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  1. Hey @Ginkapo, thanks for the short write up. Fun to read since iam not knowing how i will start into the game against @Roquax. "Alles kann, nichts muss" as we germans say. Means like everything is possible but with no must haves:) I dont know if i should be affraid of the raddusdrop Liberty or the 7 YTs or if i should be affraid at all. Fact is that iam profiting the first time from my huge bit. In the POD-phase i faced two dodonna yavaris lists who definitly wanted to go second or at least didnt care about it. Got the most out of it by running straight away. As a matter of fact and to calm down Roquax i dont know any of @PT106 maneuvers to handle this kind of fleet and iam expecting an even fight which will last longer than seconds. Big plus on my side could really be the missing of MonCarren, but as i said in the beginning: I really dont know. Maybe i can do it like the last season huddersfield with more offense for better defense. Worked out quite good for huddersfield in the last years case and i hope that history repeats itself when it all comes down to my huge triangles!;) By the way: Me and @Roquax are sceduled for saturday evening around 7pm CET for all that are interested.
  2. My last pod6 game is over. Played @BillHimclaw yesterday evening and managed to take away a 8:3 with a Mov of 440:275. I won the bid and choose his Station Assault. A classic 3 out of 3 for him as he told me. Things started early in the first round. After i did Hondo, Titus and Pryce (Hondo just to trigger entrapment) he did his interdictor stuff (gravs and ozzel with fct) which with squall did a serious punch against my flagship and managed to bring down my front shields and land two hits on the hull, thanks to Speed 0. After this the game speeded up!?! All ships were at max speed, his quasar with help from titus. My Flagship used token, command and entrapment to go to Speed 3. Massive shootings started round 2. The first volley nearly took out his quasar and put some major damage on one dictor. The shootings lasted for the whole second and third round. After the third round my Motti flagship and a goz were dead, as were his quasar and piett Flagdoctor. To round 5 i managed to get out a drive by shot to kill a station and finished his last ship. This was a highly intense game and i want to thank @BillHimclaw for this. He was a great opponent and i hope that we can do another game in the near future!
  3. Ups. Sorry! Just thought that @Tokrawould post results since iam a very quiet member of the forum and always have the feeling that it would be a pleasure to my opponents to do so. I apologize to @BiggsIRL for misinterpreting the Situation and not get you the results. Also a big sorry to @Zamalekite who ran into this lame mess without knowing my game with @Tokra. By the way: this one ended in a 6:5 in @Tokras favour. He managed to kill one of my gozantis. In return i killed his dagger and brought down Gold to 1 or 2 hull. I also choose second player as i didnt want my opponents to farm a single point. Mission accomplished....😃
  4. Happy new Year to everyone! Best wishes! Hope you all got in nicely! Just submitted my Fleet. Sorry, bit late. But totally in...
  5. Mainly Dagger, Ten and Gold killed my two ISDs. His other fighters did like 10 hits in the course of the game. His Yavaris had two or three side shots and the pelta one front shot. The other damage (felt like around 40 hits) were dealt by the Bs and Gold. Two big mistakes on my side gave me a really bad start. First was to give him 2nd player. Knowing that his objectives would be PS,FA and SP, I dont know why i did this. 2nd was that i deployed my big ships much to far from each other so he could kill them seperatly. My ISD 2 killed his Pelta and the Kuat both GRs (if i remember right) in the course of the game. Maybe my Motti ISD had the chance to pass his line and force his fighters to follow him, which had brought the said fighters in a position where there were out of range from yavaris, but the ISD could not manage to hit his Adar GR with a single accuracy within 13 dice rolls and so was blocked and died only seconds later. Learned much about flying against the unholy Rieekan Aceholes, which i had only few experience with. The dice Gods were truely on his side, but i think i had lost anyway. Maybe with a little bit more luck (and brain!!!) it wouldnt have been a 10-1, but who knows. Thx to @RapidReload, who was a great opponent. And special thx to @CaribbeanNinja for setting this all up. Great fun!!!!
