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  1. There are a bunch of pilots that I'd really like to see, especially some from Rogue One. T-65 X-wing - Antoc Merrick - I think a pilot ability playing around with positioning and arcs would be interesting and thematic for him. Something like "While you perform an attack, if you are in the defender's side arcs, roll one extra attack die. While you defend if the attacker is in your rear arc, roll one fewer defense die." T-65 X-wing - Barion Raner - He was the pilot in the movie that pulled up in time to avoid hitting the shield gate. Something that plays to that would be cool. "After you reveal your dial, if you would overlap another ship or obstacle, you may roll 1 attack die to set you dial to a bank maneuver of the same speed. On a blank result gain 1 deplete token, on a focus result gain 1 strain token, on a hit result gain 1 stress token." U-Wing - Laren Joma - She's another movie pilot from Rogue One. I think a support ability with some offensive output would be interesting and thematic. Something like "1 Charge (set up, lose 1 charge). When another friendly ship at range 0-2 declares an attack, if the defender is in your arc, you may immediately gain 1 deplete token to perform a bonus attack on that defender before the declared attack takes place. Your dice results may not be modified. Gain 1 charge when you perform a stop maneuver." Y-wing - Wona Goban - One of the Y-wings that ionized the Star Destroyer. Pilot ability playing around with ion maybe? I'm not really sure what though. I'm also hoping for Ciena Ree in an interceptor - maybe something playing with Strain/Deplete to do a 90 degree turn? Gain a Deplete to rotate before boost/barrel roll, a Strain to rotate after boost/barrel roll? would enjoy Maarek back in the Defender too. I'm also on the same page as a lot of other people in that I'd like to start seeing current pilots in other ships, or even with different abilities. I'd love to see "different versions" of well known pilots. It's an easy way to get new material into Rebel and Empire (which are the more difficult factions to get new stuff into) without needing to find any obscure ships from Legends.
  2. Played this list in a store tournament over the weekend. 2 x Rogue Squadron Escort - Elusive, FCS, R4 Kullbee Sperado - Contraband Cybernetics, Predator, S-foils Lt. Blount I went 2-2 through the tournament, and had a lot of fun flying the list. Game 1 - vs Holo with proud tradition and 4 Tie/sf with optics Win. This was a great game. I always forget how sturdy the Tie/sf are and they were tough to take down. Holo started out skirting the engagement passing tokens to the other Ties. There was a lot of back and forth through the game and it wasn't a set match until the very end. He took out Blount early on, and eventually managed to take down an E-wing. Near the end, we both had two ships left - I had a completely undamaged, fully shielded E-wing and Kullbee on a single hull point and he had had one Tie/sf with 1 Hull and Holo with no shields. He managed to eventually take Kullbee out, and it was my E-wing vs two ships. I managed to take out the Tie/sf, and eventually brought Holo down to one hull. He conceded having 1 Hull point left against a fully shielded Ewing. It was a great game and probably my favourite of the day. The Tie/ba is very slippery and moves really well. Game 2 - vs 2 x Knave Squadron Escorts with R3, Wedge, and AP-5 carrying Leia. Win. This was another good game. Our lists were similar in the ships we brought to the table, but had differences in the pilot and ship abilities. We started in opposite corners and first turn my E-wings target locked Wedge as he was the heaviest hitter out of the enemy ships. He flew Wedge up the side, held the Ewings back a bit and flew AP-5 along his board edge away from my squad while I sent my Ewings up the other side eventually cutting in towards the center of the table. Kullbee and Blount stayed a little behind the Ewings, closer to center. I'm guessing here, but I think he was hoping to get my Ewings to turn and follow Wedge so his Ewings could come in behind mine. I managed to do a straight 5 with my Ewings, getting them past most of his arcs and into range 1 of AP-5 along his back board edge. Kullbee and Blount didn't make it as far. My Ewings took out AP-5, while Kullbee took a little damage from his Ewings. Wedge completely annihilated Blount. We traded more shots and I took one of his E-wings, he took one of mine. I think the turning point in the game was when I took Wedge out. I claim no skill in this - it was pure luck. I took a range 3 obstructed shot through