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  1. Having seen quite a few of these pop up for sale on eBay already, part of me is hoping that FFG have also registered this and are blacklisting sellers so that future limited editions are more likely to go to people who actually want them... a vain hope, perhaps, but it would be nice to see FFG crack down on this.
  2. I’m not sure why you’ve chosen to compare the medium based LAAT against large based ships? You probably ought to look at other medium based support ships such as the G1-A or U-Wing. 😉
  3. My only slight niggle is with the question “For new content, what would you like prioritized?”, on the basis that I collect multiple factions and would prioritise different things for each. For example, I’d like to see new ships for The Resistance, in particular the B- and Y-Wing variants from RoS, new Pilots (and/or old pilots converted from 1e) as card packs for Rebels, and new Epic content (including Huge Ships!) for The Republic and Separatists... 😉
  4. I think a lot of people are curious about that. One thought I had was that it could be a translation or autocorrect error, and maybe there’s a possibility that it could be a Consular Class Cruiser as a first huge ship expansion for The Republic... but that’s probably just wishful thinking! 😉
  5. So where is all this “overwhelming stock”, exactly? I couldn’t Find one for love nor money in the UK. Many websites still list the 2.0 version as being available for pre-order, despite its cancellation. I tracked one down at a seemingly reasonable shipped cost from the US and placed an order, only to get an e-mail back saying the website listing was out of date and they didn’t actually stock it any more. Finally managed to order one from a reseller on Amazon UK, which is being shipped from Portugal of all places! That doesn’t seem like “overwhelming stock” 😮
  6. Actually, if you step back from the excitement of what you think or hope might be in a squadron pack for The Resistance, the whole idea of releasing such a pack containing only ships that are already available in some format seems a bit... odd. After all, there are clearly lots of opportunities for new ships from Rise of Skywalker, such as Resistance variants of the B- and Y-Wing, which players have already expressed excitement about. I get that Squadron packs for Rebels and Imperials, as ‘complete’ factions, would have to be existing ships only... but a squadron pack featuring a T-70 repaint alongside a couple of new ships would seem like a much more sensible approach for the as yet incomplete Resistance faction!
  7. I’m not convinced with the idea of Poe as a Falcon pilot... I know he flew it in the film, but what would his pilot ability be? During the end phase, if there are multiple enemy ships in your rear arc then you must flee? Or At the end of the game, you MUST actually set fire to the YT-1300 miniature?
  8. As a suggestion for the anti-faction idea, you could make use of the command slot (assuming this is for a custom / epic format) rather than individual pilots. A command crew (Bitter Campaigner?) or wing leader (Vengeful Survivor?) could have a list of different effects for every faction and you just use the one that applies to your particular opponent. The command crew could be huge ship only and be able to target any enemy ship, while the wing leader version might only target an enemy ship in its attack arc... with the effect being limited to once per turn via recurring charge, or having a fixed number of charges, and resolving at the start of the engagement phase.
  9. For the TIE/ln wing, I would recommend using a TIE Advanced V1 (for the boost action) with Agent of the Empire as wing leader... and also consider giving it Daredevil as an EPT. The ability to speed across the board and rotate the entire formation 90 degrees is amazing!
  10. Not necessarily that terrible... with R1-J5, you can also spend a charge to remove the direct hit after you’ve exposed and resolved it. Getting one out of the deck early on can be handy. I’ve played it on Jarek Yeager and it’s a solid tactic for making sure you have a face-down damage card available for your next use of the ability when you’re not taking any shots.
  11. Note that if you equip the title, you can pre-select a direct hit and be able to trigger both effects...
  12. Slightly out there, but potentially interesting; if you have the title and R1-J5, you could take a direct hit. First time you use the ability, you can flip it, gain a new damage card for future use of the ability, repair it and spend an R1-J5 charge to remove it...
  13. Potentially amusing for Aces High... self-detonation to deny opponents bounty points? 😛
  14. Fine Tuned Thrusters is after you fully execute a manoeuvre, so you can take a deplete or strain to lock or barrel roll before performing a daredevil boost.
  15. The purpose of my suggestion was to bring it back more in line with the basic ‘training wheels’ upgrade you’d referred to it being, by only triggering off actions failed in the standard perform action step. Having it interact with post-activation abilities adds complexity and nuance that new players may not grasp. I agree there are different approaches, but the one they’ve gone for doesn’t feel intuitive and adds a state that needs to be tracked without a mechanism for doing so (i.e. a recurring charge).
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