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  1. Could be overstating their importance, or just that they have to "do so much, with so little". Scorpion can field a ton of people towards accomplishing a political goal, Otomo can drop a lot of imperial clout to get their goals pushed through...Deer doesn't really have any of that...and they're doing a lot of it through "visions", which implies they have to trust whoever is providing them, and when it comes to visions in stories, they're very VERY very VERY rarely ever clearer than mud. That and we're never really told how successful they are at making what they want to come about actually come about, only that they make moves based on visions for the "Good of the realm". You have to question how much is "all according to keikaku", and how much is revisionist history (We meant to do that...honest). Very DUNE-ish with the child making too...These two need to get married, so three generations down during a time of strife they'll end up producing Rokugan's Batman...and then the land's completely at peace 3 generations in and they've gotta decide if they push things over the edge to try and make Rokugan Batman, or if they just chock the last vision up to a "Whoops, our bad". I wouldn't say they're any more powerful than you or your GM wants to make them...just depends on how you play with the presented identity.
  2. Well one person is, I just wouldn't know what other site to direct him towards...heh
  3. Celebrations happen every year...book release info sharing for internet points only happens once (per book)!
  4. Yeah, an early force rating, and still a dedication to boot...throw in the parry and reflect...and then things like "Something to Prove", "Beginner's Luck" and "Sincerest Flattery" are just icing on the cake...I really like those, those are great for situations where you're out of your comfort zone. "I need you to roll underwater basket weaving" But I never took underwa-...Uhhh...I trigger all the things! Make a roll and add the light side to the check, if it fails, something to prove for another go at it, and if you succeed it was free...even better if you got to watch someone else doing the same thing as you're coming in. Padawan is beautiful...
  5. Not who you're replying to, but I've actually been taking a break from my usual game for the past month or so waiting on this book to do a respec on my character...so been anxious to get my hands on it and see what I could do for awhile now.
  6. Battle Meditation along with influence...and enough force rating to commit the points as needed...since you're building this as an antagonist you can bend some of the rules of range bands and line of sight and all that...it could be that they land on some planet, and everything seems "okay" but always just a little bit off...they get into a few fights, and those fights are always going just a little bit better than expected. Like lucks in their favor a little more than usual. Folks are in high spirits...then they start noticing the voices..."Look out!", wow that was a close one..."They'll betray you", and they totally did...keep track of how often they listen to the advice, how quickly they come to "depend on it"...and each time, just make a little note...can have the voice become more demanding, "commanding" even as things go along. Spread this over a couple sessions even... Basically, just remember the cardinal rule of Puppet-Master's...they're rarely "Direct"...and much prefer to sit safely behind the scenes and have their minions do the dirty work. If they ever find them, and aren't drooling puppets themselves, then the villain should go down rather easily in a direct fight; but they'll avoid that as much as possible. Puppet-Master's are always great to bring back around later on as recurring villains for that reason...taking over contacts, acquaintances, and if you want to go full bore on BBEG status for them, friends and loved ones, and the characters have to start watching out for it, because betrayal could be around any corner...even from those they work the closest with...or even from each other. (Cue the Dun-Dun-DUUUUUH's!)
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