an asteroid at Wedge - landed 3 hits, and Wedge blanked out. In all honesty, I likely would have lost this game had that not happened. My opponent this game is really good, and flies superbly. He's great at reading opponents and predicting where they are going to go. This was another really great game that was a lot of fun, and feel like I learned some things about movement and placement just playing against him. Game 3 - vs Luke, Norra (Arc) with Jyn and Jan Ors with Moldy Crow. Loss. This was an interesting game too, but not as eventful. Norra is just such a tank and so survivable when she manages to tuck in close to an enemy. I definitely underestimated Jan - her ability beefed up a lot of shots from Norra and I had a really hard time pushing damage through because of the tokens she had. My E-wings target locked Luke turn 1 and he flew Luke defensively to the point that he wasn't a threat for most of the game. I mostly ignored him going after the other two, but still had a really hard time pushing damage through. He took out Blount and an Ewing, while I half pointed Norra and Jan. Went to time, losing 90-64. Big takeaways from this game: Turn 1 target locks on a threatening ship can really influence how they fly them. Luke was out range for most of the game because he looped wide and stayed away from my Ewings. I also managed to really surprise him a few times with Kullbee - I know there are stronger Xwings, but he has incredible mobility - being able to close his s-foils, move, boost/barrel roll and then reopen them can put him in some really unpredictable places with range 1 shots. He misses out on taking a focus or lock, but 4 dice are still threatening. I used him to strip tokens while my Ewings followed up with modded shots. It just wasn't quite enough this game, but I like how he flew. Game 4 - vs Nom Lumb with Dengar, Fenn Rau and two generic Fangs. Loss. Fangs are my bane. I never seem to do well against them. My dice betrayed me on a few key rolls as well, but I definitely made some early mistakes. Turn 1 target lock on Fenn, which actually worked to keep him out of the game for a lot of it. My opponent even said he flew Fenn "like a coward" to avoid a bad engagement with the Ewings, so he ended up looping all the way around the board before closing in later on for some shots. Nom Lumb with Dengar is potent.... Nom Lumb means that the Dengar ability will always trigger the first time he gets shot. Ping damage is still damage and whittles things down. While my locks on Fenn scared him off initially, I should have switched them out earlier in the game. Instead I opted for boosting/rolling trying to outmaneuver his other fangs, but once I was in position for a shot he was able to keep his fangs at range 1 so I could never get a lock on them. Fangs at range 1 are scary and I was punished for it. It was a good game and my opponent was great. He flew really well and really managed to dismantle my squad ship by ship. He's a really great top player so I was just happy I lasted as long as I did. Overall, I had a great day. I really liked my list and how it flew. I think I played well and managed to learn a few things from each of my opponents. The one thing I would maybe change out would be Contraband and Predator on Kullbee for Daredevil and R4. I only managed to trigger both predator and contraband once or twice the whole day, and I think having Daredevil on him (with R4 to help with stress clearing) would have made him even more unpredictable and squirrelly. I'll have to test that out. Blount was always the first ship I lost and I think it's because I was keeping him too close. I'd hang him back a little more and let the other ships get close enough to take advantage of his ability more. That said, having him shop at meant my other ships were not taking damage too, so benefits for both.
  3. But... having equal access the the exact same tools completely invalidates the concept of having separate factions with their own benefits, detriments and available equipment... If they all had the exact same functions, what's the point in having factions? For example - factions that have a natural blue speed 3 bank available to them: Empire - 0 Rebel - 0 Scum - 2.5 (Jumpmaster only has it blue in one direction) FO - 0 Resistance - 1 Republic - 1 CIS - 1 Arguably, interceptor class ships like the RZ-1, Tie Interceptor, Tie Defender, and Tie/Ba should probably have a blue speed 3 bank and lose some of the low speed blue moves they have.... but that's not my point right now. TL;DR My point is that each faction has some things the others don't, and lack some things the others have. That is a good thing.
