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  1. Cymoon 1, Raider II, Both MC75 and Ciena Ree
  2. Is anyone excited for this? I know there is a seemingly sharp divide between people who like 40k and AoS. My my partner already collects Tzeentch/Slaanesh, and I picked up the Idoneth Deepkin tome on the day they released the news about 2nd edition (yesterday) so starting playing with a new rule set seems like a real possibility
  3. You’re aware that this thread isn’t about the FO, right? No use reasoning then. But I’ll try. Has it occurred to you that we are only two films into the new trilogy, and have already come across three different TIE variants? Who is to say we won’t see a Legends inspired Agressor or X1? Seems as Disney is more than happy to incorporate Legends material. Who said the FO had “advanced” technology? It is my understanding that they upgraded TIEs with shields, something common on any other military vessel, oh and a hyper dive, co-pilot and extra gun in the TIE/sf. This truly is a ruinous day for all fans! Go and apply for the FO and save us, mad mandalorian!
  4. Bleeeh. Why would FFG sell a single multi-faction ship when they could sell two different ones? Give me the canon counter, a certain A-wing ace named Arvel Crynyd, or the Starhawk-class battleship Amity and/or Concord
  5. To contrast this (?) I picked up a Neb expansion a month ago and it not only fitted its base/peg (unlike my core set neb) but had a completely different and ultimately better looking paint job. It lacks the wash that I have on my core set neb, which to me looks dirty. Probably unrelated to the Asmodee takeover but eh.
  6. Yeah, it makes sense to value what is essentially a guaranteed ecosystem. I’ve been thinking about jumping into some AoS. The new factions are looking reaaally cool (Idoneth Deepkin) People seem to have mixed feelings about it as opposed to 40k though.
  7. Kandosii! Mando’ad draar digu It is a shame they were never properly finished
  8. Exactly, Anakin is corrupted by his id, and therefore struggles with reality (I.e death). which he then finally overcomes in RotJ. The Villain is as important as the Hero (which in the sequels is shown to be interchangeable). We didn’t see Luke go through anything near to this, not even in TLJ where his character shows a very different way in which the self can reunify being. Arguably, the ambiguity is what makes fiction so good. It’s abilty to be relevant in a variety of often un-related settings via metaphor. This very conversation is a reflection of that. Which is why psychoanalytic/metaphorical conceptions of the subject/hero are also so timeless, they are inferential, and if you infer that the prequels are meaningless in this regard then so be it. We all view these things through different eyes, which is consequently the central issue with the monomyth. It is far too general (to say this least; amongst other things) to be truly meaningful as a universal definition of the self overcoming adversity. My argument still stands, that saying the prequels/sequels were/are purely for marketing is over-simplification, and of all the ways to criticise the prequels, I really don’t think the monomyth is one of them. (Bleh, who likes high-brow historical explanations for Star Wars anyway).
  9. If you’re willing to refer to the monomyth, and specifically Campbell interpretation of it then it is odd that you fail to notice this in the prequels. Anakins story couldn’t be described as anything other than the battle with his Shadow (The Jungian archetype). Furthermore, you fail to acknowledge non-psychoanalytic political theorisations, and their criticisms, such as those on the Republic. To say that the prequels have no other point than marketing, in light of your reference to the classical structure of the OT is pretty poor, to say the least.
  10. Any updates on the Comms Noise guys? Ben got me into Armada via the yogs
  11. I mean, the Empire valued numbers as opposed to quality. But new variants aren’t a problem IMO, as there are obviously many different environments, and requirements in the galaxy Supposedly one of these TIEs hunted the Millenium Falcon after the battle of Yavin but I don’t know. How do you feel about Defenders/Phantoms?
  12. We have just had the first (I think) clear image released of the new 'Heavy' TIE in Solo. Looks pretty *d*a*m*n sexy if I do say so myself.
  13. I grew up watching the prequels, and have a much bigger love for them than the OT. Despite my fathers extensive collection of Star Wars toys from his childhood (original falcon, gonk droid etc) I don’t really know what I enjoy more about the prequels. They are just so much more rich and meaningful to me. Karen Traviss’ Republic Commando series was, I think, central to my enjoyment of this era. But Rebels and TFA/TLJ have brought me back into having a renewed interest in the OT. The OT has the charm of originality, it feels like you’re on the brink of a galaxy far far away. I love every Star Wars story, even Battlefront II, and in a world where it is fashionable to hate something I treasure that feeling even more
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