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  1. Good day to all. We are starting a new X-Wing league in January at our LGS. It's a first for many of us. Each player has 600 pts, to build 3 squads, but the twist is that all named ship pilote, crew, upgrade etc, are being drafted. Meaning is another player, dratfs de Tie Advanced with Vador as a pilot, nobody else can pick up Vador, as a pilote or crew. Same goes for Han, if one player chooses him as a crew or gunner, nobody else can have a card with his name on their squad. Also each damaged or destroyed ship, will have to "stay on the bench" for your next head to head, including all upgrades. I usaully fly the Empire, but also have access to most if not all Rebel ships. What would you choose ?
  2. With the upcoming Director Krennic, which system upgrade would you take for Echo. Advanced sensor seems obvious, but so does sender jammer or collision detector.
  3. After our first successive epic 2vs2 game, (thanks for the help guys btw) I'm trying to come up with a scenario for the next one, having an objective instead of the usual shoot every body out of space. Your though. Play area 6'x3' with a central Imp raider as Obstacle. For unknowed reason the famous Impetuous Raider class Corvette was lost in space for many months, and was found on the outskirt of (insert planet system here) damaged and uncrewed. An alliance of rebel/scum races to take control of the lost ship, and all of the secrets plans of the empire. While empire force try to retake control of it, or destroy it to avoid the plans to fall in the ennemis hand. My thoughts so far; to take control of the ship, a player would have to fly a large ship into the raider, while it is being activated, during action phase it could take a special action (boarding action) and discard the special crew card from its upgrade. Overlapping in this way would not force the activiting ship to roll for damages. for each crew onboard, the controlling player could flip faceup one of the raider upgrade cards each round. If the alliance can fly the ship out of the play mat, the win, same for the empire. 2nd option for the empire, if the alliance take control of the ship they can shoot it to pieces before it leaves play area. Winning would then be declared at the end of the round the Imp is destroyed, for the team with the most kill point (point value of ennemy ship and upgrades) subtrating the value of the raider from the empire total kill point. Each team would be required to feeld at least one larde ship, equiped with Boarding crew, wich would requier 2 crew slot. Unsure how to implement both team boarding the ship. A friend of mine suggested to play Star Wars Legion, for control of the ship. thanks
  4. I was thinking, of a mix of homing/harpoon for the aft and fore sections, and a Quad laser for the 2nd Hardpoint on the aft section, to fend off any ennemy ship that would get in range 1 of my sides. Jonus and Kagi seems to be a must have, for reroll and extra protection. Or maybe Col Jendon with Lambda title for an extra TL on the raider. As for the rest of my fleet, should I go Ace pilot, or generic low PS ships. I want to avoid a tie swarm, I figure they are just gonna be picked one after the other with no real threats to the other fleet. I like to fly Whisper with Swarm Leader instead of VT, with either an escort of Interceptor or regular Tie, for the 6/7 (range 1) attack dices. But that usually puts a target on their back. Or maybe a couple of Defenders, equipped with Tie/D title and either Ion cannon or Flechette Cannon for the extra attack/ion or stress token
  5. Hello every one Some Friends and I have planned a 2vs2 epic game, with 300 pts per player. I'm playing Imperial and wondering what would be your built with an Imp Raider in it. My fellow wingman will fly the Gozanti, facing a Scum+Rebel with C-Roc and Rebel Transport as Epic on their side. We've allowed proxy for all the upgrade cards, but not the for the pilots. So far I have Imp Raider Gozanti Lambda Upsilon Firespray Decimator 1 Tie Phantom 1 Bomber (from Imp Vet) 2 Defenders (1 from Imp Vet) 1 Punisher 2 agressor 5 tie fighters 2 Tie/FO 3 Interceptors (2 from Imp ace) 2 Advanced 1 Ad. Prototype 1 Stiker Thanks for the help
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