  4. Unit34

    EXE List

    I've definitely decided on dropping Plasma torps in favour of the fourth ship. Lt Blount offers a decent filler ship and can pack a surprising punch in the right circumstances. I've been playing some practice games with different upgrade options. So far for the E-wings, the way I've been flying them I still like R4 over R3. I totally see the value of R3 and agree it gives them a lot of options for their targets, but I always miss having the improved dial from R4; they have 6 of their moves improved, 4 speed 2 moves changing to blue and the 2 hard 1 turns changing to white. The benefit of having those moves clear stress or not cause it at all is incredible to me and the way I fly them. If I was taking ordnance, I think I would maybe opt for the R3 instead, but I've dropped ordnance for this list. I can't make up my mind on Elusive. On the one hand it's 6 points and dropping it to pick up a stronger X-wing is definitely an option. But on the other hand, it's saved my E-wings on more than one occasion through my practice games.
  5. Unit34

    EXE List

    I've just always liked his pilot ability. Granted, he's probably a little overpriced (although he dropped a point or two in the latest update), but I enjoy being able to keep him mobile with his s-foils closed so he can boost without sacrificing his firepower. If I feel like I want to boost again next turn, I close s-foils when he activates, boost/barrel and reopen them. I really like R3 and think it's a great astromech, but if I'm not taking ordnance on the E-wings, I'd much prefer the significantly improved dial that R4 provides. I've played with both, and generally prefer the better maneuverability over the extra lock.
  6. Unit34

    EXE List

    Alternatively if I strip things down even more, I can add in Lt Blount as well. Rogue Squadron Escort (53) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) R4 Astromech (2) Ship total: 60 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 3 Rogue Squadron Escort (53) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) R4 Astromech (2) Ship total: 60 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 3 Kullbee Sperado (46) Contraband Cybernetics (2) Daredevil (2) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 50 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 3 Lieutenant Blount (30) Ship total: 30 Half Points: 15 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z23X119W113WW5WY23X119W113WW5WY12X92W117WWWW142Y55XWW&sn=EXE&obs=
  7. I'm heading to a local store tournament at the beginning of February. I've been enjoying E-wings in second edition, and with the generic prices dropping a little in the last update, I'm pretty excited for it. Looking to hear some feedback about the ideas I'm thinking of bringing. I know the first thing people are going to point out is the I4 across the board, but I'm not worried about that. I've had decent success running a different list with E-wings, and I'm not too concerned about the Initiative issues. I'm not a hyper competitive player so I'm mainly going to just have fun flying ships I enjoy. However I've only ever played in one other local store tournament, so the tournament scene is a somewhat new territory for me. I've got 3 options I'm eyeing right now, all very similar but with minor tweaks. The basic premise for each list is that E-wings have good base line stats and a great dial. I've found that when there are two E-wings pointed at the same target the payoff is big. Isolated on their own and they die, so my plan is to keep the E-wings together and attacking the same target as much as possible. Kullbee as a flanker or surprise R1 attacker. I've always loved his ability to boost in close and open to attack position; Being able to spring that with daredevil or afterburners keeps him maneuverable and unpredictable without reduced firepower. Option 1 has two generic E-wings with plasmas meant to strip shields as fast as possible. Once shields are down, at least on the primary targets, primary attacks with 3 dice are still damaging. R3 lets the E-wings get locks on two targets to allow them to adapt a little in their approach. Option 2 is very similar. I drop plasma torps on one E-wing in order to upgrade one to Gavin. I also give him R4 instead to make him better able to clear stress and stay on target to give his bonus to his wingmates as I've found having him more maneuverable is better than multiple locks. I also give Kullbee Cloaking device instead of Contraband, just for a little extra mobility and unpredictability. Option 3 puts Kullbee back with Contraband and swaps Plasma for Proton. Overall, all three are pretty similar. Both