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  1. Really cool to see FFG being allowed to design these ships - finally a depiction of the Starhawks! Love that it has visible ISD components in the design. Would indeed have been nice to see some new medium ships... but we have RitR coming to breathe new life into the existing ones (hopefully)
  2. Nice one @Tokra. That's a lot of Pryce... Good hunting, do Europe proud!
  3. Good trade with @Card Knight!
  4. I can do that @Card Knight, have sent you a message
  5. @NebulonB did you ever hear anything about this year? Keen myself, would be great to make sure I can get the time off work! Doesn't seem to be any official word though
  6. I'm on the lookout for one of the Vader commander alt-arts - think they came around early on, don't see them often these days!
  7. Aye, if you can't kill the SSD just ignore it (assuming you can pick up points elsewhere - if not, you may admittedly be in bother)
  8. I think the SSD will shake things up briefly, but a lot of the time will lead to 6-5 results in competitive play so won't end up dominating the meta too much. Could well be wrong though! And yeah, I gotta imagine they've got a load of Clone Wars era stuff in the works, which could be cool! I'd prefer that to them trying to cram in new trilogy stuff.
  9. Yeah that's some cool cards. I'm just glad to see there's still support for the game, these kits always help our local group keep ticking over.I would much rather a healthy number of events to keep the game alive than extra expansions just packed away and not seeing a tabletop. ****, I'm still toying around with list ideas after the last wave...
  10. I think we can safely assume any large-scale expansions to the game will always be kept to content recognisable to people only vaguely familiar with Star Wars, just to ensure sales/interest.
  11. Thanks for the updates - interesting to see such a different turnout to the recent UK nationals, we had very few squadrons and got some respite from Yavaris for a while. Impressive showing as always, @Tokra!
  12. Yeah I'd agree with this and what @Crabbok said about agreeing on the state of the board. The bigger concern than deliberate cheating, which I like to think is pretty rare, is accidental misunderstandings. It's a busy game, there are lots of moving pieces, mistakes can be made. In our games, particularly where squadrons are involved, we've taken to agreeing during the placement what ranges are intended as we go. Not airtight in terms of tournament settings, but I think it fosters a good atmosphere and makes for a more relaxed game.
  13. Aye, being able to carry an Adviser alone isn't going to see the medium ships get a lot more love... Would maybe be a start, though. I just think making SA large ship only was a 'final nail in the coffin' kind of thing. We just had Nationals in the UK, and I faced a combination of ISDs & Gozantis in all five of my games (I think SA was present in most). Which on the one hand was really cool (go Empire), but on the other... Poor Warlord. An as-of-now 5-activation list that involves a Vic/AF.II sailing into gun-range of a 5-activation list with a Cymoon would be a lot more interesting if it could be bumped up to 6 activations.
  14. Yeah this is the big point for me, I think it would be great to see the SA available on a medium ship. As @Coranhann said, it's one tool in your toolkit, so in my mind it belongs on a generalist ship that acts as your fleet's Swiss army knife. I think it would fit the role of a fleet support ship like a Vic or Assault Frigate, while freeing up the slot on your big hitter for something more specialist, as @Ginkapo suggests. Best of both worlds! It's either that or just get rid of it, I say.
  15. Great write-up as always @Captain Weather. I actually played James and Sam in the Swiss rounds. Sam was the only person on the day to out-bid me (which I think made me pretty lucky, really) and my objectives were my downfall! I had the following, the logic being I could try for some opportunistic point-scoring before running away in true Moff Jerjerrod fashion: Most Wanted - gang up on the objective ship with all the black dice possible, and hope to come out on top Planetary Ion Cannon - hide behind the tokens and try to pounce on any weakened ships with Demo, hope Avenger could finish them Nav Hazards - the wild card that people usually avoid! I thought I could avoid the obstacles with Jerjerrod while scoring some easy points on enemy large ships. Neither Sam or myself had much experience with Nav Hazards so thought it would be an interesting change. I had hoped to lead his cruisers through the obstacles whilst bringing down the squadrons with overlapping fields of flack, as I didn't think my ships could withstand a direct engagement against Motti. Sam did a great job of denying me either - the SuperFriends killed both Raiders fast, whilst the ISDs simply dropped to speed 0 and relayed their squadron commands before hitting any rocks. Knew I should have stuck with Dangerous Territories!
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