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  1. Thanks for the replies. To clarify, I am not wanting the Rebels as NPCs or PC's, I just want to understand the builds so I can do similar type of characters. My other main question is, can you just do a Carer and a Universal Specialization vs. a Carer and a Carer Specialization? E.g. could I do Kanan as Scout, Palawan Surviver; Hera as Smuggler, Ship Captain. I agree she is probably Smuggler, Pilot and Ship Captain (and maybe some sort rebel ace pilot later). But what I am trying to do is come up with similar but different type of characters. Example one starting character idea I have are the following: Shri Ring[Worlder] - she goes by Sri Ran right now - A human ectogene from a distant Saturn Like world where they colonized moons. The people there grew their children in Ectogene tanks (so like a clone but more individual). They mature rapidly. Normally they were not force sensitive. But right at the beginning of the clone war, one was. She was discovered late, and trained with the younglings. Very soon after she was going to be a padawan and someone's padawan was going to be made a knight. But right at Order 66 right when she arrived. She ran away as the padawan and knight were gunned down and the clones didn't realize she was going to be a padawan. She has her lightsaber, and went into hiding. She is ashamed of her actions, and unsure of her survival for years. After a very dodgy time in the outer rim full of memories she doesn't really like to think about she is now on the planet where the campaign starts and finally found a group that she trusts. I would make her a Colonist:Padawan Survivor. The other character I have in mind is a Gotal Shipcaptain. Smuggler: Ship Captain. He was on the planet of the campaign as part of the diaspora. His family has been gunned down by imperials when they took his farm. He now runs odd jobs. His only remaining family is part of the diaspora as well, but they are on another planet where the Gotal went far away (Lothal). That gives a connection down the line. I have a few others like that, such as a Hired Gun / Ex Imperial. But none of the hired guns ones fit the concept for the character that are in the book (and after laying out like 100 bucks and not having played yet i don't want to get splat books yet). Another is a Explorer/ExClone etc. Thanks again, I like all the feedback and ideas. Peace, Steve
  2. So I am new to *this* game but not to Roleplaying. I like narrative style game (which is the attraction to EotE) and starwars. I am going to be working up a local campaign group for new players. I want to set in a similar time as Rebels but a different part of the galaxy. Maybe there will be some interaction, maybe not, depends on what the players do. I want to make some pre-gens to use to test the system out before the players make their own. So here are my question to those more experienced players. I really like the Universal Specializations in Dawn of the Rebellion, they fit really well to compliment the EotE ones. 1) Would it be appropriate to just take the career from EotE and just use the universal specializations form Dawn of the Rebellion? That way the characters aren't putting a lot of XP into Specializations but have a feel like coming out of the Rebels Cartoon (e.g. Ex-Imperial, a Ship Captain, a Padawan Surviver) and some characters would be from EotE such as Colonist: Fringer or a Smuggler/Thief? 2) I have all the stats for all the characters from Rebels, but the source book doesn't really tell you what Carreer and Specialization they are. Can someone help me with that for Sabine, Chopper, Kanan, Hera, Ezra, and Zeb? Thanks in advance in helping a new guy out.
  3. I lover pages and got this downloaded, but however I am having trouble with the mask and background image in the latest version. It won't let me adjust the text. Thanks,
  4. Which ship is your crew using and why? For a rebels type game or a small crew type of game, which is the one that you think is a great choice for a starting group? Thanks,
  5. So I am looking to buy one of the three core games, and hopefully Dawn of the Rebellion as I am a huge fanboy of Kanan, Ezra and the crew. My questions is simple one. What in the opinion of those who have played multiple versions of the game (meaning Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion etc) which one is the best fit to duplicate something *like* the show. So a group of ragtag rebel cell vs. being part of the rebellion. I am thinking that would be Edge of the Empire but I wanted to get others opinions if it would make the most sense or does Age of Rebellion make the most sense. I will probably have a jedi like character - but I will probably just hand wave the force stuff so that the characters have a generic force skill or two or something and whenever they do something jedi like use that as I have heard that it is hard and complex to replicate a jedi like Kanan. Thanks in advance for your help in helping make a purchase decision. Peace, Steve
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