lists with Gavin would use him to amplify damage caused by the others. The main things I'm trying to decide is a) upgrading one E-wing to Gavin vs two generics with plasma and b) if I upgrade to Gavin, do I keep plasma vs proton on the other. Thanks in advance for any feedback. Option 1: Rogue Squadron Escort (53) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) Plasma Torpedoes (9) R3 Astromech (3) Ship total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 3 Rogue Squadron Escort (53) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) Plasma Torpedoes (9) R3 Astromech (3) Ship total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 3 Kullbee Sperado (46) Contraband Cybernetics (2) Daredevil (2) R4 Astromech (2) Afterburners (6) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 58 Half Points: 29 Threshold: 3 Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z23X119W113W234W4WY23X119W113W234W4WY12X92W117WW5W105W142&sn=EXE&obs= Option 2: Gavin Darklighter (61) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) R4 Astromech (2) Ship total: 68 Half Points: 34 Threshold: 3 Rogue Squadron Escort (53) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) Plasma Torpedoes (9) R3 Astromech (3) Ship total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 3 Kullbee Sperado (46) Cloaking Device (4) Daredevil (2) R4 Astromech (2) Afterburners (6) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 60 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 3 Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z22X119W113WW5WY23X119W113W234W4WY12X91W117WW5W105W142&sn=EXE2&obs= Option 3: Gavin Darklighter (61) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) R4 Astromech (2) Ship total: 68 Half Points: 34 Threshold: 3 Rogue Squadron Escort (53) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) Proton Torpedoes (13) R3 Astromech (3) Ship total: 74 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 3 Kullbee Sperado (46) Contraband Cybernetics (2) Daredevil (2) R4 Astromech (2) Afterburners (6) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 58 Half Points: 29 Threshold: 3 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z22X119W113WW5WY23X119W113W136W4WY12X92W117WW5W105W142&sn=EXE&obs=
  8. I enjoyed the movie. I'm not going to lie and say it was the best, or that there weren't things I had issues with or questions I had afterwards. But overall, I was entertained and it provided an ending I can be happy with. Darth Meanie made a comment that reflects my own thoughts in the now Disney isn't tied to "converting" Star Wars - now they can move on and be free to openly explore aspects of Star Wars without needing to relate it back to anything else. I hope they take a break from movies and figure out a plan for the next ones as I think that is the biggest flaw with the sequel trilogy. I was discussing it with a friend at work and we decided the trilogy lacks focus the way the other two trilogies do. Even though there were details and changes made to the script during filming of the originals (biggest one I can think of is Luke and Leia being siblings, which wasn't planned during filming of Empire Strikes Back), the altered details didn't alter the overall progression of the story. George Lucas approached those trilogies with a larger vision of the overall story from the beginning. The Force Awakens, while maybe not taking many risks, set up a lot of potential up for further character development, plot threads and interesting ideas. It was like JJ said, "Here is the foundation and general direction of where we are going". With The Last Jedi, it was like Johnson said "Naw man, I've got this other story to tell". And then with The Rise of Skywalker JJ was like "K, but back to what I was saying before...". Individually, I've enjoyed all of them, but collectively as a trilogy they don't tell the same kind of story as the other trilogies. Hopefully with the inevitable next trilogy (wherever and whenever it takes place in the Star Wars universe), Disney learns from this and maps out the major story elements from the beginning. Change the script, alter the details, change the locations and settings all you want. If they develop a concept for what the overall story is and where it is going over the course of all three movies it'll end up coming out a lot more cohesive. TL;DR - I've enjoyed the sequel trilogy, but to me they all feel more like standalone movies involving the same characters rather than a single story.
  9. On the plus side, Director Krennic may be viable on a huge ship with sensor experts. Having multiple ships locked gives the prototype a better chance of being able to trigger the ability.
