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  1. So I just purchased the Nether Realm expansion from ebay (for £50!) and was disappointed to open it and find that it doesn't appear to be genuine! The cards are not linen backed and have been printed slightly off centre. Have I been sold an imitation pack the seller has had made or is this the way the Nether Realm expansion was sold?
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. I had no idea that places such as MakePlayingCards existed! Definitely something to consider in future...
  3. New player here to Talisman although have totally fallen in love with the game and spent £650 to get my collection this year (the price of importing some stuff rom the US to the UK is shocking!) which includes the 4 corner expansions plus Cataclysm, Dragon, Reaper, Blood Moon and Harbinger. I'm interested to know how you guys use these custom design cards once printed off - do you put them in to sleeves, keep them as paper, print them on to cards or what??
  4. heartburnron

    The Race

    Sounds fun. Must give it a go in the not too distant future. Thanks for sharing.
  5. New player here. Been playing pretty much every night with my daughter since we bought the game 6 weeks ago. We have completed a couple of games with in 3 hours (although only playing with 1 corner expansion plus a 1-3 small expansions as our table space is limited) but usually we take pictures on my phone of our play areas and the board so that we can set up the same game the following evening. Really obvious I know but sometimes the genius is in the simplicity and the obvious...
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