  6. The game between @RapidReload and me will start in about an hour. (9:15 PM CEST)
  7. Hey Guys! Sorry for the late report, but the game between @Lord Preyer and me showed up with some difficulties and so finished early this morning. We played my PIC and it ended with a 781:63 (or 10:1) for me. Great thanks to @Lord Preyer, who is a very nice guy. It was a new experience for me to have him on the phone all the time while playing, but big fun. And that he did not concede when it was already clear, that the whole thing went in my way. That showed big sportsmanship! Thanks again.... Not much time to write down a big report, only a couple of things that are nice to notice. Having 5 ships and a strategic adviser, and him, having 4 ship without that guy, meant a huge advantage for me. 3 big hitters, that waited until his ships crossed the overlapping arcs of 4 Cymoons and a d-caps VSD was overkill for his forces. But his squadball was awesome and managed to destroy my squads in the second round (except of Howlrunner). If the game had lasted longer then turn 3, they would have been a competition for my ships, but thanks to incredible hot dice and a little bit of luck, it ended after turn 3. I think pictures can describe better what happened than me with my poor english. So here are two that show pretty well what happened in turn 3.... End of Turn 2: End of Turn 3: Special thanks to @GiledPallaeon for hosting this fantastic format. I look forward to more exciting battles with you guys!!! Thanks a lot to everyone!
  8. The game between @Bantha and @Dark Raverended with a 739-468 (MOV 271) or 7:4 in my favour. I chose his Station Assault. We managed to have a very fast and intense game, which only took about 3 h. Deployment: As expected Bantha put his grav shift reroute near the two stations, which were set up on the far right, to move them to the very edge. His two grav well tokens blocking the space on the other side to slow down the stations attackers. 9 to 8 deployments left no room for any outdeploying. I set up my whole fleet on the opposite side of his stations with all pointing straight at them and set to speed 0, which causes no problems because of hondo and entrapment formations. He sended his two Dictors as guards for the stations and his 3 ISDs more to the middle to flank my ISDs, threatening the stations. After 5 rounds we called it. And it was a huge slaughter again. 5 ISDs, 1 VSD and a Dictor went down. So did all of my TIEs. Turns 1 and 2 didn`t saw much action. Slow rolling fleets trying to a avoid front arcs as long as they can. My TIEs and his big aces squad ball were lurking quite in the middle of the fleets but didn`t do much at first. Last action of the round saw the first salvo of the battle. His leftmost ISD`s against mine. And that must have been the moment, where all the tension falled down from all crews in both fleets! They finally could do what they were prepared for. Turns 3 and 4 began with massive broadsides in rapid order while all ships moved in range of the one or another ship and Fighters slowly engaging. First victim was my middle set VSD, which was not able to trigger OP a single time. That happend at the end of turn 3. My TIEs split up in two groups. Plan was to tie down his squad ball as long as possible. That worked well until the end of turn 4. One of the last actions, but by far not the last of round 3, saw bigpasiak cycle the round and the command stacks, causing massive confusion, didn`t say anything to it and disappeared immediately after that move. NOT VERY COOL Bantha and I could not solve the problem but agreed to new command stacks for the last 3 rounds. Turn 5 finished the crippeled ships on both sides. His squad ball only lost a decimator and managed to take down one of my ISD`s. In return I destroyed 2 of his ISd`s and a Dictor. We called the game at the beginning of round 6. His remaining squads were not able to reach my ISD`s and my ISD`s were not able to reach his last dictor, which managed to get away with only one remaining hull. In the end this game felt like a decisive victory for me, with 3 ISD´s left on my side +both stations destroyed and all of his ships down but one Dictor and the squads. But that seemed, as @Realadmiralsdoitinspace mentioned before, like the nature of Monster Truck games. To score a 8:3 you have to bring down 280 points more then your opponent!?! Thats about two ISD´s!?! Dont know how @Green Knightmanaged to score a 10:1 with a not massive farming objective. Have to see the log and learn it!:) Looking forward to the next round.... Log or Logs following at the point we manage to split the format or send it via dropbox.
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