  10. I'm not seeing it opening day or that weekend, but only because I work and have family commitments. My brother and I will be going to see it Christmas night though and we are pretty excited. I've seen all the new movies in theaters except Solo (again due to work). I've found them all entertaining, despite some minor grievances and nit-picks. In response to some of this conversation about the new movies and whether people like them or not, it all reminds me of a comment someone I knew in highschool made about a band we liked that had just released a new album. I can't even remember the name of the band anymore, but the comment has stuck with me - they made the comment that "the new album isn't real *band name*. It's different from their old stuff and they've changed". The big thing for me was that I didn't get why they just wanted the band to put out the same old stuff. Or why they thought their musical taste and what they defined as "real *band name* music" mattered more than allowing the band to evolve and develop themselves and change over time. It was an unrealistic expectation to think the band's music would never change or evolve over time. I realize a movie franchise, especially one the size of Star Wars is a lot larger, more complex and more nuanced than a band releasing a new album, but the concept is the same. It's unrealistic to expect them to put out Star Wars movies that haven't grown and changed and evolved over the past 40+ years. We may not like all of the changes, but our like or dislike of those changes doesn't define what makes Star Wars "Star Wars" nor does it define the actors/directors/artists that create the movies. Over 40 years so much has changed technologically, socially, culturally, sometimes BECAUSE of Star Wars that it is just completely impractical to expect none of those changes will be reflected in the new material. Personally, my biggest issue with any of the new movies is in The Force Awakens and is something which I don't think I've ever really seen mentioned anywhere. It has to do with the new threat they face. Not the First Order, but just that their super weapon is just a bigger badder Death Star. Not only was it bigger, but it could annihilate multiple planets at once from across the galaxy!!!! But here's the thing - their superweapon sucked up the energy of a star.... Why wasn't that just used as their method of destroying an entire solar system? If they had moved Starkiller base into the Hosnian system and started sucking up the energy of their Star how much more interesting would that have been? From a narrative perspective that is new, fresh and terrifying!! It's different from the previous movies and is menacing without becoming cartoonish. Poe's comment about "as long as the star has light, there's hope" suddenly takes on a deeper more meaningful tone. It sets up further story elements without just blowing everything up. Can you imagine the fallout from an entire populated solar system having it's star extinguished? From a story perspective it accomplishes the goal of weakening/taking out the New Republic, it establishes the First Order as a looming threat, it provides hooks and further story elements to be expanded on and it is something new that doesn't just recycle elements from previous movies. For me, that is the major thing that bugged me about the new movies, one of the weakest parts of the story and was a huge missed opportunity in my mind. But I got over it. Are there things that bug me about the new movies? Sure. But there's nothing in them that ruin them being Star Wars for me. If someone doesn't like them, I can understand how disappointing that can feel, but it doesn't justify the hate and anger directed to people who do like the new movies or those that had a role in making them.
  11. Unit34

    T-85 X-Wings?

    These all seem like very extreme reactions to a discussion about made-up toy spaceships.... Using real world examples and the "new technical manual" to "prove" your point is pretty silly when what you're talking about doesn't actually exist. To use your words, "it's absolutely baffling".
  12. So with the new rules reference.... I think Rebel Leia now synergizes with Elusive. In the FAQ section. Page 28. Q: When an effect checks the difficulty of your revealed maneuver (such as Cova Nell’s pilot ability), do any effects that alter the difficulty of your maneuvers (such as R4 Astromech [󲁔] or Leia Organa [Resistance, 󲁒 󲁒] apply? A: No. The difficulty of a revealed maneuver matches its printed color. The speed and bearing of a revealed maneuver also match their printed value and type, respectively. So Leia reduces the difficulty negating the stress of the red maneuver, but the red maneuver remains red for the check on Elusive. Also mean Elusive synergizes with R4 in the same way - preventing stress on red moves but regaining the charge on Elusive.
  13. If you're talking about the PC X-wing vs Tie Fighter games, I think you're correct. If you accidentally closed your s-foils, suddenly you couldn't shoot (for the b-wing and the x-wing).
  14. What am I missing? How does Debris Gambit benefit him? I'm not seeing it...
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