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  1. For me as well I have to give up on a only one langage game : the pack of squadron one was at first only available in... spanish 🙂 Now I have three langages in my collection and can't do much about it. And in my city as well most of the players won't continue Armada if the game is only available by online order (instead of the local shop) and in english. 😔 But I still has hope.
  2. Have you see the petition we have made ? "Star Wars Armada : the french and spanish translation work must go on" http://chng.it/8QCZqTyMCY
  3. I'm trying to reach @Crabbok to see if he could speak about us. I already send an email but didn't get any answer. Do you know if he is hard to reach ?
  4. The thing is that it's not about how many people concerned have signed (in the meaning of "are you really touched by that"), it's how many people think FFG should rethink their strategy for this game. It's the only thing you can be sure that it's shared by all the people who have signed it and nothing could change that (whatever we would do). And we could also argued that even if you're not in the countries concerned by the stop of the translation work (or even if you don't play this game in particular), you could have anyway a (maybe small) interest to keep this played.
  5. Hi, there is a petition from french and spanish players to keep Armada alive in their countries. We fear that the end of the translation work put an end to this wonderful game. You can support us by signing here : http://chng.it/CbQdhkVf
  6. City and country you play in. Perpignan, France. Sometimes I can go to Lyon ou Paris, or eve, Barcelona (Hola a tot les jugadores d'alla !) When you played your first game. Two years ago I think ? When you started collecting. Three years ago 😭 How long you've been reading these forums. Reguraly, I would say a couple of months. What drew you in. Armada, duh. And if the question is "what drew me in Armada" I'll say that was the Micromachine. I still have somewhere that small SSD. Anything else interesting. I love Border Colie. 😍🐺
  7. @ExplosiveTooka Thanks for your posts, I couldn't agree more. I agree that under capitalism there isn't such thing as ethic production, and I'm not particulary a big fan of bringing back the production of FFG in western countries (even if I live in France, which I think as one of the best social coverage system). I just wrote this post because the concentration camp in China are an extrem way of alienate the workers and that I think that we can all agree that is it just too much. For the rest ? If you can, unionize.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. I live in France, so I look up my options there and find grosso-modo three possibilities : Buy a plastique table design for outside event. Seems the cheapest, but I didn't manage to find one that was big enough, and it's to expensive to buy several. Raté. Buy a standard table with a extension big enough to match what I was looking for. The prices for that solution are just to high (count 250€ / 300$). C'est trop cher ! The last solution seems for me the best : I will buy two wooden planks and put them together with ankles (chevilles in french). Like this, the price stay below 100€ (120$) and I can have a big volume without losing the space for ever. When I'm finished playing, I can just fold the surface and put it against a wall. The only condition for this solution to work is that you need a table where you can put the planks, and a wood drill to put the ankle.
  9. Hi ! Thanks for all yours answers. Even if I doubted that FFG leave their forum without some kind of supervision, you can ask directly to their community manager with your favorite social media (with Twitter it's easy, just write to @FFGames) or by e-mail (if you haven't already done it). And if you live in USA, I guess you can try to directly ask them by phone (that's not my case) if you feel like it. I think the main reason to do it isn't to have a reply (after all compagnies have professionnals to write strategics statements) but to make them realise that this subject is a important matter for their clients.
  10. Hi. I'wll certainly not making friends by doing this, and this post will maybe disapear but being a fan of FFG works is also to be capable of asking the hard questions. To FFG : Do you have products that are beeing made in China ? Can you guarantee that none of yours products is made in terrible labor conditions, for example with the Uighurs minorities but also with other workforces in general ? There has been a video by John Oliver stating that more and more products made in China are beeing made by forced labour. I know how capitalism works (or the market if you like), and that FFG as all the others compagnies have to managed to product theirs references at a price that is competitive, but we're talking about human dignity and the compagny ethical choice. I think that all in all it is possible to have both. Thanks for your attention.
  11. Hi. (i'm french, I apologized in advance for my english) I've first a question : when the enemy's ships do a red maneuver ? It's seems that it depends of the direction that it is written after we get the result of the dices, but I'm not sure of that. For example if you have a player ship in the rear and you've the solo ship to move toward it, does it means that you have to do a tallon roll ? Else I'd liked to have an app, I enjoy the one for Empire Assault, and it really breaks the rythm of the game to have to look for every enemy ships approach and action, when a app could just gives us the result(s).
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