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  1. Fl1nt

    How to continue a campaign when I move away

    I've had good games with Roll20; Its fairly straight forward and the free version is capable of alot! (No need for any payment options in my opinion). Pros: + Free for you and your players + Brings its own Voice Over IP Option (Including if enabled Video/Webcam) + Fully customizable Maps (you can upload images for maps, tokens etc., draw your own maps....) + You can hide parts of the map and reveal it as the players progress (but you need to do it manually) + You can prepare a boat load of scenes / Maps and move your Players easily into them, where they can (if you enable them to) move their own tokens and draw on the map. + Can be used for Soundeffects and Background Music + Comes with lots of different Systems (I'm not 100%, but I think I saw a couple of FFG Star Wars Sheets including Narrative Dice). + Players have their own sheets (which you can look into as well) and you can give them Handouts and the like. +If needed, you can create Dice Rolling / Skill check scripts to further automate / slim down the mechanics of the dice rolling, but most Sheets you get on Roll20 already take a lot of work from you. Cons: - Has a Learning Curve (But I found it to be be relatively easy to get going as a GM). - Some people have had problems getting the Voice Over IP to work (Scriptblocker's or Browser Issues, so we used Discord voice from time to time). - Options like dynamic Fog of War (if you like such a thing) and a whole archive of tokens and maps is Premium Locked (but if one's interested in that, its not that pricey). I havent tried Options like EpicTable, but Roll20 beats stuff like Tabletop Simulator or Google Hangouts by miles in my Opinion. I've GM'd 3 Campaigns in Roll20 and have played in so many oneshots I cant even count them, I really like it.
  2. Fl1nt

    Dice app update

    https://dice.skyjedi.com/ Although I have to say, I like the FFG Dice App better, I only use apps when making secret rolls, so far and wide between but when I do, it just feels better in the FFG Dice App. As an online play tool, Skyjedi is surely very useful for players to have.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback 😃 Yeah I'll likely give my players 5-10xp extra to start with. There is absolutely no chance of them getting their equipment stored when they get imprisoned and then shipped of to a mining guild planet for forced labour xD
  4. Fl1nt

    Stealing Armor

    Fair point. What I was trying to say is, that the Laminate Armor listed in the Armor Section in most cases does not represent Stormtrooper Armor (It sure can be Stormtrooper Armor) but most Shops would offer different models of Laminate / Composite Armor and not Stormtrooper Armor. (Unless as you said, you're at a less-than-legal shop).
  5. Fl1nt

    Stealing Armor

    To elaborate on the posts above: You cannot buy Stormtrooper Laminate Armor. You can buy other kinds of Laminate armor (which are just as good, but look alot different). So, yes you can steal Stormtrooper Armor, but wearing it makes you a prime target for the empire just as much as selling it to anyone outside the Rebel Alliance would. In the same time, it would lead to interesting situations for you, if you opt to run around in full stormtrooper armor with helmet on; "Solider, what are you doing here, where is your unit? What is your ID?" etc.
  6. Yeah I have now houseruled it with a +1. I think what boba fett uses might be the Firecaller Light Flame Projector with the Wristmount Attachment (which the weapon in FFG SW technically doesnt have enough Hardpoints for), or with an Armor Mounting System Attachment for the armor itself.
  7. I had the same Idea some time ago in this thread . But GroggyGolem posted that he had experience with that and how heroic abilities from start affected their game, which ultimately made me trash that idea. Yes that might also be a good match, thanks for the suggestion 😃
  8. Maybe, but Agent for the Chiss Ascendancy has a strong Spy vibe and it was the best fit for the desired Skill-Set. But yes, it is a concept as of yet, He could always choose to play a spy (small "s"), the Skill-Set would be kinda tricky though.
  9. I have no particular problem with Unmatched Tradecraft, but yes its very mechanical, making it not as interesting to the player. And I can relate to that, the narrative abilities are much more interesting for me at least and for the player in question. Counterespionage, while narrative is in my opinion not only very spy-centric (what is totally okay in an AoR game, just not with us using it in Edge) but I also feel its applicability is very narrow when compared to the Smuggler's Narrow Escape, the Colonists Insightful Revelation or other narrative Signature Abilities, which mostly take a much more broad approach to when you could use it. I could see playing around with the Colonists Insightful Revelation (using Streetwise or something instead of Education) or maybe work with the Connected Heroic Ability from Realms of Terrinoth (But I'll have to look into how I would bring that one in-line with the Star Wars Signature Abilities).
  10. Hello there, I'm currently prepping for a Edge of the Empire Campaign, but with all careers available to my players. One of my players expressed the wish to play an Agent of some sort and regarding the skills he wanted, we came up with the Spy - Infiltrator Career. My problem is now: That the Spy Career's Signature abilities are oddly specific in the case of counter-espionage and kinda boring in case of Unmatched Tradecraft. At least when you compare them to other signature abilities of comparable careers like the smuggler, the spy seems to "lose out". To be clear: I dont need the Spy's Signature abilities to be OP or overly powerful, if they were cool or cineastic it would be just fine. And since I'm having a hard time believing that me and my player are the only ones that encountered this or feel this way: Has anyone dealt with this? Or maybe has someone even thought of alternate Signature Abilities for the Spy? Thanks in advance 😃
  11. Thanks for the tons of ideas guys. I think I really like having the character's choose their essential starting gear like normal and then them getting it in or after the breakout. I actually really like this. I already had some kind of group in mind that was planning a prisoner revolt or some such (just to give the players a hook, even if they choose to do their own breakout) having them get a stash of supplies / duffelbag after the breakout seems like a really neat solution 😃
  12. Fl1nt

    Which Sourcebook has which Rules?

    Thanks alot for the summary. 👍 I think it shouldn't be a problem to combine these, let the player decide which route he wants to go
  13. My current guess is, that its for pure mechanical balancing reasons, though I can't really figure it out.
  14. Hello there, Just stumbled across this weirdness (at least in my eyes): All under-barrel weapons I could find, from grenade launcher to grapnel launcher and so on add +2 or even more Encumbrance, the only exception seems to be the under-barrel flame projector. I looked up the Errata but came up with nothing, so I guess its intended? It just doesnt seem really sensible to me, that a vibro-bajonet adds +1 encurmbrance and a flamethrower (presumably with canister attached) adds none. Any insights on this? Thanks 😃
  15. Fl1nt

    Which Sourcebook has which Rules?

    Hm okay, I'll have to do that deep dive then, have only been able to skim over it as of yet. Thanks for the heads up 😃