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  1. DexterOnone

    1 Ship 4 Devices (In One Round)

    The things to bear in mind here, before over-reacting, are; This is effectively dropping the entire bomb load of a bomber as it’s destroyed (therefore taking no further part in the game) The first Bomb will have detonated at the end of the activation phase before the remaining three are dropped during the engagement phase. Paige only allows bombs to be dropped, not mines, therefore limiting the damage which can be caused. The bombs dropped during the engagement phase will not detonate until the end of the following activation phase, therefore making them easily avoidable... especially since the bomber that dropped them has been removed as is no longer blocking your movement. If there are multiple seismic charges, they will only be effective if there are multiple obstacles in range of the drop position, and rely on ships being in range of those obstacles in order to do any damage. I really don’t see this interaction being a problem or any sort of cause for concern...
  2. DexterOnone

    The Hans or: Why does FFG Hate Resistance Han?

    I maintain that their price is fine, and alternatives in other factions are off in relation to them... The RZ-1 hasn’t been re-released for 2.0 yet. We could well see it being given a configuration that allows it to fire out of the rear arc... who knows? I don’t think it’s a problem of it being undervalued, but rather that people haven’t yet figured out a consistent strategy against it. Let’s face it; if you could only fit 4 RZ-2s in a list, nobody would be flying them... and every Resistance list would be 3 T-70s! Then shouldn’t we be trying to get their cost reduced, not trying to get the well balanced RZ-2s costed out of existence?
  3. DexterOnone

    The Hans or: Why does FFG Hate Resistance Han?

    There’s definitely something a bit off there, when you consider that Scum Han to Rebel Han is effectively 28 points for a red die and 2 shields (ignoring any perceived difference in value for their ship abilities) Scum Han to Resistance Han is 22 points for a red die, with one action being made red and a worse dial (no 4K, 4 forward is red, 3 forward is white)... Something is definitely not right!
  4. DexterOnone

    The Hans or: Why does FFG Hate Resistance Han?

    Then surely the common sense approach should be to improve the potential options from other factions, rather than ruin the only real option that the Resistance has for that type of ship/list? Not all changes have to be nerfs to whatever is perceived as ‘too good’... you can buff up other platforms to compete against them on a more even footing. RZ-2 A-Wings feel like they’re quite well balanced, in list building terms, as they are - the ‘sweet spot’ in generic terms is 5x GSE with AO, Heroic and Crackshot (we already had to give up Trickshot after the last points adjustment), and to get named pilots into the list you have to compromise by dropping AO on one or more and/or reducing the remaining i3s to i1s (also losing Crackshot as the i1s only have 1 Talent slot) I’m not convinced that’s a good basis for comparison, as they have to be flown very differently! I view the A-Wing as a ‘hit and run’ style of play, while the Striker is more of a highly maneuverable knife fighter - the combination of Ailerons and 1K can be brutal! I disagree. Duchesses ability makes her frighteningly adaptable against anything moving before her. Being able to choose whether or not to use Ailerons, even when stressed, makes it almost impossible to cut off all her avenues of escape... whereas a blocked L’ulo is likely a dead L’ulo! 😛
  5. DexterOnone

    Ship Sizes

    Then I recommend using Launch Bay Next as your squad builder app... it displays an icon against each ship in your list to identify the base size.
  6. DexterOnone

    Three Word Story

    fossilised in Wookie
  7. DexterOnone

    Nien numb 4Ks over debris

    It’s worth noting that any ship with PA executing a red maneuver over debris will still get the action from PA, as the stress from debris isn’t applied until after the check difficulty step. Which by extension means that Nien still gets the PA action for going over debris even if he fails to land with a ship in arc at R1 from the maneuver, and can then boost or barrel roll to a position where his ability will trigger in order to remove both stress if it is possible to do so.
  8. DexterOnone

    Ship Sizes

    At the moment I’d be happy if they just brought back the rule that allowed you to use a huge ship as an obstacle instead of your regular 3 asteroids/debris... just for the look on my opponents face when I place it on the table during the setup phase! ‘Using Huge Ships As Obstacles Players may use huge ships as obstacles instead of as a ship in standard play. To do so, flip the ship token to the starfield side and follow the rules for adding obstacles described on page 20 of the core set rulebook, with the following change: one player places the huge ship obstacle first instead of his three asteroid tokens. Huge ships may not be used as obstacles during tournament play, except in casual events in which the Tournament Organizer has announced prior to the event that they will allow huge ships to be used as obstacles. The huge ship obstacle is not controlled by any player. It uses the rules for overlapping and obstructing described under the “Additional Huge Ship Rules” section of this rulebook. It does not move, and it cannot be attacked, damaged, or destroyed.’
  9. DexterOnone

    Sith Infiltrator has moving wings

    Which raises a question on the shield upgrade, which has a points cost based on agility... does it’s cost vary according to whether or not you have the configuration equipped?
  10. DexterOnone

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I think the point, in both cases, is that you shouldn’t let your opinion be set in stone... you should be prepared to update it as you are presented with new information. Very much like assumptions, of which Asimov wrote; ”Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.”
  11. DexterOnone

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Well said. In the words of Harlan Ellison; “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” And, of course, as the late, great Douglas Adams once said; ”All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.”
  12. DexterOnone

    11 attack dice on 1 Ship ;)

    The Resistance Bombers turret is a primary attack, as it’s printed on the pilot card/base.
  13. DexterOnone

    Separatists or Republic

    I haven’t ordered anything... but I have at least two Republic expansions incoming! I ‘suggested’ them to friends and family as gifts for my birthday, which was last week, and two people have told me they have pre-ordered something for me...
  14. DexterOnone


    I didn’t say it made me fly in an unfamiliar way... I said I planned my way around it; I flew exactly as I would against any other ship from which I want to avoid range 1.
  15. DexterOnone


    Not really... I’ve flown against them a few times and, so far at least, have managed to plan my way around them without suffering their effect.