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    Please consider that maybe the problem is that “armored” units / not units that have an Armor X keyword should simply be impervious to any weapons that don’t have the Impact keyword? (i.e. small arms fire) ...That is the reason that tanks (armored units/vehicles) (IRL) were invented. There are so many instances where the Imperial tank, T-47, AT-ST etc. are taken out, or severely whittled down with natural crits from infantry rifles or pistols that is absurd. It makes the investment in armored units inviable, and is the reason why nearly every "competitive" batrep/tournament, is an infantry only game based on activation count. Perhaps I'm wrong but when most people think of STAR WARS, they think of the vehicles and technology that define the universe beyond the infantry & heroes; so it's pretty underwhelming when you have a bunch of really cool models that you aren't going to field if you want to actually "win" the game. In addition the T-47 should have a longer range on its main. I understand why they started with range 3, but at this point in the development of the game, with so many range 4 infantry and armored unit weapons this should be revised; not to mention that it’s thematically (& realistically) unbelievable.
  2. Agreed. Simple, additional errata would be to make the T47's main at least range 4...
  3. Could someone please confirm if LTA only procs if the equipped unit is issued an order during the command phase and does not receive an aim token if the unit is drawn from the pool? Thanks
  4. Not too hard, but adds some variety fwiw... Salut
  5. Definitely playing on the Lando/gambler theme. First player scenario could give a potential 0-6 additional damage to your original attack pool from the flagship for those rounds. Reds being fickle, building the fleet to enable re-rolls (i.e. C&S or LS etc.) could justify 1st player bid while allowing for a potentially game changing consolation as second player. i.e. As first player, a CF Salvation w/ QBT or Spinal could roll up to 14 damage at long range. In a perfect world haha... or zero damage in a not so perfect world
  6. Could use some play-testing but the concept could be interesting. High risk, high reward.. General Calrissian If you are First Player: In turns 3 and 4 you may add 3 red dice to the first attack from your flagship. If you are Second Player: At the start of the ship phase on turns 3 and 4, the second player rolls one red die. If a hit or a crit is rolled, the second player has initiative for that turn. What are some other "custom commander" trait ideas you have?
  7. "When the SSD is half hull it suffers no negatives offensively and CAN be healed back up, denying points." True - good point
  8. The half points awarded and lack of defensive retrofit seems could be a bit too hard of a nerf. A standard 400 point game means you'll just have to swing around the main arc and accrue enough damage to what is basically a weaker ISD I, Kuat, or Cymoon for equal or greater amount of points. The other 1/2 of the points you have invested in the SSD dents what you could've brought to the table along with any of the aforementioned ISD's?..
  9. Can anyone direct me to where in the rule text it states that APT's bypass the shields? I know they do but why isn't this stated explicitly on the card? What other upgrades are similarly not defined clearly? Thanks
  10. Asking for precise FFG dimensions bc of this comment: Kenneth Litko1 year ago Report abuse We have found that the cardboard templates are different sizes with different production runs of the game itself and are not a reliable gauge of accuracy. Leave a reply
  11. The core set cardboard ruler is janky so I'm looking for some legit rulers. However there are some negative comments on various products saying they are off by up to a 1/16" on certain ranges. Is there a typical brand/set that people use that is acceptable for tournament play? i.e. a review on this link says measurements are off: https://www.amazon.com/Litko-Game-Accessories-SW-Fluorescent/dp/B01DWSYJR6/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 Otherwise if anyone knows the actual FFG dimensions of each range in imperial or metric that would be great, I'll make them myself instead of spending ~$35 on plastic extruded rectangles haha. Thx
  12. Good thoughts all thx; looking forward to see if Chewie & Han can pull it off -- Agreed that Maul will probably be an operative so prob not the best comparison to Vader. Anyone care to elaborate on favorite tactics with Han? Maybe worth another thread, but as an aside it will be interesting to see how FFG treats Anakin relative to Luke and Vader. My guess is an Imperial mirror of Luke to some extent. Speed 2 move, jump 1, saber attack ~ 2red, 2 black, 2 white, pierce 2? Salut
  13. Point blank: Does anyone seriously use, or plan on using Han in their list? Particularly with the upcoming release of Jyn, it seems that he will become obsolete. I love this game and will continue to play regardless, but it seems unfortunate that one of the most iconic if not the most iconic Star Wars hero is mediocre at best. Yes, the 2 pip card and pierce 2 etc. are good, but the stats on Jyn seem to eclipse his talents and worth significantly. Can Chewie save him or are we just skipping to Disney? For the rebellion, both Leia & Luke are well rendered in the game but it really appears that Han has got the short end. For the Imperials, Veers & Palpatine seem on point but there is always the debate on Vader. Similarly, do you think that Maul will eclipse Vader etc.? Consolation: Rogue One is the best prequel by light years, so could be worse...
  14. A shame there is no errata for the T-47. Consigned to shelf model it seems...
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