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  1. it helped me out, thanks! Also explains why another browser could bring it up 😁.
  2. I noticed this yesterday in Vivaldi (another Chromium-based browser). Not sure the issue, as I also noted it working in MS Edge (Chromium-based).
  3. Quite a bit! that was the part that I was missing (sorry that I'm also a bit new to GIT as well 🙁)!
  4. I'd like to start with a huge Thanks! The website is awesome! The main reason for my post is a bit more involved, and I'd like to put out a disclaimer for it. When it comes to web programming, I'm a complete noob (I can do desktop programming ok (nothing fancy), but my brain doesn't like web programming for whatever reason). As such, some of these questions may come off as amateurish So, I made some adversaries on one computer, and would like to open it in another. I know that the databases' storage would need to be stored on my local machine (likely .json files); where would that be located? I did follow the instructions, but was unable to get it to run locally oh my machine (weirdly, the original Star Wars code I could get running). I was thinking of taking what I already created and putting it on my localhost copy (in the appropriate base .json files), so that I can access it from any machine in my house. I guess I'm wondering if I missed an export file or something. Searching within the AppData storage for Edge (Chromium version) did not find any .json files. Also, do you know where I may find the base databases for the Genesys Adversary site (again, sorry for the amateurish question!)? The DPetrusma/genesys-adversaries/src/media/data/adversaries/ folders seem to be the original Star Wars adversaries. I was thinking of merging the two databases together for my home website. If I can extract the files from my computer, I can put them in myself (by making copies of everything). Thanks again for all of the help (even if it is a "you can't get do it, sorry").
  5. I assume others saw this, but a new map for Terrinoth was added to the Player Resources section. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/ae/74/ae74df82-5bfe-48d3-951d-bde37a369c17/terrinoth_location_names.pdf
  6. This has been my philosophy as well. I also find that I normally can pull something (even if I reflavor it) out of any book for any game I run. I plan to use some RoT monsters as alien critters in a game I hope to run soon!
  7. In fact, just my two cents, it is quite cinematic to recover after the fight with a check. How often do we see in films where someone knocked out wakes up right after the fight?
  8. Thanks! Seems to be working for me now!
  9. I noticed today that the facebook articles are down. Is there a way to get a copy of the information (I'm curious about the three zone articles in particular). Thanks!
  10. I am also sad to see the show go, as I am now finally getting the chance to get started playing in Genesys. I have enjoyed listing to the show so far (part way through the episode on the player archetypes). One question actually related to that episode: does anyone have the quiz? I noted that Conexio Games Cafe is closed and their website is down, which means their quiz is lost in the ether. While listening to the episode, I was thinking it could be a good exercise to do with my own gaming group. Even though you are done with the Dice Pool Podcast, just know that what you produced was/is appreciated!
  11. I have to admit, I am curious on what you come up with in the end. I am thinking of running a game that combines Stargate with elements from Star Wars (including force users). As I do not own any of the Star Wars books, I would be interested in a Genesys method for force powers. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to think about this (running two other games...and wishing I could get Genesys to the table!). Thanks for putting in thought to make this happen! I wish I could contribute, but know that your work is appreciated :-D.
  12. CitizenKeen, I agree with your analysis, as much as I would love to see some of those generic books made (as someone who has not invested in Star Wars). That being said, I grab the setting books because of the material I rip out and use for my own purposes.
  13. Oh believe me, I want to. Next game with my wife (doing a Pathfinder AP). My other group...not sure. But I will definately try!
  14. Listening to Season 1 made me really excited to run a game. Unfortunately, it is in a queue, with a few other (currently running) games taking presidence. Thanks for a great 1st season. Looking forward to the entirety of Season 2!
  15. I sort of missed previous annoucements for this podcast...but I have been enjoying it. I am curious what happened to Samurai Jack's player, but that may be revealed in the wrap up show (just started Ch. 13 part 2). I too would be interested to know how characters are selected, after the season is done.
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