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  1. Since season 3 is officially in the play testing phase, why is Adepticon not being played using the “final” season 2 changes/ rules?
  2. In reality, isn’t there only a handful spy cards worth playing at the most? I like both Leia and Ahsoka, especially, and to me, Mak with his command card, makes for a really thematic spy gang. I guess it will be hard to get value out of Leia. Maybe Davith or Sabs could do better?
  3. You need it all!! Hehe. Especially if you don’t mind playing around with the new IACP! That said, I don’t have everything either. I buy what I think I wanna play. Get Stormtroopers for Set for Stun CC. ISB Infiltrators for CC if you like playing Spies. Maul has some nice melee CC as well I think.
  4. This map looks really interesting. Do you have any missions for it or maybe just location for doors, terminals ect? Perhaps I’ve missed a separate thread for this thing? thx!
  5. I would strongly hope that the different initiatives and active resources could work together. To be honest I don’t see that much difference outside the whole Take Initiative approach. How/ what is being adjusted or altered to different deployments will always be subject to change and have lots of different opinions. Off course some will have to compromise in these sort of things. And this is not a discussion you should have on these forums.
  6. A huge respect for the amount of time and thoughts you’ve put into this. I’ll admit that I initially just skimmed the text, but did read the above quote and thought: “well, I actually like where IA is at without any changes. Perhaps RIAST is onto something...”. Then came the wall of text and changes.
  7. A friend of mine also got multiple Boba Fett, so you can convert a mandalorian helmet onto Sabine Wren... else, I’ll just second the above 😉
  8. Seeing different/ off meta builds like Rebel force users and Death Trooper/ Dewbacks is great fun! Would also love to see a game on the “new” Endor Defense Station Skirmish Map.
  9. Personally, I really appreciate the squares that you can count. I’ll probably never go back to a measuring skirmish game again. Also, the board shouldn’t be to big for IA and I feel a gaming table with actually terrain needs a fair size to shine.
  10. Looking deep within myself, I think you’re right about this statement. And it would probably be wise to adjust costs both ways to avoid much bigger lists and other unforeseen issues. Then again, it’s already hard to fit in several of ones favorites in one list and it’ll be a shame to make that to difficult. The fixes and cost reduction we saw in HotE was great for this reason.
  11. Part of my personal reason is definitely that Gideon doesn’t belong in Scum, but main reason is actually also to nerf Scum Hunters, sorry. I believe “everyone” agrees that Scum Hunters where superior before SC. There must be a reason why it won Worlds back-to-back, right? Isn’t that also why IACP wanted/ wants to nerf Hunter CC? Less Gideon - more Jabba pls 😉
  12. Also, I think it’s worth noting that before Spectre Cell was a thing, RCP into Scum was probably without comparison the most debated subject to change players hoped that ffg would errata. And if I remember correctly, many viewed Gideon as the prime offender 😉
  13. Are these test games intended as testing for or proposed options for the IACP? I see a lot of figure costing here that aren’t reflected on the website. Also, as others have also mentioned in other threads, I strongly believe, that if we are to have a chance at evaluating testing results of re-costed figures, we shouldn’t change to much, to fast.
  14. Thanks for putting this out there. I appreciate all the work you guys are putting into this, but it’ll be vital for the continuation of the game that everyone is not always in a testing phase.
  15. Thanks for the follow up and evaluation! Any chance you have the costs in an excel ark or list?
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