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  1. Oops accidentally posted in wrong one please delete
  2. Duh, I knew I should have Wookiepedia first now it looks I need to make my own rules for them. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  3. I’m honing to be running a game where my main players will be dealing with slavery, and diseases on regular basis. Are there any Star Wars specific diseases I should include? Are there any special rules for handling disease? Any help would be appreciated. ?
  4. Has anyone done up a conversion for the Mercy Thompson universe, by Patricia Briggs? http://www.patriciabriggs.com/books/ If not, I may have to.
  5. Has anyone moded out the Investigator Spec replacing the the Force talents with Non-Force Talents? I love this Spec for P.I. character, but would prefer a non force user.
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