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  1. This subforum have pretty small following, there are several places that you'd get better discussion going where more people gather. just feels wasteful to see all your posts with few answers(I swing by here only seldom, as we have more active SWD6 communities.) The top places for Star Wars WEG rpg: Rancor Pit Forums: Have even a dedicated 1E/ 30thAnniversary Edition subforum Star Wars D6 (Facebook) MeWe group reddit
  2. lol yeah, people just didn't actually check the game product page, and us other here in the thread took their word on there existing no sheets... 😅
  3. Are you sure that's the reason? Because that doesn't seem to be a problem for other Star Wars Games by FFG. I'd say it's just that this is such a small game with no thoughts of longtime support nor further releases, so they just haven't bothered to make any. If someone where to contact FFG directly they might put up a character sheet taken from the book but otherwise this seems to be a game of little interest to them.
  4. Claes (the post above yours) is the author, not me. But yeah the sheet is nice and sure would be cool to have as a pdf. And as far as I know, there are several good pdf character sheets available already like http://d6holocron.com/wiki/index.php?title=Character_Sheets
  5. Long out of print yes, but wouldn't call it a dead system necessary. There are active G+ / Facebook communities for the game, and the Rancor Pit forums have continued living on for years. Multiple people working on creating fan supplements related to this, two recent are Rogue One and Rebels season 2 sourcebooks. A team have even started working on a fan-revival of the old Adventure Journal, with issue 2 becoming available in just over a month.
  6. Nope, it was d6-based, like all other WEG games published. https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/classic/rev_766.phtml
  7. It's been pushed back forever, and now Amazon have given up and straight up admits they don't know when it's available.
  8. Nice! What changes did you make? And is the template field hinting that we can select premade templates on character creation?
  9. So they are debating internally how and when they should tell this to us?
  10. Roll20 now have a Character Sheet for SW 30th Anniversary Edition! The roll buttons doesn't seem to work yet, but it's a new addition so improvements will surely come. The other SWD6 sheet uses wild die with the rolls so it's better for 2E, R&E and REUP games. This new sheet is also more simple, clear and plainly. And before anyone asks, no, I'm not the author, Claes is.
  11. Death troopers always reminds me of the Legends' Dark Trooper from the Star Wars:Dark Forces game series. On one hand I like Rogue One, but on on the other hand it deletes Kyle Katarn as the person who stole the Death Star blueprints.
  12. I agree. But in the end there weren't that many D6 games, and IIRC Ghostbuster was the only other non-generic title they published.
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