebody please recommend things to stun spectres with? Most units that I know can that stun won't often get a spare surge and still damage them because +1 block and sometimes kanan reroll or block tokens. And with doubt they can debuff your figures that can stun.
  5. And I thought IA walkers were hard to move with. Seems like I'm not going to play Legion.
  6. Amazing work! Also very good example cards, the agenda set would be great to play. As a campaign player I would be very grateful if we could also make heroes, though you have already done more than anybody could ask.
  7. This means that you can have explosive armaments eSentries in merc armies but not in Imperial ones, right?
  8. I think you can't even bring fixes with temporary alliance.
  9. NagyLaci

    Heart of the Empire credits and XP

    We are playing heart of the empire now and as the Rebels lost the first mission we are getting 10 Xp. As we haven't done most of the missions yet and we have shu yen's lightsaber and will get the repeater cannon i can't say much about the credits. There are less missions but if the heroes lose one but were close to winning story missions reward additional credits. So you may get less gear but the Imperial will also be a bit weaker I think.
  10. NagyLaci

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    I thik heavy fire would be a good card if you choose the conditions not the opponent. Stun for 1 damage isn't good, weaken is Though weaken wouldn't really affect heavy weapons as they roll black dice but if you got the condition at the end of your activation it could be useful and balanced.
  11. NagyLaci

    Partial Cover - potential house rule

    So if they see a corner with terrain and an empty corner they get an evade? Sounds good, but a bit powerful aganist some units. I find evade often a lot more useful than a block with pierces and +2dmg surges on half of the figures. A -2 accuracy/+1 evade/+1block of the attackers choice seems more balanced to me. Maybe would be simpler rule if you needed sight to three of someone 's corners, but that would let figures protect each other too. Not like it was a problem if for example you don't see jyn odan because garkhaan. Just have to make sure it doesn't work the other way around.
  12. I love the fixes and they will surely make the game more fun and the armies more diverse. I don't think Biv can spend movement points beetween the attacks since they are in one ability. As most leader abilities work now from 3 spaces away the Royal guard champion should be able to spend movement points beetween brutality attacks or gain reach to be the best at what you want it to do.
  13. NagyLaci

    Homebrew Characters Thread

    Could also feed civilians to the Queen to lay more eggs. I think that's how it works: Facehugger ambushes someone -> Impregnates them if not removed -> Stalker kills the victim and hunts people -> It carries food to the queen who lays eggs
  14. NagyLaci

    Homebrew Characters Thread

    Great cards, will be scary when they are deployed. There is one give instead of choose in the queen's movement ability. Also it maybe shouldn't cost s 12-point figure's whole activation to get a chance for a facehugger. The egg can interact based on the card and is counted for control (can be important if you play skirmish with these) The facehugger has low chance to defeat a hero especially because there won't be many of the map unless deployed by mission. Maybe they should also be able to impregnate stunned targets, which would defeat them and spawn the stalker in their space, but only at the end of the next round, so the heroes remove/defeat it.
  15. NagyLaci


    Can you play learn by example immediately after playing the card you want it to copy?