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  1. As Bantha says--the card is correct. If the Mon Calamari system has an Imperial loyalty marker, then gaining 1 loyalty (e.g. with the 'Build Alliance' mission) would turn it neutral. But 'Support of Mon Calamari' lets you gain 2 loyalty, so the system goes from Imperial-loyal, to neutral, to Rebel-loyal. Note, though, that if there are Imperial ground units in a system when you make it Rebel-loyal, it will become subjugated if it isn't already (you place a subjugation marker on top of the Rebel loyalty marker). It's still an 'Imperial system' in that case--the marker on top determines if it's an Imperial or Rebel system. But it's also now a 'system with Rebel loyalty', which may help with scoring objectives. The two phrases mean different things, so watch out for that!
  2. FFG might have handed over the EH expansions to other designers. Maybe one small box a year, or an expansion every two years, or something. (Edit: Or print-on-demand AO packs.) It does seem less likely now that Nikki's left, though. And the quality might suffer. (Poor Dagon... missing in action.)
  3. EDIT: Withdrawn--I found the stuff I was looking for elsewhere. ? Hope someone here can help me out... Want: 2x TIE Bomber squadrons, unpainted. Just need the plastic ships themselves--not the stands, cards or anything else. (I want to use the minis for the Rebellion boardgame to replace the TIE Strikers from the expansion.) Have: 1x incomplete 'Rogues and Villains' pack.. It's missing the 4x Rebel plastic ship models, but all the stands, cards, etc. are there, so you can mount Shapeways models or whatever on them. The Imperial models, stands, cards, etc. are complete. As a bonus, I'd be happy to throw in 4x U-Wings and/or 6x TIE Strikers from the Rebellion boardgame. (Would need a bit of work to fit to an Armada stand, since they don't have pegs.) Can provide photos on request. Location: Australia. This is my first post in the Armada forum, but I've posted a fair bit over in the Eldritch Horror forum, and on Boardgamegeek under EH and Rebellion.
  4. I'm confused... why do you need to remove the leader tokens from the plastic bases?
  5. Glaaki, Y'golonac and Eihort are creations of British horror writer Ramsey Campbell. He wrote lots of Mythos stories early in his career, before shifting over to other horror work. Derleth advised him to set his stories locally, so he created a 'Campbell Country' in England with its own Great Old Ones. He also wrote about Daoloth (the Render of the Veils), Groth, the Insects from Shaggai and the moon-lens in Goatswood, among other things. Most of this stuff featured in the Call of Cthulhu RPG, which is why it's in Eldritch Horror. His collection Cold Print is well worth checking out. The stories start out as mediocre imitations of Lovecraft, but steadily improve as Campbell hones his craft and finds his own voice, until you reach really impressive work like 'The Tugging' or 'The Voice of the Beach'. As for Ghatanothoa, I'd love to see him/her/it as an AO... but I doubt it will happen. My little theory about the naming conventions for Epic Monsters suggests that only Monsters with titles (like 'The Wind Walker') are likely to show up later as an AO under their real names (like 'Ithaqua'). Ghatanothoa is in the game already and its token is called 'Ghatanothoa', so I reckon that's all we'll get. I hope I'm wrong, though. I like 'Out of the Aeons'.
  6. Posted on BGG but adding here for the benefit of the local forumites: Having checked both Antediluvium's Mysteries and Nyarlathotep's Adventure cards, it looks as if this expansion uses 'you' whenever it refers to a single investigator (rather than the more usual 'an investigator'). Reasoning: Occasionally the Mysteries/Adventures refer to 'investigators as a group'. This distinction suggests that every use of 'you' only means one investigator. I didn't see any cards that used 'you' to refer to a group. So in the example above, yes, a single investigator would need to assemble all the required elements (although they wouldn't necessarily be the same investigator who gained the Artifact in the first place--they might have traded it, or it might have been callously looted from their dead body, etc.) I have no idea why the standard boilerplate language has suddenly changed.
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot about the Prelude card/s that cause Disasters. I don't use Preludes much, so... I totally agree that Disasters are great, though. So much fun.
  8. I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'occasionally'. Do you mean how often the Disasters and devastated cities appear? If so, you'll occasionally see a Mythos card that causes a Disaster even in a game when you're not playing against Shudde M'ell, the AO from Cities in Ruin. It happens so rarely that you can leave the Disaster and Devastation decks in the game box most of the time. If your only expansion is Cities in Ruin, you'd probably see Disasters more often because you don't have as many other Mythos cards to dilute them. But you can mix all the CoR cards in with your other expansions with no problems, just like most things in the other small and big boxes. Or, if you mean how often you play against Shudde M'ell... I guess everyone will have their own preferences as to how often you play him/her/it. It's a fun AO, if that helps.
