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  1. Greetings! Let me start by saying that I'm really looking to get into this game, but I don't have a gaming group anymore. I used to be heavily into Heroscape but sadly had to sell off my collection back in the day. (I've tried Descent but I'm more of a skirmish guy) As of now I'm looking to fill that dreadful void hopefully with this game! I hear BL2 is no longer supported by FF... and that really sucks!! I hate when that happens. So, if there are any hardcore Battlelore players near me that want to play on a regular please hit me up. I'll gladly drop some coin on this game and expansions. Thanks!
  2. outforblood

    Any players in Ohio?

    Thanks for the replies! Yeah Michigan and Cbus is a bit far for me.
  3. Well it seems I cannot get my daughter to play this game with me which is a real bummer. So are there any players in the Dayton, Ohio area? Any leads or links is also appreciated! I would hate to see this game collect dust...