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  1. I'll add to that. When I started playing X-wing a year and a half ago, I thought my Modding, and painting days were over. I lost over 200 paints and inks because they got stored for 2 years in an un insulated shed. So I've had to build my paints up from scratch. But seeing your work, put the drive back in me. I'm not at painting yet (I need to have a certain range before I dive in). But after seeing your work, and all the encouragement you give. I started taking my Broken ships, and working on modding them, and ones that aren't broken. The painting will come back. I'm just a bit ocd, and if I'm missing certain colors it bugs me so much I literally can't paint. But because of the work you done, the encouragement you've given I'm modding again, and that means painting won't be too far behind. Whether you need a long or short break take what you need. I for one am grateful for the work you've done. It really has put me back in the mode to create again. Cheers mate!
  2. Just Wow Barry! I'm starting a Folder, And labeling it "Harker's Inspirational Ships!
  3. Bookmarked I just got my spare Viper to try this Mod, but I'd lost the bookmark because my Old PC just died last month. Had a friend on the Facebook Group direcxt me here. This is going to be such a great Mod to do!
  4. Wow, Tau Parts so often make up our Mod extra bits. I used to think I was one of a very few that was using bits from old Tau extras I had. Apparently Not. Nice work!
  5. I do the Whole wings deep, as the socket goes up to just behind the R2 Unit. One took me 1 week of soaking and flexing the wings my other two took two weeks of soaking, and opening & Closing the S-foils. Have the wings open and swirl them if you don't want to spray into the joint every day.
  6. Soak them in a bath of WD-40 for a Week to 2 Weeks (Depends how much crap is in them). Take a small container fill it so it'll cover the engines when placed standing up on the back of the engines, spray between the joints. Once a day Move the S-foils open and closed, put back in WD-40 bath. This does not harm the platic, paint job, or wash. I've done this with 3 of mine and two of a friends. They come out working the same as the 2.0 X-wings.
  7. Don't you see the obvious? Some of us have like 10 tie fighters, and 8 X-wings, 5 & 5 Interceptors and Khiraxes, we'll need (At least) 2 of each conversion kit if not more, that's how you'll get 4 Green Squadron pilots, and be able to fly Han And Chewie together. But I love the Core set. I have 6 Imperial base tokens with 2 Unique pilots on each token so 2 Iden Versio, 2 Night beast, and 2 Valen Rudor. I keep looking at these doubles I have of Unique Pilots (For which I have 1 card each), and literally going WTF!?!?
  8. This is the only ship I'm missing from 1.0 now. And the amount people are asking just for a second hand one with all cards/tokens is so high it's looking like I might not get one, and might have to print out my own cards and use a 3D printed model .
  9. I've had bad luck with all but one ship I've broken open for Modding before I repaint. I should also add that one of my fighters required more time in the WD-40 Bath (An additional 24 hours did the trick) so the time depends on how much gunk is in the model. Although I am tempted to try breaking one open simply because it'd make the repaints I plan to do a lot easier.
  10. You can also clean out the gunk by spraying WD-40 between the wings and letting them soak in a bath of WD-40 for 48+ Hours (Depends on how much gunk is in there). It doesn't harm the plastic, paint job, finish or the glue that holds everything together. But after a few days of Moving the wings open and closed (and side to side when the wings are together). My Saw's X-wings now all open and close like the 2.0 Models that we've seen do.
  11. Ok 48 hours seems to be the optimal time for cleaning the gunk out of an Saw's X-wing. Soak fighter in WD-40 for 48 hours, open and close the wings a few times during the soak (every 10-12 hours is what I did), then rinse in a cup of WARM (not hot) soapy water, lightly dry with paper towel then leave to air dry. My wings now open and close like the 2.0 X-wings that have been shown in videos. No damage to the paint, plastic or washes.
  12. No pics but I've soaked one of my saw's X-wings in WD-40 for 10 hours and the wings already open and close better than when I first got it (They don't spring into the 1/2 open 1/2 closed like usual). I think the WD-40 removes the gunk they used to "Lubricate" the S-foils. Will report after 24 hours (also WD-40 doesn't damage the paint or Plastic).
  13. You can just use a craft knife to cut the cockpit free then you drill it and the body out and put magnets in, voila rotating cockpit. As for the wings still working on that, shapeways might be a better option. Also won't let m,e post pics...
  14. And here I am using WD-40 to try to clean the gunk out of my Saw's X-wings so they actually open and close fully. And I hopefully don't have to bust them open. LOL
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