  9. I wrote a (very long) post over at Boardgamegeek speculating on future expansions for EH. To summarise: Firstly, just because Arkham Horror ended at eight expansions doesn't mean Eldritch has to. EH has been designed from the ground up to be modular and shows a great deal of forward planning, allowing it to be infinitely expandable. By contrast, as I understand it, a lot of the Arkham Horror expansions effectively patched the base game's flaws. Secondly, I don't think that running out of investigators is a problem for EH. This is an AO-centric game, not an investigator-centric one. There's no reason future expansions have to include any new investigators at all. A more useful question to ask is whether there are any decent AOs left to add. While I was thinking about this, I noticed a curious little feature in the design of EH that might just give us a hint. Whenever we've had an Epic Monster associated with a Rumour, and the same monster has later turned up as a fully fledged AO, the naming conventions go like this: Rumour Epic Monster token = has a title (e.g. The Wind-Walker) AO Epic Monster token (or sheet) = has a name (e.g. Ithaqua) This prevents you from having two Epic tokens on the board with the same name on the board at once, avoiding any rules snafus. It also suggests forward planning by FFG. They know which AOs are possible candidates to include down the track, so they make sure the Rumour versions of the monsters have titles rather than names. Some examples off the top of my head: The Wind Walker ---> Ithaqua Crawling Chaos ---> Nyarlathotep Spinner of Webs ---> Atlach-Nacha Sleeper of N'kai ---> [Hmm... this is clearly Tsathoggua. Does that mean we might see him as an AO in the future?] Render of the Veils ---> [This would be Daoloth if it showed up as an AO.] On the other hand--and here's the interesting part--some Rumour Epic Monsters are given their actual name on their token. Examples: Ghatanothoa, Rhan-Teggoth and Quachil Uttaus. Why the difference in naming conventions? It could just be an accident. But I suspect it means we won't see any of these as AOs. Pity. I'd like to see Ghatanothoa at least. Now this is just a hunch. And just because FFG has a spreadsheet somewhere with possible AOs planned out so they can future-proof their Monster tokens, it doesn't mean they'll actually get around to releasing those AOs. They just took steps in case the stars came right. But it's intriguing... We could also see more AOs like Syzygy or Antediluvium--reinterpretations or alternative versions of existing AOs. Then there are 'species' AOs, like Rise of the Elder Things. How about Mi-Go or Yithians? And we haven't seen Dagon yet to my knowledge. Just an Epic Monster for a Mystery or Rumour, probably, but still... Hydra but no Dagon?! I call shenanigans.
  10. This thread has got me thinking. A dangerous pastime, I know... I agree that just dropping anime-style art and characters into Eldritch seems a little odd--though fair play to anyone who likes it. On the other hand, how about creating investigators who are inspired by characters from other properties? As someone upthread said, it would be strange to drop Luke Skywalker into Eldritch. But it could be fun to invent a 1920s character inspired by him. Let's see... we could have Lucas 'Skydiver' Williams*, an ace biplane pilot who won his nickname during the First World War when he destroyed an enemy command strongpoint with a lucky hit. During the war he discovered an ancient sword and found a connection to a mysterious force or power that grants him amazing martial-arts abilities. Now he's mixed up in a complicated adventure with a cocky international smuggler and a courageous Atlantean princess... *I hope I don't have to explain where I got these names from Or how about... Ryu Soramura**, a Japanese youth raised in exile in the Tunisian desert. One day he meets a madman who turns out to be his uncle. He learns that his father was a famous samurai, but when the Emperor Meiji came to power he abolished the old samurai class--including a secret order dedicated to protecting humanity from the Mythos. Given his father's legendary katana, Ryu must travel to Tokyo and track down his father's supposed killer, the traitorous samurai-sorcerer known as the Dark Invader. Or something. **lit. 'sky-village' as I was in a hurry and couldn't think of a good way to translate 'skywalker' EDIT: The timeline would need a bit of fudging, as the Meiji Restoration is probably a little too far in the past. Maybe change 'father' to 'grandfather' or 'ancestor'. You can do the same with any character, really. Even with anime. Just need to find a 1920s portrait for them in Western-style artwork, or a photograph. One of my favourite 90s animes is the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series. Now you might not think a show about giant robots and Godzilla-sized monsters is well suited to Eldritch Horror adaptation. But with a little imagination... ZEITGEIST is a secretive Japanese-German government organisation that defends the world against the ravages of the gigantic burrowing cthonians, which threaten Japan with earthquakes and tsunamis. Using a combination of alien superscience and forbidden sorcery, it dispatches brave volunteers in special psychic 'dive suits' into the Earth's mantle. There they assume huge astrally projected bodies to battle the cthonians before they can rise to devastate human cities. Unfortunately, only teenagers who have manifested psychokinetic powers at puberty are suitable for the job. And they're badly traumatised by the experience. Their commander, Captain Julia Mitsuishi,*** knows that ZEITGEIST hushed up the truth about the Tunguska meteorite some years ago... but she doesn't know that (spoilers!) the very organisation she works for is itself the tool of an Illuminati-style cabal with its own dark schemes in mind... ***Names taken from the German and Japanese voice actors for the anime character Misato Katsuragi OK, that one might be pushing it a little, but still. The possibilities are endless! And, at least for me, coming up with a version of a character that makes sense in the setting (more or less) is a lot more fun than just dropping James Bond or Ned Stark into the game unchanged. I don't want to thread-jack, though, so I'll stop there and leave it as a suggestion.
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