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  1. I sell my painted figures on Ebay as a side gig. I really enjoy the painting process and the hobby sort of pays for itself. I don't make a lot of money doing it but one time a Boba Fett I painted sold for 120 USD! I almost fainted. I use an auction listing where I price the minis a little over retail and see how much my paintings are worth to someone else.
  2. How about "table top ready" paintjobs? What are some things that make a really good paintjob stand out?
  3. What about modifying my acrylic templates? It would be simple to measure and etch a notch in the end of those.
  4. Try to view the website on a mobile device. It tells you to download the app (that isn't out yet).
  5. Stealth Device on TIE fighters is 0 pts... Is that correct?
  6. Yeah. I completely underestimated that combo. Dad had some real good rolls while my green dice... well, you know what green dice do.
  7. We got to play a game of 2.0 earlier this week. I had Vader and 5 ties against the 3 y wings he likes to fly. I thought I would just get in close and fire away. I thought wrong. I made some mistakes and I paid for it. Dad was worried about losing his beloved TLTs but still got his double shots on two of his ships and could deal more damage. Add in Norra's pilot ability (While you defend, if there is an enemy ship at range 0-1, add 1 evade result to your dice results.) and some hot rolls on his side and he is no longer worried. We love this game!
  8. When I am done with work I will be getting a Reaper for myself and Renegades for my dad. Then I will shoot him out of the sky!
  9. I will be flying a Reaper and some Strikers all weekend long.
  10. I use OMEGA when flying OL and her first order ties. Not being able to do that brings a tear to my eye.
  11. Can someone explain the change to barrel rolls and the 1 template? I can't find any info on it besides that it is changing.
  12. I convinced my dad to play with me... and bought him ship that I didn't own. It might work for us.
  13. Nothing popped out at that I really liked... That's why I want to design my own. It's easy to make the cards, so I don't see why making sleeves would be a fool errand.
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