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  1. If i have a full 100 pt squad with Chopper on a Renegade Refit X-wing... Can i use Chopper's ability to discard Renegade Refit even if that would raise my points now above the 100 pt game limit? I feel like the answer is No, that points only matter at the time of placement. But i just wanted to make sure.
  2. TOTAL MONEY GRAB!!!!!!!!! Sell me a game, then change the rules, then sell me the changed rules.... Its BS! I get that some mechanics and older ships are now irrelevant, but if FFG really is doing this for the purposes of fixing the game then they shouldn't be SELLING me the tools i need to keep playing something i already paid for. If this was a video game, it would be the equivalent of charging for a patch.
  3. This is a full on money grab!!! Sell me a game, change the rules, then sell me the new rules.... I am so pissed off!
  4. Question, As you play and damage cards are issued (face up or down)... When a ship is destroyed, do the damage cards on it go back to the bottom of the deck or do they remain on the destroyed ship until the game ends? Practical example of why this might matter: theoretically Kylo Ren (crew) could issue all 8 pilot cards to something beefy like a B/SF-17 or the Ghost without destroying it. While in play all those cards are on the ship and Kylo's condition card is unusable. However once that ship is destroyed do things change? Do those damage cards go back to the deck allow Kylo's condition card to be used again?
  5. Norra Wexley (42) ARC-170 (29), R2-D2 (4), Expertise (4), C-3PO (3), Alliance Overhaul (0), Vectored Thrusters (2) Miranda Doni (40) K-Wing (29), Twin Laser Turret (6), Sabine Wren (2), Bomblet Generator (3), Proximity Mines (3) Captain Rex (18) Sabine's TIE Fighter (14), Sabine's Masterpiece (1), Black Market Slicer Tools (1), Sabine Wren (2), Proximity Mines (3) Soooo much regeneration here i love it.
  6. I think VI on Poe is overkill. He is already really high PS consider adaptability instead. Smaller bump in skill but its free. Alternatively Hot Shot Copilot on Fenn seem to run counter to his skill. Basically you are forcing someone to use a token the theoretically they aren't able to use because of Fenn's ability... So your upgrade is basically working against you in situations where you are not swarmed. Since you seem to want to build aggressive consider Zeb. Just play bumper cars with Fenn, use it to keep the opponents jammed up so your X and A can have easy shots plus you still get to shoot too.
  7. 48kilos


    Its not bad. I like the Luke build. Basically makes it so he never needs to do a focus action. I would consider doping Flight-Assist Astromech (1) for Copper. Its the same cost and you can the use those remaining 2 pts to add on torpedoes. While boosting is nice, i think allowing Wedge to regain 3 shields is even better. Imagine late game. Wedge is often a target so he is kind beat up. You can first sacrifice the torpedoes for 1 shield (since they are kinda garbage). Next round Integrated for another. and finally if you REALLY need to keep Wedge alive, sacrifice Predator... But, in a punch you could use Integrated Astro instead of sacrificing should you get a particularly nasty face up card.
  8. Thank you everyone for your input. I really appreciate it. So below is my normal Decimator build. Like I said in my original post, the goal is move first (-1 side of adapt), plow into people before they move, let more people plow into me possibly getting ioned so I know where they will be next round, then rinse an repeat. The whole time, Countess K turns for days focusing on keeping Oicunn in arc and by exention anyone he is touching. Wampa was just a nice filler for points and sometimes ill uses something else. Captain Oicunn (51) VT-49 Decimator (42), Adaptability (0), Mara Jade (3), Ysanne Isard (4), Ion Projector (2) Countess Ryad (35) TIE Defender (34), Elusiveness (2), TIE/x7 (-2), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) “Wampa” (14) Like I said, this seemed to work well back in the day. But now that there are more 360 firing arcs, and heavy hitters with extra archs like the ARC, Wookies, or even guys that roll quite a lot of dice like the Ghost… I have a hard time because this build requires the decimator to really be a sitting duck… Honestly i think i have been undertanding Kylo wrong. I didn't realize he could bypass sheilds. So that gets my engin going a bit. I do really like the idea of a lighter Oicunn with kylo paired with some ships armed with Manglers (like 2x Nu squad). But while I would see kylo triggering a lot that way I don’t see it fixing the sitting duck decimator problem. After the feedback here is what I am considering…. Rear Admiral Chiraneau (58) VT-49 Decimator (46), Veteran Instincts (1), Kylo Ren (3), Ysanne Isard (4), Engine Upgrade (4) Starkiller Base Pilot (42) Upsilon-class Shuttle (30), Collision Detector (0), Emperor Palpatine (8), Sensor Cluster (2), Advanced Optics (2) I feel like putting Kylo and the emperor on the same ship is putting too many eggs in 1 basket. Breaking them up means loosing 1 ship doesn’t cripple the squad nearly as much. Since the Upsilon rolls so much (especially at a range 1) if it survives with palp it is still a pretty scary in its own right. Feedback?
  9. Hmm... I like the manglers rolling with a Kylo but i don't see the benefit of the Flechettes... Wouldn't Linked Batter be a better sub considering its the same points?
  10. Sooo.... I used to LOVE the Decimator. Especially Oicunn with Ion Projector. Just fly around smacking into people doing damage, then if they are ioned you know exactly where they will be next round so rinse and repeat... Oh those were they days! But now it seems my Decimator just cant hack it even in casual games. Part of it is probably just people understand the strategy so they fly against it better. But much of it is also that newer ships just seem overwhelmingly better. Before i give up on this loved ship, anyone have build or squat ideas? Maybe there is something new now that i just ever though of pairing with the Decimator.
  11. Personally i am always a fan of the Fat Han builds. Han + falcon title + c3p0 + PTL + eng upgrade (gunner is overkill) Yeah yeah i can hear everyone typing "but what about wookies?" already. But I have found keeping distance and staying out of arc always wins the day with Han even when arcs are hard to stay out of. Staying at range 3, you still have Han's ability to deal damage; plus opponents need to overcome: range, an evade token, and c3p0... That is a lot hits they need to roll.... It is a long game but i personally have more luck with it than any Rey build i have ever tried. All that said... If you still want a Rambo Rey build, then I would drop Kanan for Bistan so you can mod hits to crits. True, Kanan helps Norra use PTL. But, you have R2. So you are going to be doing green every chance you get anyway. So at best Kanan will be used only 1/2 the game and that is assuming you can stay in range 2 the whole game. Sooooo... The choice is: Rey modding a hit to a crit every time one is rolled or Norra getting a double focus on rounds where she didn't already do a green maneuver AND is in range 2 of the falcon...
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