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  1. Ah, sorry xD Yes I may not have been all that clear about this, its supposed to be a Oneshot / One-Time Adventure for 1 Session. We normally play an Edge of the Empire Campaign but we wanted to change it up a little bit and since they'll be scrounging around the forbidden history of the galaxy sometimes, I reckoned why not let them play a Oneshot in the Old Republic and later discovery said Place (where they will probably have Force Visions or something about what happened here and I dont have to narrate it because they experienced it themselves as other characters). The thing about them not making it out alive will be a more narrative thing however, they'll probably either have to hold out until the Mass Shadow Generator can be activated or do it themselves when the enemy threatens to overwhelm the entire Republic Fleet with reinforcements. (I dont know if this will work out as planned, but its an interesting experiment).
  2. I could easily see someone like this later in my campaign. I'm going for more of a "Bleed them slow" approach for the oneshot, they're gonna be in combat or at least in enemy territory for the whole duration of the session, so I have to be careful not to hurt them too much in each single encounter. (Atleast not till the end. They're not really supposed to make it out of this alive... [Last battle of the Mandalorian Wars *cough*] )
  3. I might add some of these, but I want to challenge my players not TPK them in a Oneshot ๐Ÿ˜‚ But thanks alot, these are nasty ^^
  4. I myself dont know all the specifics as of know, we're still working out the characters story details. As things stand, the character is a chiss who has been forced to leave the ascendancy because his life was threatened by a rival (who then proceeded to frame the character for some nasty stuff). Thanks alot for all the responses
  5. I've found a neat weapon I'll homebrew to my purposes for one of my Big Bads of the Oneshot. The Contained Energy Axe (which oddly counts as a Lightsaber Skillwise), will be the Melee Weapon of choice for the local Commander of my Mandalorian Force. I think Contained Energy Axe + riding a Improved Basilisk that has been upgraded with light Beskar Plating (aka Cortosis Quality) and supported by 2-4 Rival Mando's riding normal Basilisks should be quite the challenge
  6. Hello there. In my campaign I have an player with the Exiled Obligation, he's far from Home and cant come back. I'm currently looking for ways to bring this Obligation into play and / or make it more interesting. Has anyone dealt with something like this before or has ideas on this?
  7. Thanks, for the Input. I really need to pick up the new Books it seems
  8. Stun Setting is not Stun Quality. Stun Setting is like Stun Damage resisted by Soak while the triggered Stun Quality is not. Its the latter that I'm having problems with finding. Stun Damage and Stun Setting Weapons are available galore. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ One thing I'll definately give to my Mandalorian Officers / Squadleaders are a few Ranks of Supressing Fire to enable my Minions to hurt the Jedi with Strain upon missing.
  9. Good pointers, Cortosis will help a ton to make encounters more interesting. On the Stun Quality, I'm having a hard time finding weapons or other stuff with that Quality apart from Stun Pikes or something like that. Countering the armor with the Basilisk Claws also sounds like a good Idea, I'll just put Pierce 6 or even Breach on the Claws.
  10. Yep, I have already planned for there being Basilisks. Good points A Basilisk could do considerable damage to the group, thats good so far, but if I wanted to challenge them in Melee also (apart from Basilisks that can also Brawl with their claws), what would your approach be? Or for the normal Mandalorian Footsoldiers, give them all Light Repeating Blasters, maybe a Micro-Rocket Launcher somewhere in between?
  11. Hello there ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I'm currently planning a fairly battle heavy OneShot set in the Mandalorian Wars with High XP Characters. My problem currently is, how would Mandalorians deal with High XP Jedi Knights / or even Masters? The PreGens I rolled up end up with up to 12 Soak and with Mandalorians lack of Lightsabers I am a little bit stumped on how to deal with that high soak some of the more tanky characters are likely to have. Has anyone run a High XP / High End Force and Destiny Game or has experience with these high amounts of Soak and can give me any pointers or ideas ? Thanks in advance
  12. With Cargo Container, its definitely not smaller than a YT-1300. The Wayfarer can fit a Snubfighter or a few smaller vehicles. Wihtout the Cargo Container, I personally would temporarily reduce the Sil to 4 to reflect the massive size difference. It would still be awkward because of the cargo clamps and the rather larger clamp bridge.
  13. I have done similar encounters like Desslok described. Don't forget that 1 Squad of 5 Stormtroopers sums up to a Dice-Pool of YYYG. Give your Troopers some heavy weaponry (i.e. T21 Repeating Blaster for example) a squad only carries one (in Lore), but that's the one that hurts. You have 4 PC's? Start at 4 Squads of Stomtroopers รก 5 Troopers (or even 6) and remember that if they get decimated, they are going to call in reinforcements quickly. Add a Stormtrooper Commander or Sergeant to the mix buffing the rest of the troopers with his Leadership abilities and talents. In my experience, these kind of encounters hurt the PC's so much that they're gonna want to bail. But I'd also be interested how Desslok runs his Stormtroopers.
  14. Yes, it is Sil 4. And as per RAW that is absolutely correct, but RAW doesnt make much sense for this specific Ship / Application. But the thing is, the standard hull encompasses an awfully small passenger room with the 2 mounting points for the door weapons. When we mount larger weapons there, something will get sacrificed, or does the standard hull get magically enlarged when mounting larger weapons? From my point of view its either you sacrifice space inside the craft or the weapons will be mounted outside of the doors (loosing the doors instead of fixed mounting points for larger weapons). But back to the original topic: I thinks its reasonable to have Powered Armor with special encasing doubling as drop-pods to make a planetfall. As for the Hyperspace Pod thing, sure why not? You could even just slab a disposable Hyperspace-Ring onto one of those Escape Pods from Episode 4 (but smaller, more specialized Pods might be alot cooler). For sentient use I'd go with a larger pod holding multiple Special Forces operatives because its easier to fit a life support on a bigger hull, but I really like the sound of this and might actually nab the idea when confronting my players with the Empire attacking a Rebel held Planet they're on. (We're far enough in the timeline that they already encountered a Darktrooper Phase 1, so Darktrooper Drop-Pods might be a thing ๐Ÿคช)
  15. I recently ran my Session 0 for my new Campaign with players that have never run a campaign before. We also used all Source Books and I made all Careers and Specializations available to them, putting them into an new document including everything. But up front I talked with them about the style of the campaign and what the setting would be, in our case: A Edge based, shady, outlaw themed campaign, with all of them starting in Prison and meeting there. In the end 3 out of 4 players took Edge Careers and one chose a Seeker Executioner aka Force Sensitive Assassin. I'm supremely happy with the result and even if they had taken other Careers, as long as the chosen characters fit the setting you want to play in, let them choose what they want to play.
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