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  1. I like it, although I don't know how the boosting of non-force-sensitives would work? I always interpreted it that way, that you had to unlock whatever artifact with the force and in return got some kind of understanding through the force. From what you described I would think it's not OP, most Artifacts in RAW work atleast in a similar fashion: Grant Force Power X at Base Rank or give Boost to X, or more specialized effects. Force Relics and Artifacts are pretty much anything goes territory. Most of these are Force-Sensitive only, except the Eyes of Laqasa which is basically a Visor with some sort of magical something built in *scatches head* I mean you could always "gift" your players with a Artifact that is imbued with some sort of Force-Entity, then it would definitely also affect Non-Force-Sensitive (but maybe with repercussions). I at some point put a Sith Armor out for my Player's to find that houses a Sithlord's Ghost / Memory, they picked it up with due caution but didn't notice anything odd and sold it to a buyer that has since been possessed by said armor (not that my Player's have noticed yet ^^ ).
  2. Thought I might post the Characters of my Campaign Group brought to you by the amazing Will Nunes: From left to right: Chaf‘aroh‘kleoni "Fahrok" our Bad-*** Melee/Brawl Bounty Hunter, Hestox our Seyugi Dervish specialized in Long Range Assassination, Neil our Face and trusty Smuggler (that still atributes everything force-related around him to chance and alcohol abuse) and last but not least Karosu our Explorer gone Cybernetically implanted Pilot and Slicer (and Artillery Expert when Remote controllable Escape Pods are available). 😎😁
  3. Uh Neti sound really interesting as well, so do Loth Wolves.
  4. Fair point. Although I'm still a bit confused about the wording and why this is never mentioned in any of the books, but probably that's because someone else not affiliated with the books team made the adversary cards.
  5. Hello A question crept up in my preparations for my next campaign session: How are Support Weapons for Minion Groups handled? Example: Shoretrooper (from dem Adversary Card Decks) lists the following: "Squads may carry 1 Heavy Blaster Rifle or 1 Light Repeating Blaster as a Support weapon." I haven't used those guys until now, so I'm kinda unsure how to use this Support Weapon. Will they just attack as normal using the Support weapon since Minions do attack with only 1 weapon at a time anyway? Or will it only be 1 Minion from the Group attacking using the Support weapon and the rest does only narrative stuff during that turn? How do you handle this stuff? Or do you have experience in deploying Minions like these?
  6. That's a great Ability and I promptly stole it for my Dark Troopers that my players may or may not happen upon soon. 😈
  7. That sounds like a wonderful Idea. I think I'm pretty much set on having this encounter on Tython. The Archaeologist of the group has found some recordings of that planet, but they dont know where it is yet. Maybe they'll find some clues where ever they'll try to get those force-infused materials =D
  8. Hey, thanks for the input. The Bendu has put me off somehow, I have not seen Rebels (couldn't stand the first few episodes, so I abandoned it). I always knew Bendu as the Neutral aspect of how to Ancient Jed'aii viewed the Force, part of the Trinity of the Force (Ashla = Light, Bogan = Dark and Bendu = Balance), so I'm a little bit confused about it being an Entity now. Although from what I could read up on wookieepedia they took alot of the stuff I knew to create that character. My Idea was that my group would happen upon said creauture / entity while trying to get their hands on some kybercrystals or other form of force-infused material (for character-plot stuff). The possible locations for this would most likely be Ilum and Tython, both have probably been at least in the past ravaged by the empire (Ilum has been strip-mined) but maybe somewhere beneath the Jedi-Temple Ruins they would find some sort of ancient creature. Current Ideas would be some sort of Large version of these Crystal/Ice Foxes we saw in the infamous sequels or a lizard / dragon-esque creautre. Maybe this Bendu Entity is a nice idea, although I'd probably create another appearance, more animalistic / creauture. But the Idea is good, it seems to be a somewhat timeless entity that just exists? Apart from that, I really like your bullet-points, I'll definitely use those to flesh out my creation
  9. Hello I'm currently looking for some sort of sentient force-sensitive creature that can act as some kind of neutral or light-sided mentor encounter for one of my players's character that has been slipping into a fairly dark place but expressed that he want's a chance for the character to break his slipping and find his way back to "neutral". I had the Idea of an encounter with an (probably ancient) sentient creature of some kind that has a very different view of the Force that can offer some advice and truths about the light & dark. Note: The player character is a seyugi, so fairly grey and viewing the Force as a tool. Has anyone done something like this before or has any ideas what could fit ? Thanks for any Ideas or insights
  10. This. In other words, be sure that every NPC in your game (or at least every NPC the PC's will get into Social checks with) has their own motivations / goals and let them act accordingly. That always makes it easier for me. (In addition to making it alot easier to roleplay them). The fact of Player's walking away from a trade still remains, but if it was due to a failed check and they just walk away I'd either use the failures/disadvantages for something related biting them later on (maybe they've angered the trader or broke somekind of protocol while bartering?) or remember the result and if they try to buy the same thing later make it harder using the result (unless it's far away or a good time later - no going to a different trader in the same town / station). I also always tend to play out negotiations adding deals on the side according to what result was rolled (Success on Negotiation for Fuel, with advantages? The Fuel doesn't get magically cheaper apart from a small discount, but suddenly the Refueling Station agrees to throw in the recharging of the ship for free or on a fail they suddenly charge for recharging the ship etc.)
  11. Yep. Further example is a was already stated BT-1. He has been extensively modified but I think it's quite inside the Rules of a Hired Gun Heavy. Your Droid might not be able to store / hide every weapon especially large ones but a human heavy won't be able to carry his large gun around anywhere as well. I don't see why a Astromech Droid couldn't just grab his Gatlingblaster before leaving the ship to stir up trouble, just like another heavy character would. And if you go further down the road, you might be able to hide / store these guns inside eventually (I don't know how realistic it is to store actual heavy weapons but maybe there are miniaturized version that are harder to come by / more expensive?).
  12. I'd second guess this, Darth Bane is still a better fit. That Sidious would call himself the Sith'ari isn't unexpected, he's extremely narcissistic and although he's very powerful and has achieved much he has a large ego problem xD
  13. This came up in my campaign recently and I just ruled it this way: Successful hit with Concentrated Barrage was rolled, but not with any excess Successes which meant the Weapon that was used (Medium Laser Cannons) was not able to penetrate; so the target Ship was plastered with mostly harmless hits from 20 Guns which resulted in a few setbacks for said ship and an Difficulty Upgrade for the Fighters it was trying to launch. In my opinion it's simple: If a weapon hit cannot penetrate on it's own, why should 30 individual weapon hits do? To be honest I didn't even have to explicitly "Rule" this at the table, everyone was just "aw ****, not enough successes to get past the armor". We brought it up after the session but all were of the opinion that this is how it should be handled.
  14. Yeah they're currently more or less independent. Lose ties to various benefactors (including a Hutt, the Black-Sun and an Unknown Benefactor [ISB but they dont know that]) but they are too paranoid to really closely work with any of them xD
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